Are Tablets and Cloud Storage the Future of Computing?

No. Maybe for general home users, but for people that use computers for a living or gaming, laptops/desktops will always be best. Until we get computers built into our brains that is :)

1. advice me of a good adventure game?

Play beyond good and evil. 1 of those overlooked gems in gaming

2. Windows or Mac, Which is best for gaming?

If you have no price limit go online and build it you can have 4 graphics cards each being 4x more powerful than the mac pro. You really should go with windows especially for gaming or even linux. anything but a mac. also most games arent even out for mac because well gamers dont like macs. also games downloaded on the appstore are not going to be well good

3. The Wii is an inferior system to the Xbox360 and PS3. What do you think?

gaming is in the eye of the beholder

4. Is this a good computer for my needs?

Nope. Gaming is right out unless you want to spend money on a better video card. You can make Youtube videos on just about anything. Honestly, for $1000, you can do a lot better than that. Aim for an i5 2x00 series CPU and a decent video card, either a GTX 550 Ti or Radeon 6770 or better.

5. Mac vs Windows (searching market to buy a laptop)?

Ok heres really how to decide! Mac: PROS: They Mac is huge on media. It great for making movies or editing pictures, ect. Mac also has better protection agenced viruses. Mostly because there are few viruses for Mac. CONS: If your into gaming, a Mac isnt for you, there are very few games compatable with mac. Mac doesnt have much support, as it theres not many programs for it. Windows: PROS: Windows is good for almost everything, but not all. Like media, windows doesnt have alot of built in editors. BUT you can download free or payed for 1's online! Windows has lost of supports. There are very few Mac only programs and windows supports almost everything! CONS: WINDOWS VISTA (Vister is UK) Sux! Its slow!!!! If you get Windows, get Windows 7 or Windows XP! I hope this helped you a bit. If you got anymore questions email me :D

6. When I'm browsing for a new gaming desktop, what should i be looking for?

First of all I would say that alienwares are awesome for gaming but are way too costly. You should look for following specs when building a gaming pc. Processor: Powerful quad core processor.Best processor for gaming is i7 2600k and then i5 2500k.Amd processors are also good but are budget procesors. Also you do not need to buy i7 3930X.Its more than overkill for gaming and its price is twice to that of i7 2600k.Simply get i7 2600k processor. Graphics card: Depends on your budget.If you choose i7 2600k then put some money on graphics card and get two GTX 560Ti SLI.It is much more better than GTX 570 and other cards of its range. RAM: 8 GB ddr3 ram is enough.Get G skill ripjaws x or corsair vengeance. Motherboard: If you are going to overclock then get Z68 based motherboard.Asus P8Z68 M pro or deluxe are good mobos. If you want then include a 128 gb ssd.Sound card is not really required but you can get it if you really need it.Any gaming case would fine. Now coming to the psu to power your rig.Get 700W psu with 4 way connectors.Go for brands like thermaltake,corsair or ocz. This would cost you around $1500 and is much better than alienware pc.

7. PC gaming cheaper than Console gaming?

Even though this question is old, I would like to answer for everyone reading this: PC gaming is actually cheaper. Think about it, microsoft and sony force cash out of our wallets by making newer consoles every 2-3 years, and when they come out they are usually $400-$500. And, to play the newest games you HAVE to have the newer console, obviously. Yes, you COULD wait a year or so to get the console when it's $300, but at that point, the newer console would already be announced. With PC gaming, I am going to warn you, you are going to have to spend maybe $600-$800 for the computer (not including speakers, keyboard, and mouse) but, it will last you for years, and PC games do not evolve that fast at the point to where your high-spec PC is out of date in 2 years. Of course, after 5-6 years your computer will be a little bit slow for the newer games, but that's when you go into a retail or computer/hardware store to upgrade your graphics ($100), processor (depends) ($100-$200) and anything else that needs to be. And then, you do not have to pay again until ANOTHER 5-7 years. Plus, PC gaming has A LOT of free games and like others have said, you can download the games digitally, so do not worry about losing the disc and then paying for it again. However, I think PC gaming is for serious gamer's only because you have to take good care of it and make sure everything is in shape. If all you do is invite friends over to play madden, then I do not recommend it.

