Best Quality Wool Rugs for Clothes

You finally purchased a new outdoor dining table and a stylish deep-seating set to adorn your home's deck. Your deck will be a hub where you and your loved ones will make memories that last a lifetime. Take your outdoor décor to the next level by adding greenery and cozy accessories like an outdoor rug. An area rug on your deck will transform this space into an outdoor haven.

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Tips for Area Rug Cleaning in Los Angeles | Commercial & Residential Area Rug Cleaning Service in Los Angeles, Simi Valley, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks and Southern California

Spot cleaning of area rugs helps reduce stains, but a professional will clean it more thoroughly. A clean area rug is a stylish and popular accessory in many households. It beautifies the home and makes it cozy and inviting. Area rugs, however, are exposed to tremendous wear and tear on a daily basis. They trap dust, dirt, mud, odors and oils due to heavy foot traffic, pet accidents, smoking and spills. A proper area rug cleaning and maintenance routine will prolong the life of your rug, and prevent it from wearing out prematurely. Some homeowners prefer DIY methods and spot clean their area rugs at home with store-bought carpet shampoos and detergents. Unfortunately, these harsh cleaners are designed for wall-to-wall carpeting with synthetic fibers. These carpet shampoos are not designed for natural fiber rugs. Area rugs have rich dyes that may easily bleed and discolor not only the rug itself, but also the floor underneath. Some of this damage may be irreversible. In the event of a spill and stain, blot all excess liquid with a cloth or paper towel. Loosen the stain with a little club soda, if necessary. One advantage to hiring a company that specializes in cleaning Oriental rugs, for instance, is that most will pick up your rug and reinstall it. Carpet cleaners are often mistaken for area rug cleaners. However, the process of carpet cleaning is completely different than the one for area rug cleaning. Carpet cleaners come to your home and steam clean your area rug right then and there. They add abrasive carpet cleaners to wash your area rug then extract the water, often leaving detergent residue that accumulates in the rug and makes natural fibers clump and stick to each other. Moreover, a heavy area rug may remain damp for at least 24 to 48 hours, enough time to start breeding bacteria and mold. The surface below an area rug can be damaged in the process, not only due to possible discoloration from bleeding dyes, but also from the dampness and humidity of a wet rug. Steam cleaning is standard for synthetic wall-to-wall carpeting, but it's not appropriate and is often damaging to delicate, handmade and natural fiber rugs, such as wool and silk. Professional area rug cleaners come to your home to inspect your rug. They analyze the fibers, dyes, origin and condition of the rug to determine the appropriate cleaning solution. They take the time to answer questions and give an estimate for the proposed work. Once you are satisfied with the best approach, your rug is taken to a dedicated facility where the rug is analyzed again in even greater detail. It is dusted using a gentle compressed air technique that removes dirt and small particles. Your rug is then hand cleaned and gently rinsed to avoid color runs. Just like the washing process is particular to your type of area rug, so is the drying method. Some rugs are hung to dry naturally, with gravity pulling the water out, while others are dried flat and some are dried using a fresh air breeze. During the rug-drying process, trained technicians comb, brush or fluff the pile to bring out the natural beauty of your rug. No harsh chemicals or rough machines are ever used to wash or dry your area rugs. Why You Should not Clean Area Rugs Like Carpets If your home features both area rugs, such as Persian or Oriental rugs, and regular carpet as floor coverings, you should never clean your area rugs like you would your carpet. Here's why: The wall-to-wall carpet in your home is typically manufactured on a machine that uses synthetic material to produce 15 feet of carpet per minute. The carpet's primary components are a face fiber held in place with latex adhesive and a plastic backing material. Most household wall-to-wall carpets lend themselves to steam cleaning from a carpet cleaning company because it's the simplest and fastest way to clean them and make sure they dry quickly. Especially when dealing with carpets made from nylon, polyester or other plastic-based fibers, using a steam cleaner is more than adequate. Most area rugs, particularly hand-knotted rugs, are made entirely made by hand from all-natural materials. It can take as little as a month to make or up to two years or longer to produce a single handmade rug such as a Persian or Oriental rug. The majority of area rugs or Oriental rugs are made with wool, a highly complex animal fiber. If you looked at it under a microscope, you can see that wool fibers have scales and hundreds of small crevices that can trap soil. Handmade area rugs are also made entirely of fiber rather than fiber held in place with a backing like carpet. This means that to get a rug 100-percent clean, it must be cleaned all the way through, not just on the surface, which is how steam cleaning carpet is performed. Area rugs can also be made of many other natural fibers such as silk, cotton, jute or others, which means cleaning an area rug is a custom job every time. Proper rug cleaning cannot be performed by simply running a steam cleaner over the front and back. At best, that type of cleaning would be cosmetic and only temporary; at worst, it could cause irreversible damage. Your area rugs are a one-of-a-kind investment, so do not trust their cleaning and care to just anyone. Do your homework and look for a cleaner with the education, experience and expertise to care for your rugs safely and effectively. Two organizations that provide training certifications