2009 BMW 3 Series Brake Pads? 335i X Drive?

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1. Are higher priced ceramic brake pads better than lower priced ones?

It depends on the specs. For average daily use, just go for the cheaper one. Unless you plan to put a lot of stress on your brakes, basically for racing applications. Using racing brakes on a commuter car can actually be bad, because some of the high end pads need to be heated up to work right. Which wo not happen in a commute.

2. New Brake Pads on a 2000 Lincoln LS.?

You shoul dbe able to get pads and labor for around $100

3. Brake pads and rotors on a 1997 Mazda 626 LX, are they hard to replace yourself?

The price of rotors has gotten so cheap, hardly any one turns them now. They just replace them. I use a soft pad, so wear to the rotor is not that bad. I take a second cut file to the outer edge to knock the rust off. This job is simple, if you only take apart what needs to come off. Being of simple mind, I get the manual. However the Auto-zone site may have some very good help in this area.

4. Sqealing sound when braking after new Brake pads and tyres.?

Dr & mrs bear face are nearly right it is not a grease it is a form of copper slip what stops the brakes form squealing ,grease melts and gets onto the brake pads

5. Need Help Installing Ford Brake Pads 2004 Ford Taurus?

Scott, if I read it right you are trying to push the piston inside the caliper correct? For my ranger (2 piston Caliper) I just used the old break pad and a large "C" Clamp or some type of clamp you are able to use to push in the piston with, I have never herd of a "Tool" for it but I believe you, also if you have a "C" Clamp try that when you get around to it, and let me know please, I might be able to give you more assistance

6. When should I change the Brake Pads for my 2007 Civic Si Sedan?

if its less than 1/4" you should replace them

7. How much does it cost to replace Brake pads on a 2001 impala?

Idk about price changes between states and stuff but mine for my 99 mustang and my 03 eclipse cost nearly the exact same they were $13 for the front on the eclipse (it has drum brakes in the back) and $27 for the front and back on the mustang. If you need to turn your rotors they are $8 a piece and if you do the brake pad work yourself, you will save about a $40 maintenance fee

8. Brake pads dragging on front discs on Honda CBR125R (2012)

The brake caliper should retract just a little bit once you've used them. It is not doing this, so more than likely your caliper either needs a rebuild or it needs to be replaced. There is a piston seal within the caliper which sits at an angle. The seal becomes straight when you apply the brakes. When you release the brakes, the seal becomes straight again. When it does, it takes the caliper piston with it, pulling it away from the rotor and taking the pressure off of the pad. It seems yours is not doing this so the piston is keeping pressure up on the pads causing them to rub on the rotor all the time

9. Do I need to replace my tie rod and ball joints, and maybe brake pads?

It sounds like someone has done a front end inspection and found normal wear and tear on the front end. What happens over time as your car drives down the road is vibration the bumps, pot holes and general condition of freeways and city streets give your car a good pounding, the faster you are going, the harder the impacts are transmitted through the tires. That said, it is unlikely that anything would suddenly break and cause you to lose control, so from a safety standpoint you should be just fine, dont worry about that. If your front end gets loose, you may notice that it wander sometimes on a crack in the road, or follows a bump, or for example going up hill on a heavily traveled freeway with lots of trucks, the road sometimes crowns deeper in the middle and your car may wander and weave some. IF NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE HAPPENING NOW, AND YOU HAVE NOT NOTICED ANY EXCESSIVE TIRE WEAR, GOOD!!!! your car may have some wear and tear, but unless you hear lots of strang banging and hammering noises when you hit bumps and potholes for example, and the car does not catch a rut and take off to the side suddenly on its own Ifs safe enough to drive, always get another opinion from a qualified front end shop. a ball joint is a big heavy duty part that helps hold the front end together, the tie rod ends are smaller and lighter, and help your steering rotate right or left, or keep the vehicle straight depending on which direction you are holding the wheel. If you turn the steering wheel right or left, and it works fine, feels like it always did, and you are not having any problems, with a "LOOSE" feeling steering wheel, good, your front end may need some minor work, get it checked out as soon as you can, look at your front tire wear to see if it is wearing excessively on the inside, this can tell you plenty about the condition of your front end. hang in there, best of luck.

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