Application Analysis of High Precision It / in Series Current Sensor in Current and Voltage Measurem

With the increase of power consumption in the whole society and the rapid development of new energy, including the rise of emerging industries such as electric vehicles and energy storage, the market demand for energy storage devices is increasing. Because lithium battery has high storage energy density; Long service life; High power bearing capacity; The self discharge rate is very low; Light weight; Strong adaptability to high and low temperature; Regardless of production, use and scrapping, it does not contain or produce any toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium. It has the advantages of green environmental protection and has become the first choice of energy storage at present.

As the market has higher and higher expectations for lithium batteries, good manufacturing process and technology have become the key to ensure the performance advantages of lithium batteries. As an essential process in the production process of lithium battery, battery formation and capacity division play a vital role in the performance of lithium battery. The quality of formation directly affects the first efficiency, cycle life, thermal stability and safety performance of lithium battery.

Generally speaking, the battery formation process is divided into constant current charging, constant voltage charging and constant power charging, constant current discharge, constant power discharge and constant resistance discharge stages. The battery formation process has high requirements for the error of lithium battery charge discharge current and voltage measurement, and the ideal accuracy is 5 to 1 / 10000, so as to ensure that the overall accuracy of the formation equipment is 1 / 1000. Then appropriate measurement means are also important indicators of chemical equipment. Although the accuracy of common shunt measurement can meet the requirements, it can not be used in chemical equipment due to high common mode voltage. The accuracy of general current sensor can reach 0.2%, but it is difficult to meet the requirements of high accuracy level in the whole measurement range. In addition, low temperature drift is also a necessary condition for the temperature requirements in the formation process.

As an expert of electric quantity measurement solution, LEM is a high-precision it / in series current sensor tailored for battery formation based on the original high-precision sensor. It adopts closed-loop fluxgate technology, which can be universal on the AC and DC sides of the formation equipment. Generally, three sensors are used on the AC side and two sensors are used on the DC side.

The following table shows the comparison between general Hall current sensors and high-precision sensors. It / in series sensors have significant advantages in measurement accuracy and temperature drift characteristics under small current.

The in series sensor adopts patented innovative technology and a new fluxgate structure to eliminate the ripple generated by the fluxgate driving frequency and reduce the noise output. The excitation voltage conditioning circuit increases the stability.

The application of digital circuit DSP is introduced into the new generation of in sensor, which makes the sensor free from the influence of temperature, interference and power supply voltage change, especially the zero error and temperature drift have been greatly improved. The error of less than 10ppm in the temperature range from - 40 to 85 º C and the linear error of 3ppm in the whole measurement range are realized.

The in series still maintains the characteristics of the previous high-precision sensor, with LED display lamp to provide high and low-level auxiliary output. It can be interlocked with the control and protection system of battery forming equipment to monitor whether the sensor is in normal operation in real time, which improves the reliability and safety of the whole machine.

In short, LEM is committed to the research and innovation of electricity measurement and provides a variety of solutions for current measurement in battery formation and detection equipment.

Source; Industrial control network

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