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What Is a Comfortable Chair for PC Gaming?
What Is a Comfortable Chair for PC Gaming?
what is a comfortable chair for PC gaming?Go to your local Office Depot or Staples, and try out the leather executive chairs. They are a bit pricey, but honestly, if you are going to sitting in a chair for hours on end, you might as well buy something nice. You can also sometimes find similar chairs being given away, or sold for pennies on the dollar at office furniture warehouse, or through Craigslist, etc. Just be sure you try the chair out before you buy it.— — — — — —Why does PC gaming suck?Apparently you do not know **** about modding pc games— — — — — —Is this a good/cheap PC Gaming Rig?Everything is fine except for the low end video card. Why they give you a 1000 watt power supply with that is beyond me— — — — — —Do you need a PC for gaming?Yeah! Gaming PC's are better, than gaming laptops,and consoles It really does worth for gaming— — — — — —the return of pc gaming?i think pc has more to offer then any game system out there. my pc has a better graphics card then any console, more memory and fast cpu... i've got it hooked up to a big flat screen tv with hdmi... the thing about pc is that you can upgrade your system at any time. consoles, you can not . you have to wait till the next "super awesome game system" comes out. the game makers know this so they only make their games able to be run on a system that would other wise be outdated (compared to pc's) pc games are made with better quality and then the game is "watered down" for the consoles. i use pc for all my gaming. i use a 360 wired controller. (works with any game with a button mapping program; free) plus too you can just buy games online and download them using Steam (if you do not know its a online store for games) some good games, Crysis 1 and 2, Call Of Duty 4 and 5, the Orange Box, Need for Speed... those are my favs.— — — — — —Help guys which PC for gaming?1. Bad news: Gf 100 series is only a rebranded Gf 9 series. GeForce GT 130 = 9600GSO = 8800GS = bad gaming card 9800GT = 8800GT > 8800GS Good news: 9800GT is a actually decent card for gaming. 2. C2Q > Athlon X2 Conclusion: Gor for option 2.— — — — — —Please Help PC Gaming Question?Sorry, but a laptop usually is not the best thing for gaming. Specs for your laptop is linked below at source Your laptop, the Dell Studio 1535, is more designed for doing movies, flash animation, and pictures more then playing medium- to -high graphic games. The grahpics card you have, is a Radeon HD 3450, which is a entry level card at about $50-$80 buck card, which means you would not be playing much at full speed peak preformance. 3 things i will say. 1) Check the Company of Heros: Tales Of Valor site and see what the minumum graphic requirements are for it. If it's above the card you have, then do not get it YET 2) If your games currently are running slow, then try putting them on the lowest settings they will go, then go up from there and see what you are confortable with. 3) If you are willing to, buy graphics card that is for a laptop, that is better then the 3450. Usually on board graphics are horrible, so any decent card that is about $100 is going to be better then what you have. Make sure it can run a laptop though.— — — — — —What is the average download speed for PC gaming?The Humble Bundle promotion that EA is running is likely straining their download servers. I doubt there is anything you can do on your end, though it is a very good idea to switch to a wired connection while gaming— — — — — —PC Gaming - Best Place to find Mods?There are no web pages which hold mods for different games, because mods are made by fans. So just google and google— — — — — —If I buy a cheap pc for gaming?Yes, but allways put on mind the SOME pc parts do not work with others. And I would suggest getting atleast 4GB of ram and Navid GT series graphics card because less than that will not be able to handle modern games.
Is This a Good Gaming Computer System?? Which Video Card Should I Get If Not?
Is This a Good Gaming Computer System?? Which Video Card Should I Get If Not?
Is this a good gaming computer system?? Which video card should I get if not?Alienware :D— — — — — —Secure Computer system for travel/work in Russia.?Just get a POWERFUL anti-virus program.Get the Mcafee Trial.Or Avg Trial.Do not get Avast or Avira,both suck— — — — — —Is this computer system good for me?No, a equipment recuperate places it again to out of the container condition in simple terms like to procure it. some computing gadget make a backup of each and everything yet i do not believe of yours did because it ought to inform you about it. Sorry— — — — — —old computer system into new empty tower?if everything fits then yes! you are not changing anything! the only thing you are changing is the case! as long as you keep everything as it is! and everything bolts up fine! do not cross any wires and be shure everything plugs back in correctally! take one peice at a time!— — — — — —How do you prevent the Trojan virus from getting into my computer system?The only way to guarantee that you will never see another piece of malware is to take the computer off-line and never install any new programs on it, never play any music or movies on it... Short of that, keep a good Security Suite installed, and running. Only ever go on-line using a Limited Access account, and if you do need to download something using your Admin account, do it from a Trusted site only. ..then immediately log-off the net, install, and log-in again using the Limited account. This will generally cause anything that does sneak through to evaporate when you log-off...and anything that does not will be limted to that one account. As for complete prevention. ..there is no such thing.— — — — — —Is It Ok To Have 4 Browser In Your Computer System?NO. In my view, Use Mozilla FireFox. Since the purpose is solved by this itself.— — — — — —What is a personal computer system?A computer designed for general individual use as opposed to a server or a workstation.What is a personal computer system?— — — — — —what are things i should add???I agree with you that having a home solar powered and fitted with the best water filtration system would be great. But also on the greedy side, I would love to have a computer system installed for free (obviously I do not have one right now)— — — — — —Can I ask if a specific game will run on a specific computer system?One problem with this sort of question is that if we allow them, we will get thousands of them. There are tons of games and tons of computer configurations. We can not possibly host a question for each combination, much less answer them all, much less answer them all well. The obvious solution is to make it more general; something like How can I check if my computer's powerful enough to run a certain game?Now you might think it's different since you do not have the computer, but not really. Can You Run It just compares the specs of your computer to the minimum/recommended specs for the game. You can easily do that yourself; look at the game page in Steam, or on the box, or just do a web search for the specs of the game. If that's still not good enough and you are interested more in someone's experience running the game, you run into some other problems:SE is not a good place for such localized questions, and people are likely to view it as uninteresting. Who wants to dig up the specs for someone else's game/computer? It's easy enough to learn how to estimate what the specs of a computer will let you do, so that's what I advise you to do— — — — — —NLS (computer system)NLS, or the "oN-Line System", was a revolutionary computer collaboration system developed in the 1960s. Designed by Douglas Engelbart and implemented by researchers at the Augmentation Research Center (ARC) at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), the NLS system was the first to employ the practical use of hypertext links, the mouse, raster-scan video monitors, information organized by relevance, screen windowing, presentation programs, and other modern computing concepts. It was funded by ARPA (the predecessor to Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), NASA, and the U. S. Air Force.
