AWS Will Launch a Preview of Cloud Computing Instance Series Soon

AWS will soon launch a series of preview cloud computing examples, so that enterprises can train artificial intelligence (AI) models on AWS cloud, and its cost performance is 40% higher than that of graphics card.

It is expected that this example series will be available in the first half of 2021. AWS recently announced the news at its Re: invent online event. AWS also announced the launch of computing products for other use cases, such as running databases and rendering video content.

The AI examples planned by AWS are based on Gaudi chips of Intel, which are specially optimized for training neural networks. Intel has spent $20 billion to acquire semiconductor start-up Habana labs Ltd into its product line. AWS's instance series can provide up to eight Gaudi instances. According to the blog post released by Habana executive Eitan Medina, this can provide enough computing power to train the artificial intelligence model at the speed of 12000 photos per second, which is equivalent to the training speed achieved when using the industry standard resnet-50 model.

AWS, a cloud giant, will launch the Gaudi instance at an appropriate time. AI models are becoming more and more complex, partly because enterprise machine learning initiatives are becoming mature, and partly because the research being done by companies such as openai makes large-scale neural network architecture feasible. With the increasing complexity of neural networks, the demand for computing power required to train neural networks is also increasing, which also promotes the demand for more effective training of neural network architecture.

This news is also a big victory for Intel. In recent quarters, chip manufacturer Intel has expanded the core focus of its CPU to other fields, including AI chip market leader AWS, which adopts Intel's Gaudi chips. It is expected that these chips are also cost-effective. These facts are sending a strong signal to other potential customers.

AWS, a cloud giant, uses Gaudi to promote a broader strategy to expand the number of chip options available in its cloud. AWS also announced the development of training's own AI training processor on Re: invent.

AWS said that training will provide "the best cost performance of cloud training machine learning model". AWS, a subsidiary of Amazon, did not give much technical details of the training chip. However, AWS revealed that training is suitable for training various models, including neural networks for image classification, translation, speech recognition, natural language processing and product recommendation.

AWS Will Launch a Preview of Cloud Computing Instance Series Soon 1

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