A simple introduction packaging printing production process

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-24
Print on the packaging and printing refers to the packaging decorative pattern, design or text, to make products more attractive, or more descriptive. In terms of literal meaning, with a trace of printing, inunction of brush. Use brush to clean and make the signs of the from other objects, without printing. In short, the printing is the production of print industry. In daily work, then, what are the packaging printing production process? The following gift printing experts came to tell you. 1, plate-making: now the gift box of exquisite appearance beautiful, so the production version of the color also is multifarious, usually a gift box design not only has four basic colors and a few color, such as gold and silver for the color. 2, choose paper: general gift box package of paper are done with double copper and dumb copper paper, generally is 128 g, 105 g, 157 g, rarely gift box package of paper will have more than 200 g, as the gift bag paper too thick framed blister easily, and also looks very dull appearance. Pasting is according to the needs of customers choose proper double grey paper, commonly known as the grey board or gray paperboard. 3, surface treatment, paper gift bag is usually to do surface treatment, common is too light, too dumb glue, uv, light oil, oil too dumb. 4, beer, beer is important link in the printing process, to bei must die cutter must to do, if no beer, beer, beer constantly these will affect the subsequent processing. 5, framed: usually prints are framed before bei, but a gift box is mounted after beer first, one is afraid make flower bag paper, 2 it is to pay attention to the whole beautiful gift box, gift box pasting must be made by hand, it can reach a beautiful. 6, the last is the punch punch, not punch the temperature will wipe the glue, and then to package delivery of the goods. To learn more about packaging printing production knowledge, welcome to inquire the packing printing - Bliss, the company specializing in the service for you!
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