Getting Ready to Build a New Gaming PC From the Ground Up?
Getting Ready to Build a New Gaming PC From the Ground Up?
I think I would get a different brand PSU and the HyperX (non 3K) SSD are waayyy overpriced Dont know if you are getting the 3K version - but thought I would mention it. Honestly - other than the CM PSU - it all looks OK. Are you running the 2 SSD in RAID ? Thats not very much space Do you have some big HDD for storage/backup ? 120GB is pretty small by today's standards (so is 240 for a power system) Maybe get a 120GB SSD and a WD Caviar Black 2TB for massive storage1. Antimatter StorageTheoretically it is entirely possible. Just place a block of anti-tungsten in a perfect vacuum and hold it in place using magnetic fields (it is paramagnetic)Is this actually doable according to known physics? There are a few problems: (1) evaporation from the antimatter or container walls causing drifting atoms, and (2) making anti-tungsten. I will ignore (2) which is of course a magnificent can of worms and instead deal with (1).The vapour pressure of tungsten is $approx 10^7. 933-45087/ T $ atmospheres. Already at 300K this produces a pressure so low that one should not expect any loose atoms, but since we get to work in theory-land we can of course make $T$ as low as we want. Same thing for the container walls. We can add turbomolecular pumps to maintain low pressure. Still, in real 3K cryogenic vacuum systems 6. 7 fPa has been achieved, corresponding to 100 particles per cubic centimetre (indeed, just having the system open to interstellar space would reduce this density by a factor of $approx 100$). If we assume hydrogen molecules their RMS speed is $v_rms=sqrtfrac3RTm=192.6778$ m/s. So the surface of the anti-tungsten will be hit by about 19200 molecules per square meter per second. That corresponds to $1. 1551times 10^-5$ W/m$^2$. In terms of heating this can be balanced by keeping the chamber walls somewhat cooler so the antimatter radiates away the heat. But the effect of the molecular impacts will likely cause trouble. When a proton-antiproton annihilation occurs there are on average 5. 3 pions released with average energy 350 MeV, and since they are strongly interacting they can deposit up to 2 GeV in the host nucleus - enough to scatter it (oops, maybe should have used anti-iron instead, not that it would have helped much). Since these are surface nuclei we should expect at least half of the disintegration products to fly off at relativistic speeds (which makes capturing them with the magnetic field hard). We hence end up with on the order of $10^4$ antimatter nuclear fragments per second and square meter heading off to cause havoc. Since they are often heavier nuclei they also pack a bigger punch than the initial hydrogen when they hit a wall. Plus, this reaction may dislodge other antimatter atoms. Can this be fixed? A large chamber area can spread out the damage, but since we are working in a high vacuum there is no way of sucking out the fragments. We can cover the walls with turbomolecular pumps, but they will only act on matter fragments (the antimatter ones will annihilate and release more fragments). The pumps may be able to give them enough momentum to move in some safer direction for disposal but it looks tricky.Overall, for a sufficiently low pressure (remember, the above value was 100 times above interstellar vacuum) and a large chamber with properly shaped walls I suspect the multiplication rate can be kept low enough that there is just a background loss of a few thousand atoms per second per square meter, enough to keep the antimatter essentially forever. Very clever designs of the magnetic field cradle may help. But it looks like it requires some serious engineering calculations and ingenuity. And any puff of gas accidentally released will quickly start a chain reaction that ends with hot ambiplasma. This is engineering difficulty/impossibility (not practical as far as we can see, but could perhaps be solved with sufficiently devious tricks and overengineering). One should not confuse it with theoretical impossibility (not allowed by the laws of physics as we know them). A proper theoretical impossibility proof would require showing that e. g. the multiplication rate of fragments is always big, or that there is some in principle reason why antimatter cannot be cooled or made dense enough to crystallise2. How To Store Outdoor Solar Lights for the WinterSolar-powered lights are LIT. But, like literally lit. They do not use electricity from the grid, last for years, and look awesome. There's only one problem; in the winter, when there's less sunlight, they do not work quite as well as in summer. That's why knowing how to store outdoor solar lights in winter is a must. If you have solar lights you would like to store but do not know how to do it, we've got your answers! How To Store Outdoor Solar Lights for the Winter is jam-packed full of the best! So if the sun's going on vacation and you need to store your solar lights, read on! When you've properly packed them, do not forget to get an iStorage unit so you can be sure they are safe and sound. Make Sure the Solar Light is in the "Off' Position Before Storing This seems like a no-brainer, but many people forget. If you leave a solar-powered light switched on, it can reduce its lifespan significantly. The batteries will get drained, and the light may get damaged also. To avoid this, make sure every outdoor solar light is in the 'off' position. Store Your Solar Lights Somewhere Very Dry They made solar lights from materials like metals, that can corrode and rust. For this reason, storing them in a cool, very dry place is vital. The basement, for example, is probably not the best choice for storing your solar lights. Neither is outdoors in a shed or storage shack. If you have space, your garage is a good choice, as is the attic if it's well-insulated. The lamp heads on many solar lights contain glass, which is very fragile. It's recommended that you wrap them in either bubble wrap or packing paper and then put them in a cardboard box. You can also use spare blankets. All of these options will prevent the glass from breaking or cracking while stored. Remove the Batteries from Your Outdoor Solar Lights for the