Are VR Glasses and Vr Virtual Reality Technology Suitable for Children? Which Is More Harmful Than a

Some people say that VR helmets can make you dizzy? vomit? Uncomfortable

So, is this VR head display device suitable for children to try?

The day before yesterday, HTC vive's PR pushed a press release with a long title, which was the official release of the first experimental summary report on the impact of long-term use of VR head mounted display equipment on the vision of low-age users, so as to lay a foundation for the application and popularization of VR technology in the future.

About this experiment, the article introduces that "Beijing future image advanced innovation center, together with Beijing University of technology and other units, recruited 50 primary school students aged 9-12 from VR campus popularization experience activities as experimental participants to explore the impact of long-term use of VR head mounted display devices on the vision of low-age users."

The article has two important conclusions:

1. Experiments show that the use of VR head mounted display devices by low-age users has a similar impact on vision as the use of tablet devices. In some specific cases, the use of VR even has a more positive impact.

2. Researchers believe that if the virtual image distance is reasonably designed and has the same or higher level of high-performance VR equipment as vive, it can play a better role in correcting vision, and is likely to become an important means of correcting vision in the future.

At the end of the report, the researchers believe that HTC vive can be used by children over 10 years old when the equipment is worn correctly and the content is selected appropriately.

So the question is, is this report objective?

Is the negative impact of VR on the eyes really smaller than that of tablets and mobile phones?

Take myopia for example. Staring at a nearby object for too long may cause myopia (a controversial but widely accepted view). Isn't VR just staring at the screen very close? You might think so, but that's not the case.

Although the VR screen is very close to the eyes, the lens design of VR will actually distort the light, so that the virtual picture is projected not in front of you, but at a certain distance, or even infinity. We need to know that our eyes are not focused on the screen, but on the virtual screen with a certain distance. So myopia is not a problem.

Let's look at smart phones. Many people hold their phones close to their eyes and play for a long time. VR head display does not have this problem.

Therefore, on the one hand, from my humble point of view, I don't think VR head display brings more harm to human eyes than smart phones for four reasons:

1) Low overall brightness;

2) People usually don't stare at a place in VR. In contrast, playing smart phones will be easy;

3) The human eye actually focuses on the virtual image with a certain distance;

4) VR content is usually not long.

On the other hand, I also look forward to the study of blue light damage and lens distortion side effects. However, at present, their impact is not significant and is not permanent. It is not so easy to improve through screen or lens design.

So, is VR suitable for children?

Even though the negative impact of VR head display on human eyes may not be as great as that of mobile phones, the real long-term impact has not been confirmed after all. We should be cautious for children.

The experimental report believes that HTC vive can be safely used by children over the age of 10. How reasonable is this?

Let's take a look at the suggestions of the three head displays on age. According to the report of digital trends, their age restrictions are:

The recommended age for oculus rift and Samsung gear VR head displays is 13 ;

Sony Playstation VR is not recommended for people under the age of 12;

Although HTC vive does not give specific age restrictions, it also puts forward warnings for children to use vive. (Lei Feng has asked vive officials about relevant policies, but has not replied so far)

The above figure shows the part about children in oculus's official health and safety warning document. It says that this product should not be used by children under the age of 13. For users over 13 years old, it is necessary to avoid long-term use, because it may affect hand eye coordination, balance and multitasking ability. Once the above symptoms occur, parents should closely monitor the users, limit the time they use the product, and ensure that interval breaks are added during their use.

It should be noted that oculus did not mention the negative impact on the eyes, but many other symptoms that may be caused by VR experience. Naturally, these factors should be taken into account for the safety of children.

At the same time, it should also be pointed out that this policy is not based on the fact that VR has been proved to be harmful to children, but more a cautious decision. After all, as a new thing, we still don't know the long-term impact of VR on people.

In addition, the three head displays give such guidance, partly because the head display design is not specially optimized for children, and the weight, volume and pupil distance adjustment may not be suitable for children.

There are also doubts about the age limit given by the head display manufacturer. According to the inverse report, David schwebel, a psychologist from Alabama State University, said, "I don't think age restriction is necessary. Children of different ages like all kinds of fictional content, including movies and books." but he also gave two reservations. One is that the content should be graded according to age, just as movies and games are doing; Second, the psychological impact of long-term use of VR is still unknown.

Another expert, Martin banks, Professor of experimental optics, visual science, psychology and brain science at the University of California, Berkeley, told digital trends, "so far, I have not seen conclusive evidence that children of a certain age wearing VR head displays will have a negative impact. My judgment is that they (manufacturers) It may be that children are still in the stage of growth and development, and their development slows down when they enter adulthood. Therefore, it is better to be conservative and cautious when children are still in the stage of rapid growth, so we decided to advise people not to let children use it. "

In addition to seeing their views, we also need to know that these two experts are not the stakeholders of the manufacturer. U.S. policy stipulates that any content that receives sponsorship needs to be clearly marked.

Finally, vertigo symptoms have been determined to affect some people regardless of age, so if you feel dizzy, adults and children had better not play.

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