Best Budget Washing Machines in India

This Bosch top loading washing machine supports fully-automatic operation and has a capacity of 6.5kg. It promises great wash quality thanks to the motor which is rated at 680 rotations per minute. It comes with 8 distinct wash programmes along with 8 water levels for different washes. This washing machine from Bosch is for those who want a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Do you take off your ring before washing your hands?

No, but I slide them around while I wash my hands so that I can wash under the rings. I do not take them off because I do not want to lose them down the drain. Washing does not ruin rings but lotions make them dull.

American Apparel washing Problem :[?

black lint? see youre supposed to do SEPARATE loads of lights and darks when youre doing laundry. sorryyyy dudeee

To exfoliate while washing body or not?

It's definitely better to use a sponge or loofah. It allows the soap to deeply penetrate the skin for a deeper and cleaner feeling

What is the best detergent for hand washing?

Woolite is a good product

Machine-washing bras? Ladies, some help?...?

I have always machine washed my bras, all made out of the stuff you list. I do not put them in the dryer because heat breaks down the spandex. So far so good. If you have a concern do the delicate cycle. The new front-loading washers are unbelievably better for all your clothes, and especially things that need a little gentler treatment.

If you use the stall in public men's restroom, is it okay to zip up pants, fasten belt before washing hands?

I wash my hands before and after I go

I Need help washing my clothes....?

If I was wash whites. I would use hot water Regular bleach 1/2 cup when water full without clothes wait 5 minutes than add them. That directions according to the Clorox bottle. as far what laundry detergent what I would use I think there all the same. The cheap brands and expensive ones. just wash your socks,boxers together. Use gentle cycle. The wash machine likes to creates holes on right where your toes are suppose to go if you have it on normal or fast cycle. If you can let them soak for 10 minutes in bleach water When add fabric softener wait for final rinse cycle aka 2nd rinse cycle wait until full of water than use the cap to pour fabric softener in and add to water mix it. I use Downy Clean Breeze Use low heat when drying for 30 half hour. --------------------------------------------------- The only detergent I seem like for is Seventh Generation if you get the sock and pour a little bit on the dirt and pour some water on the sock rub it together looks close to new sock. Other than that I use different brands of laundry detergents depends on what on sale. -I have use Foca Cheer Sun Lavander Vanilla

Kenmore washing machine that won't agitate or spin...?

Either the electronic relay is burned out or the belt has slipped off the grooves or broken. You can get an exploded view of the machine at the Kenmore website to see how and where to look in order to fix it

My washing machine gets stuck at the rinse cycle. do i have to buy a new one or is this easily fixed?

If the hose cleaning does not cure the problem then you could replace the timer motor on the selector switch. It could be getting weak. Unplug the machine, remove the cover behind the switches, remove the motor like a jar lid and replace it

Help w/ washing white blanket I got after

I would bleach the crap out of it. I would also use the Clorox Bleach Pen on the worst spots. But, then, I like to live on the edge when it comes to laundry. ...I also wash Dry Clean Only.

Bought front-load washing machine, which detergent do I use?

There are many brands of soap powders and liquids available for front load machines. They must be low sudsing though. I do not know where you live but I do believe that the amway soap powder is suitable. I do not know the name of it though

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