Winter This is imperative. If your solar lights have batteries, and most do, you should remove them for storage. Leaving them in increases the risk of corrosion that can damage and even destroy your solar lights. Once you remove them, wrap the batteries in some packing paper and pack them with the glass lamp heads. That way, when you put them outside again next season, you will have everything handy. Remove The Entire Solar Light Device from the Ground Some solar lights go in the ground around walkways and pathways. For those, we highly recommend removing them entirely so that they do not get damaged by winter weather. Also, snowblowers, shovels, and other tools could damage them. That's especially true if they are covered with snow, and you can not see them. In short, taking solar lights out of the ground is the best way to store them in winter. This is not about storing solar lights, per se, but about which lights to purchase. Some solar lights are waterproof, and we recommend purchasing those. Unless you live somewhere extremely arid where it never rains, your solar lights will get wet. When they do, the moisture could leak inside and cause your lights to stop working. As for storage, we highly recommend letting your solar lights dry completely before storing them. That way, excess moisture wo not corrode, damage or rust any metal parts. Store Solar Lights Where they Can Get Some Sunlight Typically, the batteries in solar lights need a small amount of sunlight every day. It helps them to maintain a charge during storage, which will lead to a longer lifespan. For example, if you store them in a closet, take them out once a month to let them get some light. If you keep them in a storage unit, do the same thing. It's a little bit of extra effort but will help your solar lights last much longer. Mini solar lights are exceptionally durable. Those are probably fine outdoors for the winter. However, decorative solar lights are lightweight and fragile. These glass and materials are not made to handle frigid weather, ice, and snow. You can leave durable solar lights outside but bring the decorative solar lights indoors for storage. (Follow the same tips as above when you do.) If You Have Many Solar Lights to Store, Consider a Storage Unit Some folks have dozens of solar lights around their home, which is lovely. They add a beautiful ambiance from spring through fall and, sometimes, even in winter. If you are storing quite a few, though, you might not have enough room at home. That's when a storage unit will come in handy. Clean, safe, and dry, a storage unit will keep your solar lights in great shape until the next season starts. Brought To You By Your Illuminating Friends at iStorage Outdoor solar lights, as we mentioned above, are lit, and if you have not heard, we always keep it lit (aka 24/7 lighting in our units). Storing them, especially with iStorage, will make sure they last for many years. Until then, best of luck storing yours. Hopefully, winter will be over soon, and you will be able to enjoy their lovely light once more!3. What portable consumer technology can be used to capture audio continuously for a whole day?At this time no consumer device is made for that purpose. There are commercial products that do this regularly, but due to storage or battery limitations I do not know of any consumer devices per se. However, those with media can be refreshed and with several as back up work for the purpose.
Is $1200 too Cheap for a High End PC Gaming?
Is $1200 too Cheap for a High End PC Gaming?
very few people would say those benchmarks are good, no your amd parts are not working as thou you had a 1080. personally i would say 1200 is too much for a gaming computer1. Best Gaming Speakers in 2021 - High-End and Budget Gaming SpeakersHow To Choose Speakers For Gaming Picking the right speaker system for your gaming needs is pretty simple. Set your budget, set your expectations, think a bit about how powerful a set of speakers you need, and then try to check their sound in person. Before you start your search, set your max budget. That way you will know your financial limitations from the get-go. How Powerful Speakers Need To Be? If you game in a small room a set of powerful 5.1 speakers will probably be an overkill. On the other hand, if you have your gaming setup in the living room, alongside a huge TV, a small stereo setup would not provide a satisfactory experience. You need to decide how powerful speakers need to be before deciding which ones to get. It's better to get speakers that are a bit too powerful for your room than to end up with a set of meek speakers that cannot fill the room with sound. Which Setup Do You Prefer? Do you need stereo speakers or you prefer a setup that includes a subwoofer? Do you want a 5.1 or 7.1 surround system? Or maybe you need a soundbar? Deciding on which speaker setup to get can be tricky. If you have a smaller room getting a surround setup is usually a bad idea because surround speakers need a certain amount of space to shine. If you have a smaller room and want a surround-like experience maybe it's better to get a soundbar with subwoofer. And do not think that stereo speakers are not good enough. There are high-end Hi-Fi stereo systems with a better sound than the majority of surround systems. A pair of relatively affordable bookshelf speakers (stereo speakers that cannot work without an amp) along with any decent amp can deliver superb sound. There are also high-end bookshelf stereo speakers that can work on their own that have a fantastic sound. They come with multiple drivers that cover the whole sound range. They can deliver amazing bass even though they come without a subwoofer. If you game on your TV, which you also use for watching movies and TV shows and if your living room is not on the smaller size, we recommend getting a quality surround system. Now, 7.1 systems are cool in theory but in reality, 5.1 systems are almost as good. And if you prefer streaming services you should know that they have a limited amount of 7.1 videos. It's generally better to invest in a high-end 5.1 system than to buy an average 7.1 system for the same amount of money. Do You Need Speakers Both For Music And Gaming Or Just For Gaming? If you need speakers just for gaming, it's pretty easy to get a decent set of speakers. Just look for ones that have boomy sound, are powerful, and come with a subwoofer. Games always sound better with a standalone unit responsible for all that bass. But if you plan on listening to music on the speakers, especially hi-def formats such as FLAC, the quest for the right set of speakers can be really tricky to complete. If that's the case, it's best to listen to speakers you are interested in in-person before making the purchase. All reviews in the world are no match to personal experience, especially when it comes to speakers and headphones. Some of us like an analytic sound signature, without extra bass and without any frequency overtaking the scene. Others like bassy sound and some prefer sharp sound signature dominated by mid and high frequencies. Also, if you are looking for speakers to game and listen to music, you might want to check your sound card. While sound cards found in motherboards are just fine for gaming and