are the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC, and Master Rug Cleaner. Both organizations' websites list those individuals who have completed their training programs. From Oriental or Persian rugs to machine-made rugs, a carpet cleaning expert explains how to clean your rug without causing damage. A lot of time goes into making hand-knotted rugs, including Persian or Oriental rugs. Picture a loom with threaded warp yarns from top to bottom. Tufts of wool are then tied around these warp yarns from side to side to create the knot. Once a row has been completed, a weft yarn will be threaded through the warp yarn to tighten the knots and start to build the foundation of the rug. As more and more rows are completed, the rug slowly but surely is becoming the handmade work of art that it truly is. Small rugs (two to four feet wide) usually can be made by one person in two to three months' time. However, some of the larger area rugs (12 to 14 feet wide) can take a team of three weavers sitting side-by-side anywhere from six months to a year to complete. The oldest surviving rug is called the "Pazyryk carpet," and it dates back about 2,500 years. However, there is evidence that the art of rug making might be much older than that. China, India, Iran (formerly Persia) and Pakistan are currently the biggest producers of hand-knotted rugs. Rugs knotted by hand tend to be extremely durable - so much so that they can last for generations. And when something is on the floor for that long, it can get really dirty. In fact, a recent study reports that a 9-by-12-foot Oriental rug can hold up to 87 pounds of dry soil without even looking dirty. This is why proper care and cleaning is critical to the longevity of such area rugs. Hand-tufted rugs, on the other hand, are created by pushing wool into a primary fabric, either by hand or with the use of a tufting gun Once the pushing of the wool is completed, the back of the rug is glued in order to secure the tufts in place. To give the rug a more finished look, the back is then covered up with a jute or cotton cloth. The result can be very hard to tell apart from a hand-knotted rug unless you know what to look for. The telltale sign is the back of the rug. The biggest producers of tufted rugs are China and India. Both type of rugs (hand knotted and hand tufted) are technically handmade. However, there is a big difference in how these rugs perform over the long term. A hand-knotted rug with its solid foundation can stand up to years and years of use, but a hand- (or gun-) tufted rug wo not . Under high-traffic conditions, the glue that holds this type of rug together will start breaking down. Machine-made rugs, as the name implies, are made with the use of machines. However, there is a vast difference between a machine woven wool rug, and a manufactured olefin rug Machine-woven rugs, such as American-made Karastan rugs, are of high quality and hard to distinguish from a hand-knotted rug. In lower quality machine-made rugs, threads are glued or looped onto a synthetic backing that cools as it hardens. Most often, these machine-made rugs are created with acrylics and other chemically-processed materials. The proper method of cleaning for a rug differs from carpet cleaning methods and is largely dictated by how a rug is made. Hand-knotted rugs can be thoroughly dusted and washed to restore them back to "like-new" condition. Even pet accidents and odor issues can almost always successfully be dealt with. However, tufted rugs, because of their construction, provide some unique cleaning challenges. Because of the vast differences in materials used, construction, after-market treatments, pre-existing conditions and the effects of cleaning on the texture of the face yarns, it's important to work with a carpet cleaning professional experienced in rug identification in order to avoid costly mistakes. A seasoned carpet cleaning professional will be able to identify a hand-knotted from a machine-made rug, wool from cotton and the myriad of potential cleaning problems each presents and advise you on best practices for the cleaning and repair of fine textiles. For many homeowners, owning an oriental rug can be a rewarding experience, but there are some mistakes to avoid. Working with fine, hand-crafted rugs is a rewarding experience, but there are some mistakes that customers frequently make, so we would love to share a few of them to ensure that you are getting the most out of owning one of these handmade pieces. 1. Not getting a finely made rug cleaned every two to four years One of the most frequent problems that we run into, as a rug cleaning and repair service, is that a customer will every so often assume that they can either clean their hand woven rugs by themselves, or just surface clean it with a vacuum cleaner. While surface care for a fine rug is important, a customer who does not give their high-quality rugs a high-quality deep cleaning job is allowing the beauty and charm of her or his rug to diminish below a layer of stains and dust. A professional deep cleaning service is key to keeping a handmade rug's design looking just as vibrant as the day it was woven. Processes such as odor-lifting soaks just can not be replicated at home and are important for removal of such common blemishes as pet stains and food or liquid spills. 