Are There Any External Video Cards That Work with a Laptop's Own Screen?

Are there any external video cards that work with a laptop's own screen?

do you desire to observe broadcast HDTV on your computer, or are you wanting to observe archived HDTV shows streaming from a internet site like NetFlix? to apply NetFlix, you do no longer want any particular kit yet you do would desire to have a robust broadband connection that would flow HD content. in case you easily desire to get carry of broadcast television on your laptop from an over the air broadcast making use of an antenna, you will evaluate a product akin to the TBS 5980 USB television field for computer. this would be an hassle-free USB interface that helps you to apply your laptop as a television. it could help pay television watching.

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What are some good video cards that are round 100$?

for me i bought the gt 240 1 gb cost me 60$ i can play everything crysis2 and 1 on high

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What kind of video cards would be compatible on a laptop?

Do research on your motherboard and see what it can handle. See what type of motherboard you have and just type it in on google and you will most likely find a site that has specs on it

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Does Skyrim take advantage of 2GB video cards?

I think if you are getting 60 fps, its good. I have read that skyrim gets buggy above 60 fps, mostly physics, giving rise to spinning stuffs n unrealistic physics on certain objects (no personal experiences on this one). I have a 2gb vram and 8gb ram too. And the textures are usually loaded in ram. There is mod called Enbboost in nexus which can give better frame rates, it reduces ram usage. I have seen people arguing about it but my personal experience was good. And if you are finding physics problems you can try capping your fps at 60. And there is also a mod to see ram and vram usage inside skyrim - skyrim performance monitor.Also if you are not playing in a 1080p monitor, I do not think 2k textures will give any better visual quality

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What OpenCL video cards (or FPGAs) are best for multiplication?

The simple answer is to compare the results of 2 sites for an answer. Both are coin mining hardware comparison pages, one for script, the other is for sha256. Unfortunately, there is little information for the older Nvidia cards on the scrypt mining. they also include a few other CPUs and Arm processors as well as FPGAs. With FPGA multiplication and parallel addition, the more core segments, the more likely it can do it and do it fast with out having to buffer a sum then use the sum as input back in to the equation. Spartan 6 FPGAs are a good example of fast units, and depending which one, possibly able to do multiplication as a low level logic function rather than use a math processor due to the logic cells available. As far as GPU features go, the newer, faster and the more shader cores ( or equivalent ) the better at math the card will be

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what are 2 video cards for and do i need 2?

Unless you use multiple monitors, or play games on extremely high resolutions, one high end single card will be plenty OR, if you have a single card that is starting to get a bit dated, and you buy another to crossfire or SLI instead of spending more money on a high end single card

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There are so many small-name brands of video cards; which brands make good cards and which should be avoided?

There are plenty of good brands and plenty of bad brands. For Nvidia cards good brands include but are not limited to: BFG Tech, eVGA, Leadtek, Gigabyte, MSI, XFX I do not have as much experience with ATI cards but to my knowledge the brands that you mentioned, HIS, Powercolor, and Sapphire, ARE good brands for ATI cards. ATI also brands cards itself which are considered to be high quality. Some brands to avoid would be: Chaintech, Rosewill, Jetway, Biostar, and ESPECIALLY PNY they are a horribly dishonest company and do not honor warranties. As the poster above me mentioned, Their prices are far better than anything you will see at a retail store.

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