casual enjoyment in music, Hi-Fi equipment will sound better on standalone sound cards, unless you have a high-end motherboard that comes with superb audio unit fueled by a DAC. Which Extra Features, If Any, Are Important To You? It's always nice to have a remote, even for speakers. Or sound controls found on a nice and long cable that can rest on your desk. Then we have separate bass and treble controls, that can really alter the sound signature. Maybe you need lots of different inputs in order to connect multiple sound sources? Or Bluetooth speakers so you can use them with any device with a Bluetooth module? Surround setups can come with speaker mounts, which will make the process of installing the speakers much, much easier. There are also computer speakers coming with RGB effects, which can be really cool when synced with your monitor. Think about the extra features you need before starting your quest for your next gaming speakers.2. is high-end audio worth it?Price does not necessarily equal quality. There is a lot of snake oil in the audio world like over priced cables etc. Some people spend hundreds if not thousands on one cable. These things definitely do not make a difference. Amplifiers and other electronic devices are pretty straight forward. They work pretty well at maintaining the integrity of the signal. There is no such thing as a device that improves the signal because any change is by definition a form of distortion. So in order for a more expensive amplifier to sound better than a cheaper one, the cheaper one has to be doing something wrong that the more expensive one does right. These days it's pretty easy to make an amplifier that does not do anything wrong. There can be weaknesses however such as having inadequate current capacity in the power supply. Using a single output device in the output stage as opposed to several causes more thermal changes as current fluctuates which can cause a cheaper amplifier to sound inferior to a better one. For the most part however as long as an amplifier has adequate power and is not too noisy it's going to be hard to hear a difference between it and a more expensive one. Speakers are a little different story. This is an area that is far less understood than simple electronic devices. There are some pretty big differences between good ones and bad ones but unfortunately determining which is good and which is bad is not as simple as picking the most expensive one. Some of the most expensive speakers in the world costing hundreds of thousands of dollars are really not very good. They are for the most part priced based on "snob appeal" and not on their actual value. Many of the designers of such systems do not know as much about what they are doing as they think unless they recognize what they know is more marketing than acoustics. There are too many considerations involved in loudspeaker design to mention. The determination as to which factors are most important is very subjective so every designer has his or her own opinion on how design trade offs should be balanced. There are certain factors however that consistently score well in blind listening test. One example of this is power response. A loudspeaker having an off axis frequency response that is similar to its on axis frequency response is said to have a uniform power response and all other things being equal it will get a more positive response from listeners. Unfortunately very few commercially available loudspeakers have good performance in this area and I think this is why so many people feel they hear no difference between speakers. Almost all conventional speakers are very non directional at low frequency and become increasingly directional at high frequency regardless of their price from a few dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. So consequently one of the primary factors in sound quality is very similar across all price ranges. There are numerous other factors involved some of which can be addressed with better quality hardware, more rigid cabinet construction, better crossover design etc so it is possible for one speaker to be better than another even if both have the same fundamental flaw of a non uniform power response. Just because you spend more money however does not mean you will get these improvements. The broader the bandwidth a speaker is capable of the more involving the musical experience can be. In particular, if you like pipe organ music you have to consider that this instrument is capable of 16 Hz. If your loudspeaker can not produce 16 Hz with authority you will be missing the magnitude of the instrument. A pipe organ is a big instrument, a really big instrument or at least they can be so you want it to sound that way when you play a recording of it. Music of all types can be very dynamic so your sound system needs to also have this capability or once again you are missing something from your music. This means a lot of output capability... not so you can play it loud but rather so dynamic impact in the music can be retained. The speakers need to be capable of very high output at least for short burst. The amplifiers also have to have this capability so having adequate power is a must. To make a determination as to whether a particular audio system justifies its price over another for you, it's necessary to spend some time listening. Go listen to some higher end systems and do it with some very demanding music. Pick something that has both soft passages and very loud passages to hear how well different systems handle this. Only you can determine what system will provide an enjoyable listening experience for you. I know a lot of people who are perfectly happy with very inexpensive systems that I personally would not use for anything. I've also ruined a few such people spoiling them with experiencing true quality making them into new audiophiles. I've spent the last 35 or so3. What's a great high end foundation?MAC studio fix.. Or thee light weight by mac
Best Gaming Keyboards and Mice
Best Gaming Keyboards and Mice
The introduction of gaming keyboard and mouseThe introduction of gaming keyboards and mice has become popular in recent years. It is mainly due to the ease of use that comes with it. There are a lot of companies that have already introduced gaming keyboard and mouse, but they are still not as good as gaming mice.Tips for gaming keyboard and mouseKeyboard and mouse are an essential part of any computer. Millions of users rely on them to play games, browse the internet or text. Even if you are not using a mouse or keyboard, it is a great idea to know how they work in case you ever need to replace one. In this article you will learn about how keyboards work and some good tips for gaming:How to use gaming keyboard and mouse?In this article, we will discuss a few tips to keep in mind while using the gaming keyboard and mouse.The specifications of gaming keyboard and mouseThe reason why people play games is to immerse themselves in the game and feel good about it. The game's designers have to create a product that makes gaming fun for gamers.The key point of this article is that the keyboard and mouse are not just devices and they have specifications that you can look up on the internet to make sure you are using an ergonomic