Analysis of High Performance Supercharged Dam12t Engine of Dong'an Power Vehicle

At present, turbocharging technology has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. More and more passenger cars begin to significantly reduce engine displacement in order to meet increasingly stringent fuel consumption and emission regulations. "If you win without fighting, you will get more." in this context, as a listed enterprise that developed small gasoline engines earlier in China, Dong'an power complies with the development law of the automotive industry, looks forward to the development trend of automotive power, devotes itself to developing small displacement, high-power and high torque turbocharged gasoline engines, and launches dam12t turbocharged series engines. This series of models fully apply the current mainstream technologies such as intake and exhaust double VVT, variable displacement oil pump, high-efficiency lean burn and electronic vacuum pump. The rising (net) power and rising (net) torque reach 75kW and 150n · m respectively (see the external characteristic curve of dam12t engine), and the engine power performance reaches the leading level in the same industry.

External characteristic curve of dam12t-pfi series engine

Application of cutting-edge technology, small displacement and large power

Through sufficient technical reserves and forward-looking layout of Dong'an power, dam12t supercharged engine and supercharged direct injection series are developed on the same platform and produced on the same line. They have the characteristics of silence, precision design, lightweight, maturity, consistency and durability. Based on the new and efficient modular design, they have continuously variable timing valves The integrated design of cylinder head and exhaust manifold and other leading technologies not only maintain high efficiency, but also achieve a wide torque range, but also take into account the balance between high performance and low fuel consumption, which is highly consistent with the overall trend of the current domestic automobile market and policies.

In addition to the application of exhaust gas Turbocharging Technology (turbo), dam12t series engines also apply many cutting-edge technologies. The combination of three cylinder engine structure and rubber damping balance shaft solves the problems of noise, vibration and ride comfort (NVH) performance defects of traditional three cylinder engine. The application of all aluminum cylinder block and aluminum sprayed cylinder liner can reduce the weight of the whole machine and improve the bonding rate and thermal conductivity at the same time. The application of cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold can shorten the warm-up time and effectively reduce fuel consumption and emission. Automatic tensioning wheel and elastic multi wedge belt are adopted to enhance the reliability of gear train and NVH performance. In addition, the selection of many technologies such as dual mass flywheel (DMF), idle start stop technology (STT), hollow sodium filled exhaust valve, honeycomb valve spring, mechanical vacuum pump and surface diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating has greatly improved the overall performance and competitiveness of dam12t engine. Whether it is the lightweight cylinder design of all aluminum alloy, the variable displacement electric control oil pump that greatly reduces friction, or the DLC coating that reduces friction resistance, the development team has painstakingly studied "fuel saving technology". The design and development engineers have handled every detail process involving power and fuel consumption to achieve highly competitive power and fuel consumption performance.

Automobile laws and regulations drive low fuel consumption and practice the concept of energy conservation

The formation of the trend of domestic automobile engine turbocharging is the result of the joint action of many factors, such as industry regulations, automobile enterprise development and consumer demand. At the regulatory level, the fourth stage standard for fuel consumption of passenger cars has been implemented since January 1, 2016, and the average fuel consumption limit of passenger cars in 2020 is 5 L / 100 km. The policy red line has been drawn, and automobile enterprises must make technical response in reducing energy consumption. In the long run, the development of new energy vehicles is an important strategy for the development of automobile industry. In the medium and short term, the application of more energy-efficient turbocharging technology is the common choice of most automotive power enterprises. In terms of consumption, since October 1, 2015, the state has implemented the policy of halving the purchase tax of passenger cars with a capacity of 1.6L and below, and small displacement models have been highly praised by the consumer market; After the implementation of the policy, the sales proportion of small displacement turbocharged models has been greatly improved. Better power performance and fuel economy under the same displacement are more favored by users, which is also the technical feature of turbocharged models. It is the long-term technological development and accumulation that makes the small displacement turbocharged models have a broad market foundation.

With superior power performance and good fuel economy, dam12t series supercharged engine has attracted much attention. At present, some automobile enterprises have shown strong interest in dam12t series engines. Several special projects for automobile engine matching have been officially approved, and the preliminary confirmation of automobile engine matching scheme has been completed.

In depth market research to boost vehicle power upgrading

In order to achieve the average fuel consumption limit of domestic passenger vehicles in 2020, the fourth stage standard will further tighten the requirements for the limit of single vehicle fuel consumption and the average target value of enterprises, and assess single vehicles and enterprises at the same time. In the face of the most stringent fuel consumption regulations in history, the lightweight and miniaturized design of the engine and the application of energy-saving, efficient and advanced technology have become the preferred solution to solve the fuel consumption problem of the whole vehicle.

In order to meet the demand of domestic economical passenger car powertrain products and respond to national automobile industry laws and regulations, Dong'an power has developed from the comprehensive popularization of low-cost fuel-saving technologies such as full intake VVT EGR, double VVT and three cylinder arrangement in the initial stage, to the development and application of exhaust gas Turbocharging Technology and incremental engine technology, to today's in cylinder direct injection and long-term planning of hybrid power in the future, While meeting the legal limits of fuel consumption at different stages, Dong'an power, from the perspective of vehicle customers, uses relatively low-cost engine product solutions to improve the competitiveness of vehicle models, so as to respond to automobile industry policies, practice the concept of energy-saving, low-carbon and environmental friendly vehicles, and improve the market competitiveness of engine products. This platform is the company's first public platform for supercharged / Supercharged direct injection models, highlighting the advantages of high performance, low cost and cost performance; To explore the uniqueness, it is the only engine suitable for FF, FR and Mr layout at the same time in China, filling the gap of small displacement supercharged models in independent engine enterprises. Obviously, the domestic self-developed dam12t series models represented by Dong'an power, with "small displacement, high power and high torque" as the most distinctive label in the current turbocharging era, deeply cater to the dual needs of consumers for strong power and low energy consumption, and tend to be unified with the increasingly stringent fuel consumption standards of the state for passenger vehicles. Dong'an power dam12t series engine is prospectively developed, seizing the opportunity and taking the east wind of the turbocharging market.

In the next five years, the market share of turbocharged engines may exceed 35%, and the competition among automobile enterprises will focus on small displacement turbocharged engines; How to obtain greater power with smaller displacement will be a common problem faced by major automobile enterprises.

Analysis of High Performance Supercharged Dam12t Engine of Dong'an Power Vehicle 1

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