Advantages and Practice of Virtual Reality Game Technology

With the rapid development of Internet technology and digital technology, people have higher requirements for the service experience of games, and the emergence of three-dimensional games has attracted public attention. Most of these games use virtual reality three-dimensional scenes.

Although virtual reality technology started late, it has initially formed a relatively perfect application system in the long-term development process. It is necessary for students preparing game works to understand this technology.

In this issue, Chris will talk about the application of virtual reality technology in games for your study and reference

What is virtual reality technology

Virtual reality technology, also known as VR technology, is a computer simulation system developed through the collection of computer graphics and simulation technology, stereo display technology, sensor network technology, voice input and output technology, spatial positioning technology and other related technologies.

The biggest feature of this technology is to create a virtual environment by imitating the user's smell, hearing, vision and touch, let the user receive the feeling of the real environment in this environment, and be able to interact with the things in the environment, and finally let the user think that everything in the environment is real.

The development of vr virtual reality technology is divided into four stages:

The first stage: the stage of cultivating virtual reality thought before 196.

The second stage: the embryonic stage of virtual reality from 1963 to 1972. In this stage, the head mounted display with tracker has been successfully developed.

The third stage: from 1973 to 1989, it belongs to the preliminary formation stage of virtual reality concept and theory.

The fourth stage: from 199 to now, it belongs to the stage of further improvement and application of virtual reality theory. In the current period, the virtual reality system has been basically improved, and various industries have successively launched virtual reality applications to popularize virtual reality technology to every city as much as possible.

Advantages of virtual reality game technology

VR technology can simulate environment, perception and natural skills in game design, and form a three-dimensional dynamic scene on this basis, so that players can directly communicate with the environment and characters in the game through interactive interface and VR wearable devices. For vr virtual reality technology, its advantages in game design are as follows.

1. Fidelity

Virtual technology can quickly record the information that the game needs to transmit in the game, and provide immersion and realistic sensuality for players, making the game scene more realistic. Using VR technology in game design can make players contact with characters and scenes in the game. Considering the physical nature of virtual reality, the game experience will be more diverse and personalized. For example, when players enter the game environment, there is a shaking high bridge in front of them, then players will also feel the feeling of climbing, which strengthens the authenticity and fidelity of the game.

2. High interactivity

The application devices of VR games include hardware helmets, handles, etc. according to the virtual scene displayed in the hardware helmets, users can use the handles to simulate the relevant operations of running characters in the scene, which can improve the degree of interaction between users and machines. Compared with traditional game design, game design under VR technology will have a sense of space and operation, Let players feel more fun in the game.

3. Playability and fairness

The game design under virtual reality technology is more playable, fair and entertaining. Entertainment is the core of the game itself, playability and interactivity are the key factors to attract players' interest, and fairness is the index to maintain the development of the game. Digital games are entertaining in the development of the times, and the operation is very convenient.

4. Immersive experience

Compared with traditional game design, virtual reality games no longer have the concept of space screen. The current way of using VR games is HUD design, which presents the information that players need to know in the player's experiment in a package way. In this way, the game players can have a sense of immersion, coupled with the realistic effect of the scene, so that users can have the same feeling as in the real environment.

Practice of vr virtual reality technology in game design

To practice vr virtual reality technology in game design, we need to present the game scene, characters, props and other related aspects, fully infiltrate VR technology into the game, improve the authenticity of game picture, characters and storyline on this basis, and give full play to the role of vr virtual reality technology.

1. Game planning

The key difference between vr virtual reality technology and screen game is that the game plot content should be more intuitive and simplified. In the design process, after a reasonable planning scheme, players can have a preliminary first impression of the game, make game players attracted by the game, and let game investors find the value and potential of the game.

In addition, the nature of the game should be considered to consider the use and implementation of VR technology.

2. Original drawing and model making of characters

When using VR technology in game design, we need to pay attention to the original drawing of characters, and ensure that the proportion of characters meets relevant standards. Because VR games are generally 3D, it is necessary to do a good job in the model design of personas in the game design. In VR games, the model is mainly made by using 3dsmax software and ZBrush software.

3. Game scene design

In game design, scene design is also a very important part. On the basis of VR technology, the scene design of the game should also have a sense of authenticity and atmosphere. The real environment cannot leave the layout and design of the scene, and the relationship between mapping, materials, lights and game senses is very close.

4. Prop design

For VR 3D games, props are a composition second only to game characters. Therefore, when designing props, we need to design and develop the props structure. For example, when designing a gun, the structure of the gun should be presented as completely as possible, such as launcher, barrel, clip, sight, butt, etc. In material mapping, the authenticity of the gun should be guaranteed as much as possible in appearance.

Advantages and Practice of Virtual Reality Game Technology 1

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