one. Someone who uses a mouse with a 15-Key rollover, will actually be using an extension of their fingers, and may not be able to do what they want while playing a game due to said fact. An extension of their fingers can sometimes limit their ability to do certain things while playing a game - we would recommend having at least two hands or both hands if possible!The product instructions of gaming keyboard and mouseThe most popular games are computer games. In order to play them, you need a gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse. These devices come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are designed for left-handed people only, while others are designed for both left-handed and right-handed people.In this article, we will review the most popular gaming keyboards and mice available on the market today. We will discuss their advantages over traditional keyboards and mice in light of their advantages as well as disadvantages.The application of gaming keyboard and mouseGaming keyboards and mice are becoming more and more popular over the years. The trend is that they are now taking a form of an addiction as well. We can say that it is a good thing for the gaming industry as these products have a huge market share of more than 90%.
What Is the Best Gaming Steering Wheel?
It depends do you have the wii the PS3 or the Xbox360, I would only be able to answer that with the Wii, and the PS3. For the wii I would say the Mario Kart Wii Steering Wheel. And for the PS3 I would prefer the Hori UHP3-70 Racing Wheel.1. Dog in a wheel chair?I do not think dogs can feel embarrassed. Besides, I would rather feel embarrassed all the time and be alive.2. Besides wheel balancing .What causes an irritating wobble in the steering wheel at around 60-70mph .?Well since your description is so thorough your suspension is fine. The tires may have a shifted belt or you may have a bad wheel3. What's the hardest skateboard wheel?Bones are just about the hardest and they NEVER get flat spots4. 270 vs 900 wheelI am not racing wheel fluent (I use analog controller inputs, no D-pad stuff), but this sounds like a wheel sensitivity issue. The first thing I would do is try to adjust your wheel sensitivity in whatever game you are in before buying a new wheel completely. For Forza 3, you may be a bit hosed, but I can not speak to it personally: Forza 3 Sensitivity PostTo quickly answer the other questions though:Advantage of 900 vs 270: Realism, especially if you are used to actually driving these cars, and a little more wiggle room when trying to hold a particular steering angle. Otherwise, the only advantage is a lighter wallet.Dirt: I can not speak to rally games in particular, but real rallycross requires a lot of drifting and rapid wheel transitions. Check out Ken Block for reference, but I would probably stay with the 270.More DetailsBack in the day, I had F-Zero GX for Gamecube, and I always played it with the Nintendo-branded controller instead of the Mad Catz mini-controller I played every other game with for two reasons.What this means for you is with a 900 degree wheel, you have a lot more leeway to "wiggle the wheel" without throwing the car completely off course if you need to do something like shift or pet a cat or whatever real life concerns you have. However, that also means if you are using all 900 degrees, you are looking at making at least one full revolution either left or right before you "lock". If you want your "steering lock" to be only when you cross your hands over, and not require a hand-over-hand turn like in a real vehicle, you are not getting the most out of the 900 wheel.All that background to say simply this: you probably can not U-turn well because Forza 3 thinks you have more degrees on your wheel than you actually do.As a last note, since you are using a wireless controller and most 900s are wired with pedals: You will want a consistent setup for the wheel and pedals. I bought Steel Battalion for classic XBox and also a $30 table from IKEA just for the controller to rest on. You will want to do something similar for the clamps on the underside of the wheel itself as well as the pedals.5. Steering wheel off the right position!?I did not read all the story. It is not necessary. To answer your question, After an alignment, the steering wheel should be in the proper position.6. Using tandem bike wheel on regular bikeTotally okay - you are focusing on the word tandem, when really both you and tandem riders want a "high spoke count" wheel.36 spokes or 40 spokes or even 48 spoke hubs and rims exist but not so common in 44 spoke.The values that are important in sizing a wheel to suit your bike areOver-Locknut Distance or OLD. This is the space between the inside of your rear dropouts, and should be equal to the width of the hub from outside the bearing locknuts on each side.Cassette/freehub/freewheel mount - the system for mounting your gears should be the same, else you will need a new cassette to suit. Yours is a Shimano cassetteNumber of gears - this relates to the width of the cassette - yours is 9 speed. Through axle or Quick Release - what does your frame take? Appears to be Quick Release in photo.Rim diameter - yours is 700c which means 622mm.BRAKES - your bike has rim brakes, so you MUST have a rim that has a brake track and is rated for rim brakes. Some rims are disk brake only these days.You should be able to reuse your tyre and tube, unless you elect to get a wider rim and run a wider tyre like a 32 or 35mm. This will totally depend on frame clearance at the seat and chainstays. Also wheels intended for Tandems may have fittings for a drum or band brake on the rear hub. This may be useful or not in your situation.ANSWER: Yes you can use a higher-spoke count wheel in your normal bike, exactly the same as you might use in a tandem or a touring bike, provided all the other details match.
Is PC Gaming Worth It?
Is PC gaming worth it?Yes and no, if you can afford a nice one 900 then yes pc a far superior for gaming in every way (quality, frame rate, mods a pc) but price but if money is an issue then stick to a console they look fairly good— — — — — —Cheapest site to buy PC games on?You want to buy games ONLY by the website that makes and manufactures the game. Other websites can infect you, scam you, etc. So there really is no magic website that makes them cheap. If you really can not afford some of the games, either wait for the game to be on sale, or do some chores and earn some extra cash.— — — — — —Rate my new pc for gaming?8/10 Seems like a pretty decent rig, should be able to play any game currently out. For $1000 to $2000, you can get a exceptionally powerful machine which will be able to run anything (mind you, I am not completely sure how much that is in Australian but it should still get ya a good maching). However, I will agree with the other poster and say you should go ahead and invest in a better graphics card. I suggest ATI 5xxx series graphics cards. From what I see, you can get a pretty decent performing ATI card for cheaper then you will be payin for an Nvidia which does the same thing. Also, maybe go for a slightly bigger hard drive so you can put a bunch of games on there but thats up to you, 500GB is just fine, I personally like a lot of space. It also depends on how many games you are planning on installing. But anyway, everything looks good, I would just get a better graphics card. Good luck.