18650 Battery to Light Up 20 LED Lights

18650 lithium battery drives 20 LED lamps, which need to be connected in parallel

The nominal voltage of a single 18650 lithium battery is 3.7V and the full voltage is 4.2V. Even the red LED has a voltage drop of about 2V when it works. Series connection is certainly unrealistic and can only be driven in parallel.

18650 lithium battery drives 20 LEDs in parallel

Each LED connected to the 18650 lithium battery needs to be connected with a current limiting resistor. The resistance value of the current limiting resistance needs to be calculated according to the color and brightness requirements of the LED. If a white LED with a working voltage drop of 3V is used, the working current of the LED is expected to be 10mA. We calculate the voltage of 18650 lithium battery as 3.7V, and the current limiting resistance = (3.7v-3.0v) / 0.01A = 70 ohms. Of course, when the 18650 lithium battery is fully charged, the brightness of the LED will be higher, and when the power is insufficient, the brightness will be darker.

When selecting the current limiting resistor, you can adjust it appropriately according to the color and brightness of the LED.

Lithium batteries are most afraid of excessive discharge and overcharge. It is recommended to install a protection board for 18650 lithium batteries to light up the LED. After the protective plate is added, the lithium battery will stop discharging when the voltage drops to 2.54v to protect the battery from damage. Excessive charging can also be avoided during charging. The led to be driven can be connected to the output end of the protection board.

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