Australia Builds Solar Power Plants and Battery Energy Storage Equipment, the Total Power Generation

It is understood that Vena Energy Australia has been committed to developing the Wandoan South project in Queensland for many years. After the project is completed, it will become one of Australia's largest solar power plants and battery energy storage facilities.

The total power generation capacity of the Nanwangdorn project will reach 1000 MW, and the energy storage capacity will reach 450 MW. The project will be developed in several stages. Once completed, its power generation can meet the annual electricity demand of 400,000 households. So far, the Nanwangdorn project has achieved an important milestone. The project will build a battery energy storage system (BESS) worth 120 million U.S. dollars, and formally signed an agreement with the Australian AGL company in late January this year. Power purchase agreement. The agreement lasts for 15 years. Vena Energy will build, own and maintain the battery energy storage system, and AGL will have all the right to dispatch the battery charging and discharging. The construction of the first phase of the project is expected to be completed in the second half of 2021.

The battery energy storage system to be built will have a capacity of 100 MW and an energy storage capacity of 150 MWh. This alone will be enough to provide electricity for 57,000 households. In addition, the Hornsdale energy storage project in South Australia increased from 100 MW/129 MWh to 150 MW/194 MWh in the first half of this year.

This is Vena Energy’s first battery energy storage project without government assistance. It is not only a milestone for the company, but also an important symbol of the continued modernization of energy supply in Queensland. At the same time, a positive investment environment can be formed, which is conducive to the wider adoption of renewable energy in the region.

It is understood that Vena Energy has promoted more than 2500 MW of renewable energy projects across Australia and launched a 95 MW solar project in Tailem Bend, South Australia last year.

The company's CEO said that compared with the first phase of Tailem Bend completed in 2019, the second phase is currently under development. The project is expected to have a power generation capacity of 87 MW. After completion, it will provide an annual electricity demand equivalent to 37,000 households. The second phase of the Tailem Bend project includes the provision of battery energy storage and the connection of substations through the ElectraNet transmission grid to the national electricity market.

Apter believes that the energy industry is in a period of transition. The right energy mix must balance energy equity and environmental sustainability. In the next few years, energy transformation must be supported by a certain degree of enhanced power generation (such as natural gas) and energy storage (such as batteries and pumped storage).

Redman, CEO of AGL, also said that it will support this transition through a renewable energy project in Queensland. The company's 1.9 billion US dollars of energy supply projects have been completed or under construction, and another 2 billion US dollars of energy supply projects are under construction. For example, in cooperation with the New South Wales government's new energy project, the project plans to build a 50 MW battery in Broadbeach, and plans to build a gas-fired power station in Newcastle.

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