— — — — — —Help guys which PC for gaming?1. Bad news: Gf 100 series is only a rebranded Gf 9 series. GeForce GT 130 = 9600GSO = 8800GS = bad gaming card 9800GT = 8800GT > 8800GS Good news: 9800GT is a actually decent card for gaming. 2. C2Q > Athlon X2 Conclusion: Gor for option 2.— — — — — —are macs good for pc gaming?to get crysis really humming along two 8800gt's or higher is the go. no, really, Im serious. If you want the eye candy on and consistent framerates thats the sort of hardware to do it with. You can build a PC with these specs for around $1000. This machine will kill pretty much any mac for gaming. bear in mind that the new games coming out later this year will have specs like crysis (check out the specs for assassins creed, which are actually higher). If you game, get a pc. If you are happy to pay more and have lower frame rates, get a mac. thats pretty much the equation.— — — — — —r/gpdwin - Handheld PC gaming - What is available right now ?After a 10 months use, my GPD2 clam suddenly broke on opening (and trust me, I am the over cautious type), ripping the LCD ribbon in the process (it is awfully constrained in the pivot). Considering that the new parts will take weeks to ship and that I grew tired of the shaky clam shell screen (anyone who played on a bus know what I mean) , I was wondering, what are other handheld gaming PC options ? - SmachZ derailed, according to their forum, they are currently struggling with chinese industrials to get the right plastic shells. Too bad. - Win MAX looks awesome but it is way too big for my taste and, well, I can not stand the clam shell now (any careful guy who felt it break in their hands know what I mean) - aya handheld has been just announced, slim and nice, what do you thing of it ? Am I missing something ? What are your thoughts about these alternatives ? Thank you all for your kind feedbacks, dedicated gamers are definitely the cream of humanity :) Well, I finally invested in the Win Max. Considering it will run Doom eternal, Metroid prime (fully, while the GPD2 almost gives up before phendrana) and PERSONA 5, it seems to be a good investment for someone who never plays at home. I used to love netbooks, and the keyboard, touchpad and screen seem good enough to edit reports and run small CFD (throug VBox) on the go. Cheers all and thank you
If a PC's Primary Focus Is for Gaming, Does It Lack in Other Areas?
In general, a PC's primary focus is not gaming, it's a general purpose computer. This is one of the reasons why consoles can sometimes be a better purchase for those on a budget who are only really interested in gaming, as consoles are highly optimised for gaming.PCs are capable of doing pretty much anything, but that also means that the hardware has to support a greater range of activities, and most PC operating systems will usually start a whole bunch of different applications at start-up that may or may not interfere with gaming. If you are building a PC tailored towards gaming, it's likely to also be competent at everything else too. The only thing that might be different is that a gaming PC will usually benefit more from a processor that prioritises single-core performance, a trait that has put Intel well into the lead over AMD, who historically have prioritised all-core performance, which benefits productivity and concurrent workloads1. Why won't The Sims 3 work on my computer?It sounds like a graphic card issue. Home computers do not come with advanced graphic cards for gaming so you either must purchase one or purchase a gaming laptop2. is 650 watt enough for this gaming rig?Michael and bloodyhair have good answers, 650 will work but if you go to a 750w you can add on with buying a bigger one later on. Bigger psus also have more 6 pin power cords for dual video cards or you can buy adapters at Actually one GTX670 should be enough. Looks like great specs for gaming. is great for hardware charts and video card info.3. Please rate or comment on this computer configuration.?I would be a little iffy when it comes to EVGA motherboards. They do not seem as stable as most other competing ones. My friend had one and I hated it. I would go for an ASUS board if I were you to keep safe unless you want to go for the i7 CPUs. SLI and Crossfire come pretty much come standard on the 1366 socket motherboards. And as the RAM goes has some good deals on G-Skill 1066 but that's up to you. For gaming you might want to look at a faster core 2 duo also, since most games are made for them. But other than my thoughts you look to have a very nice build. If you are buying this from somewhere I would ssuggestloving the egg and building it yourself. You would save a lot of money and could use the money for an even faster PC. Good luck with whatever you choose to do4. Should i ask for a Xbox 360 or a PS3? Plz help me?Let me tell you a little story A long time ago, a boy called ME went and bought an xbox for 200, he went and played on it and loved it, sadly the xbox started being very very difficult to play because it wouldent read discs well. He eventually decided to open it up and fix it himself, he did and it destroyed the xbox So he went and bought a PS3, and at first he loved it, the online was free and he could play the games hadent for so long. Then he realised that he had no microphone to talk online which was annoying because gaming is much more fun when you can talk to others online, also the graphics were good but slightly worse on the PS3, and the frame rate for some games was alot worse. The online itself was bad, nobody talked to each other and had fun. The End Well IMO, they both have their faults, but I muchly prefur the XBOX now I have played on the ps3, the ps3 gets me through the day, however it still annoys me with a bad online, though it is free. You should definately get an xbox if you have the money to pay for atleast 1 year of online $60 or 40, and you should really as an xbox is cheaper than a ps3 and you can use the money you save to get one. Only get a ps3 if you are gonna play lots of platformers and not go online that much, BUT TBH Xboxs overall just feel alot more fun to play, I dunno why, PS3 just always feels dull and boring sadly
Laptop Or Desktop Help for Gaming?
