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On October 31, 2019, 5g officially opened its business trip. . What is 5g technology? What convenience can 5g bring to our production and life? Why can 5g do this? From October 19 to October 30, the reporter went to Guiyang and Shenzhen to interview and experience the progress made by China Mobile in 5g high-quality network construction, 5g enabling thousands of industries, 5g helping smart life scene application, etc.

Guiyang public transport: brush your face and take the bus, and improve the network speed

While 5g network construction continues to accelerate, 5g has opened the door to enabling thousands of industries. Guizhou mobile is making every effort to create three "hard core 5g business cards" of "transportation", "culture" and "tourism". The reporter experienced three 5g application projects of Guizhou mobile in Guiyang.

In the first and only Metro Line 1 in Guizhou Province, the reporter learned that China Mobile Guizhou took the lead in realizing the full coverage of 5g network to the platform, station hall and tunnel of line 1. By taking the mobile 5g subway train, you can enjoy the "Shua Shua" mobile 5g speed at Dou Guan station at the starting point, wanghong stations such as Zhongshan West Road and Beijing Road, or Xiaomeng industrial park at the terminal.

According to Liu Jinchuan, deputy general manager of Guiyang mobile, Guiyang Mobile has realized 5g "county to county connection" in April this year, and the comprehensive coverage rate of the county has reached 96%. Universities and scenic spots have achieved 5g coverage. "Now 5g has brought customers higher speed and richer experience. For example, HD video interaction and some applications such as VR and AR have brought richer and wonderful life. It can be said that 5g has really changed the society.

"The biggest difference of 5g is that the fluency is much improved and the network speed is much faster when using mobile phones to brush dramas and shoot videos on the subway," a passenger said in an interview. Originally, it was necessary to pay the fare by scanning QR code through mobile phones when entering the station. Now just brush your face, which is much more convenient.

After experiencing the first line of the subway, the reporter took the No. 34 bus of Guiyang bus company.

This bus line is a 5g smart bus jointly built by Guizhou mobile and Guiyang public transport company. In the past, the bus was paid by swiping the bus card, mobile phone payment or cash payment. Now, based on the powerful advantages of high speed, low delay and large capacity of mobile 5g network, it fully provides the basis for real-time interaction of face recognition data, "5g face recognition card swiping" function came into being.

Zhu Dongzhu of China Mobile Guizhou company told reporters that mobile phones are now a necessary tool to quickly understand a city through artificial intelligence, that is, various 5g application scenarios have penetrated into our life, our work, our education and even our medical treatment.

In addition to bus card swiping, some online car Hailing have begun to pilot driverless. With the construction and maturity of 5g network, the driverless industry chain will be more mature in the future, and buses can also realize driverless.

Shenzhen: 5g accelerates industrial transformation and upgrading

Shenzhen is a typical city that China Mobile focuses on 5g construction. 5g technology injects wisdom and kinetic energy into many industries in Shenzhen, becomes an accelerator for industrial transformation and upgrading, and promotes the deep integration of digital economy and real economy.

Shenzhen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong company took advantage of the opportunity of automatic wharf reconstruction of starfish port to comprehensively start the construction of "5g smart port" project, build the first 5g smart port benchmark in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, and help Mawan port realize 5g shore bridge, yard bridge remote control, 5g unmanned truck collection, 5g intelligent tally, 5g smart security, 5g Internet connected UAV and other application scenarios.

Liu Hao of the port operation Department said that after the 5g technology is applied to the automation equipment, the staff can operate in the remote control room, the working environment is improved and the work intensity is reduced. Building a model project through the smart port can make the wharf more environmentally friendly and more harmoniously integrate into the city. In addition, it can play a demonstration role in the upgrading of some old wharves at home and abroad.

With the support of 5g, the operators in the central control room of the terminal can turn on 20 front-end cameras at the same time and send back HD video through 5g network for a series of remote operations such as RTG transfer and container grabbing. 5g significantly optimizes the quality of wireless transmission signals and really helps the port improve operation efficiency.

The port uses 5g to realize the mixed operation of driverless trailer and manned Trailer. This project is the first in the world. At present, 15 mixed formations of 5g driverless Trailer have been put into field operation test. Combined with the self-developed driverless fleet dispatching management system, it can provide a highly reliable and low-cost driverless Trailer scheme suitable for traditional terminals. The project adopts the first in the world Create 5g network connected UAV module, through the new way of 5g network connected UAV and robot inspection, inspect the equipment and specific areas, find problems that are not easy to find, improve the utilization rate of equipment and maintain the overall safety of the wharf.

According to Hu Zijian, the operator of Mawan port, all HD cameras now use 5g. UAVs for horizontal transportation also use 5g communication and Beidou's high-precision positioning.

5g medical: improve treatment efficiency

In Futian District, Shenzhen, China Mobile, together with the local health bureau and other parties, launched the "Futian medical consortium 5g MEC smart Medical Project". With the help of 5g "zero dead corner" 5g medical has realized the extension of medical service tentacles to wards, solved the problem of poor WiFi signal quality in wards and bedside, improved the work efficiency and diagnosis and treatment quality of medical staff, significantly improved the diagnosis and treatment efficiency, and provided 5g assistance for the health of patients.

According to the president of the eighth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University, 5g can synchronously transmit the patient's information to assist in remote first aid. When the patient is on the ambulance, the electronic medical record, vital signs and patient's full picture can be transmitted back to the emergency center in real time, and the relevant professional medical personnel put forward the "waiting" to realize the "information comes first before the patient arrives" The out going experts obtain the shared examination information, provide diagnosis and treatment guidance for the ward through remote video "consultation", the medical treatment mode is constantly changing, and the consultation channel is continuously optimized.

Now, doctors can use 5g technology to carry out one-to-one, one to many and many to many remote consultation at any time through remote consultation center, Department consultation terminal or mobile terminal.

5g intelligent application has become an important supplement to human resources. When medication is temporarily needed in the ward, nurses can log in to the intelligent medicine cabinet and use it according to the withdrawal, so as to ensure the medication safety of patients. At night, 5g wireless network will collect and return heart rate, respiration, physical activity and other data in real time. When patients have postoperative complications, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, bed fall and other abnormalities, medical staff can monitor the level through signs Taiwan should find the changes of patients' condition as soon as possible and intervene in time.

In community families, the family remote care platform has become one of the most effective carriers for extending medical services to every family. 5g technology, based on the cross system interactive information platform, can realize 24-hour contactless health index monitoring in residents' homes.

In more remote mountainous areas and border areas, thanks to 5g network, patient files can be loaded at a second speed, ultra-high definition video can be transmitted losslessly, doctors can access patient data synchronously, experts can conduct remote consultation, discussion and guidance anytime and anywhere, and the imbalance of medical resources can be effectively alleviated.

The future of 5g has come

It has been more than a year since 5g network was put into commercial use, and 5g has gradually integrated into people's lives. Scenarios such as distance education, telemedicine, driverless, intelligent security, etc. are applied more and more frequently, and the interconnection of all things has become a reality, which is displayed in front of people. We can predict that the future will be a new era dominated by mobile communication infrastructure. With the uncertain application of 5g technology The continuous deepening will also make people feel the great impetus of 5g commerce to the progress of human society.

After a Year of Business, It Has Quietly Come to Us 1

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