Are There Some Children Who Donu2019t Understand What Is Right and Wrong and Should They Be Punished

Are there some children who donu2019t understand what is right and wrong and should they be punished?

Are There Some Children Who Donu2019t Understand What Is Right and Wrong and Should They Be Punished 1

Yep, I was one of those children once, but I was punished, and I did not like it so I eventually stopped doing these naughty things

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I was about to give my niece some children's tylenol and this is what I read?

I know. Children are taking over the construction industry

Are There Some Children Who Donu2019t Understand What Is Right and Wrong and Should They Be Punished 2

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Why do some children of incapacitated parents grow up feeling neglected and angry, while others become more stoic and self-sufficient?

It is tempting to look for simplistic, neat little answers to big life questions, but it comes down to the simple fact that we are all unique individuals. We have agency, and our choices and personal biases have an amazingly important impact on how we turn out. We can do studies about what is statistically important as far as family life, poverty levels, genetics, thought patterns, etc. All of these things have an effect on us and a good therapist can show you how to use many tools that are statistically useful, but at the end of the day we are all unique individuals. If you think about it, you could also ask the same question the other way around, why do some well adjusted, attentive, sucessful parents have children who are sucessful and well adjusted, and other children with the same situation end up entitled and completely out of control. It is a testament that we are all affected by situations and events in our lives, and we all need to learn to cope the best we can. It would be useful to stop both the judging and the excusing the behaviors of ourselves and others where we do not fully understand

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Why do some children believe that they are the only one who has their name?

Maybe because it's true! My name is Pascal, and although everyone knows this name, I have never met anyone else in my age range who has the same name. It feels good to be unique :-)

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are some children afraid of god?

Yes, god is the worst of all bed time story monsters

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Do parents ever have some children that, no matter how well they raise them, they still turn out to be spawns?

Yep, know several families that have had this situation and in no way were the parents at fault for the hellion they bore. The rest of their children were fine citizens. Kids are born with personalities. Some simply do not want to follow the rules or want what they think is the 'easy way.' Still others are just plain antisocial and think nothing of hurting others. Surprisingly, if they do not get addicted to drugs, many of these hellions actually do well in life, but are still nasty people with a mask on. For the person above who claims that children are the product of their parents, how do you explain really great kids who come from terrible parents? You are living in a fantasy world, I think.

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What are some children's snacks beginning with the letter R?

Raspberry frozen yogurt - buy about a gallon. Rice crispy treats - make about two pans. Rolo's - buy 10 rolls ($0.68?), 1 for every 2 kids. Raisins - these tend to not be too popular. Rice cakes - the caramel flavor is good. All I can think of. EDIT. lol, I for some reason put jelly beans down at first. :)

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vaccinations are said not to cause autism in children- but maybe some children are at a higher risk?

the 4 doctors that did the study condemning shots ..retracted the autism theory ...look it up

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11 year old girl still playing with toys? Help?

She will grow up when she is ready. Some children prefer to keep playing with their stuffed animals. If it gives them enjoyment and fun, it is fine. Besides, given that she is playing doctor with them, feeding them etc. it also helps develop her parenting skills, if she decides to become a parent in later life. There is no need to worry about it. In fact, I would actually be concerned about 'normal' children her age given that fashion is a both wasteful and demoralizing pastime (due to having to buy clothes, spend time pondering which of the many clothes you bought you should actually use, and then still not succeeding to dress 'better' than your peers.)

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