If you want to game, stay away from Macs. Yeah, desktops are not designed to be used with just one hand. Usually you have one hand on the keyboard and another on the mouse. Keep the mouse and keyboard side by side. You will actually find that a desktop will be easier to use once you get used to it. A mouse will prove to be easier to use and more accurate than a trackpad. Whenever I use my laptop, I always hook up a mouse.1. would this desktop be good for gaming?Yes, very good for gaming. Make sure you have plenty of cooling in there, the stock CPU cooler will struggle if you are gaming a lot, you do not have to spend much to get better cooling and you will notice a performance increase. Nice build!2. Persistent Desktop Icons?Ah i knew this was something i forgot about. How these things maintain inside the desktop is based upon whats located in the public desktop found inIt is a hidden folder so it would need to be enabled by the file explorer before this thing can be utilized3. Extracting data from a TWRP backupJust extract it with winrar to a folder on desktop and that's it4. Laptop or Desktop for Gaming?Either a desktop or a laptop will run those games with no problem these days. A desktop will be cheaper, but a laptop is portable. Yes, you can install all of those games on one computer. I would look for these minimum specs: Processor: Core 2 Duo or i3, i5 or i7 Memory: At least 3 GBs, but 4 is better Hard Drive: At least 250 GBs Graphics card: if you get a better graphics card than what they call "integrated" or "onboard", it will be fine.5. Duplicate MAC DESKTOP on TV?Get a cable cord adapter or view it on your computer. It would be better to find a cable or satellite program that has some of your country's TV channels. Because while this live stream may be available now, it's reliability is not long term. Eventually you will probably be trying to find another way to view the news. So it would be better for long term to get the channels on your TV through a cable or satellite program6. Anyone know a program I can download that I can log my appts on and it alerts me of events?Desktop iCalendar Lite is a free desktop calendar for windows. It allows you to manage your events, to-do list on desktop. It allows subscribing public Google Calendar, such as holidays, election or NBA. It is full customizable. A build in skin editor makes it easy to set the skin by your own taste. Desktop iCalendar is full compatible with iCalendar standard, and can work with the calendars created by Thunderbird Lightning, Sunbird. ------------------------------------- You could use the Yahoo calendar - it will send you an e-mail if you specify a reminder. It can also send an IM to Yahoo Messenger or to a mobile device email.7. is this desktop a good choice?you will be able to do everything you've listed except for gaming. for a gaming system look at spend $700-750 (intel core 2 duo or core 2 quad cpu, 4gigs of ram, geforce 9600gt or radeon 4850)8. Scaling the desktop - kdeIn my case, I have a 4K primary display and I use Vivaldi as my primary browser. I had installed a new version of KDE-Neon and my scaling was really bad, most text was super tiny. I fixed it by unticking Force Font DPI in my system settings. It may only apply to newer versions though9. desktop computer problems?have you removed any and all sd cards, usb drives, and the like? with no keyboard, mouse and monitor, how do you know if it is booting? Shut off and try a boot disk, or repair disk ,, also do not know what OS?10. screensaver for desktop on windows?For windows XP use the control panel11. Animated desktop backgoundIn Windows 7 dream scene was removed. however it looks like you can still install it if you search around google. Windows 7 does have a slide show feature that comes installed. Basically it will rotate wallpaper after a set time goes past.
Considering Building My Own Gaming Computer, Need Advice?
easy, watch youtube videos if your skeptical about building. i built my own but wo not the next time i get a computer. a brand name computer will trump any custom piece simply because of the tech support. when you build you own, you have to troubleshoot each component if something goes wrong. i highly doubt you would be saving money.1. Query for building a viewI will compliment in saying that formatting, capitalization, etc. are consistent. Nitpickingcte1 and cte2 are not very good names. Aliases should reflect what they actually represent. To me the gorilla in the room is that UNION is used 64 times to explicitly spell out every possible scenario instead of using logic. Let me illustrate.PS: Note I am using PL/pgSQL (a.k.a. PostgreSQL) so the syntax might need a few adjustments. I do not have access to an Oracle machine. As you can see, execution is fast, and you just now need to work in a few logical rules to add column and update values based on a set of conditions... for example:Hope this helps. this should be a permanent table, not a CTE, if this is getting called regularly. Also consider making a stored procedure/function. PPS: Some of my conditions at the end may be wrong... make sure you test2. What position does tech have in Wall Street?It may surprise you to learn that in most of the largest and most prestigious firms on Wall Street, the single largest division (as measured by headcount) is...Technology.Major Wall Street firms have enormous and complex technology needs, including sophisticated trading and risk management systems; automation that allows businesses to scale; and the critical infrastructure needed to run a globally interconnected business that has to move at the speed of markets.One of the ironies of technology is that, amid all the hand-wringing over how technology is going to eliminate the need for humans to do jobs in the future, it turns out that building and maintaining complex systems is a phenomenally human capital-intensive activity. This is why the technology divisions within major financial services firms are so large - much larger, in fact, than the investment banking division or the sales and trading units.The key tech leaders in major firms are among the most senior and influential executives in the entire organization. That's how important technology is in Wall Street firms. Here is an interesting example:Jonathan Jones's answer to Who are the unheard of leaders at Goldman Sachs? What are their contributions?3. Burning the Koran?? Building a mosque?You seem to have forgotten the hundred thousand Iraqis we killed in Bush's oil war4. Jumping From A Building !?there were 1 case in Malaysia where a boy (i forgot how old is he) survived a 12-storeys apartment fall, with just minor bruises! i do not believe luck has anything to do with it. have u seen a cat fall from a building before? facing the ground, bending its body to form an arc-like shape(presumably to create a parachutic effect), and transferring its momentum to the ground just right in time, after its legs touched the ground. it is plausible to survive such height, but please DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME OR ANYWHERE ELSE! i wo not hold any responsibility for telling u this!.5. Complete newbie at building computers?congratulations on getting all the parts. now is time for you to connect and plug in everthing. please make sure that the pc is not connected to any power source while assembling the pc. no need for thermal paste if you dont plan to overclock. no need for wristband, just assemble everything wearing boxers. avoid shaggy carpet and do everything on a wooden table preferably. happy building and welcome to the world of pcgrownups. (if all seems confusing, just refer to motherboard manual)6. Building a house in a dense forest?First of all, New York, Tokyo and London are all on islands, so they can not sprawl like LA; and SF, Chicago and HK are sprawling, but just in a different way. What is ridiculous is how you can not find a house in LA proper that's either under $600K or not in a gang infested area. Once you deal with those problems, people would love to live closer. No one likes to commute for hours on a daily basis
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