2. Not knowing the history of their rug Is the rug in your living room an Indo-Persian, or is it a Sino-Persian? What type is it? Kashan? Tabriz? Kazak? If you can not answer these questions, you are missing out on the best part of owning a hand woven rug. When you buy an imported rug, you do not just buy a floor covering, you buy a piece of history. Every rug design has a story behind it, and they are all worth telling. Outside of pure entertainment and educational value, the information about your rug has financial implications. The antique rug in your living room may be worth thousands more than you think it does; it's all about where, how and when your rug was made. Fortunately, it is not difficult to learn more about your rug. Next time you go to get your rug cleaned or repaired, make sure to ask your cleaner or repairman about the history behind your rug. It's no trouble for him or her to answer your questions, because it's quite common for customers to do so. In fact, learning more about their rugs is one of the most common things for our customers to enjoy and take away from their experience with us. Do not be afraid to ask your cleaning service about your rug! One highly rated provider explains rug cleaning tips that can help keep your rug clean and bright in between regular professional cleanings. A truly clean area rug has a brightness to it. That brightness is dulled over the years as dust settles from the top of a rug's pile deep into its foundation, which is typically made of cotton. The process of soiling happens so gradually that many people do not even notice it. This process is inevitable - not even regular vacuum cleaning can stop dust from working its way down little by little over time. However, there are cleaning techniques that can keep your rug looking its best for years. Deep cleaning a rug is a two-part process: dusting and then washing. Dusting is the process of inverting a rug and then vibrating the back of it so that dry soil is loosened. Once all the dry dirt falls out of the rug, a wet process of cleaning can begin. If soap and water are put onto a dusty rug before the dusting, a kind of sludge is created that sticks to the rug's fibers and foundation. When the rug dries, it will lack the brightness of a rug that was properly dusted prior to washing. Dry dirt is also gritty in texture and acts like sandpaper on your rug's foundation. A rug with dry rot is usually a rug with a very dirty foundation. Between thorough professional cleanings, which should take place every one to five years, depending on the amount of foot traffic that your rugs get, we recommend the following for home care: A small rug can be taken outside and shaken or gently beat on the back to knock out the dry dirt. This process is much kinder to the rug than cleaning with the rotating brush head found on most vacuums today. The "beater bar" on older model vacuum cleaners is even worse for your rugs as aggressive vacuum cleaning in general breaks down rug fibers, increasing shedding and the appearance of wear. Once dust has fallen out of the rug, then the rug can be swept with a natural bristle broom or tidied up with the bare floor attachment of the vacuum. Using a broom on a wool rug has the added benefit of lightly agitating the yarn pile, bringing up the lanolin in the wool. Lanolin is what makes wool soft and shiny and even provides some natural stain resistance. Larger rugs can be swept with a broom to loosen dry dirt and pet hair. Use the broom to brush all of the soil onto the floor and then vacuum the floor around the rug with the bare floor attachment. If you prefer vacuum cleaning your rugs rather than sweeping them with a broom, then just use the bare floor attachment for the gentlest cleaning. Sweeping is also very good for cleaning and smoothing the fringe of an Oriental rug as there are no worries about a broom sucking up and breaking the delicate cotton fibers. If you feel that you must use your vacuum for this task due to the presence of pet hair, start at the center of the rug and vacuum out to the edges, never back and forth. This center-out technique will prevent the fringe from being sucked up into the vacuum cleaner.

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How to Clean an Oriental Rug
How to Clean an Oriental Rug
Due to the various characteristics in rugs, precise identification and adjustment of technique is crucial to the proper care of fine rugs. Only a professional should be responsible for these important decisions. DO NOT use standard carpet cleaning companies for your Oriental rugs (i.e. Persian rugs, Indian rugs, Chinese rugs, or any wool Oriental rugs). Commercial cleaners use steam and abrasive chemicals that would destroy the wool, lanolin, and color in your rug. At Atlas Rugs Gallery we pride ourselves in providing a professional cleaning service for our valued clients. Such professional cleaning at Atlas Rug Gallery will bring out the softness of the wool and the richness of color.Step 1: Free Home Pick Up and Rug Pre-Inspection in Select CitiesYou can relax knowing that your Oriental rug is in our professional and capable hands for cleaning. Atlas Rug Gallery will determine the type of rug and the inherent qualities that may affect the rug cleaning process and will outline our expected results and create a cleaning "prescription". We will investigate and will clean the following damages:• Pet odors and waste, such as pet urine, feces, and vomit• Spots and stains such as coffee, tea, orange juice, soda, etcAurora, Boyd, Cleburne, Glen Rose, Granbury, Joshua, Mineral Wells, Newark, Paradise, and Pelican Bay If you live in one of these cities, we can still clean your rug; however, we cannot include free pick-up and delivery due to distance.Hand-knotted rugs are designed to conceal dry dirt. An average 9′ x 12′ rug can hide over 10 pounds of dirt! We will use a special vacuum and various techniques to lift the dry dirt out of your rug - a vital step in the cleaning process.Depending on the soiling type and fiber content, your rug will be pre-treated with an organic solution to emulsify the accumulation of soils throughout the years.Our rug cleaning specialist will locate any difficult spots and will pre-treat your rug with special organic solutions to increase chances of removal. The fringe is also pre-treated with a special organic formula for maximum soil removal.Most Oriental rugs are cleaned with an organic Oriental rug shampoo that is especially engineered to get maximum cleaning while protecting sensitive natural fibers.Depending on your type of rug, your entire rug will be rinsed with extraction equipment or washed in a wash pit designed especially for Oriental Rugs. We will introduce fresh, clean water to rinse away the particles of dirt and other contaminates.Once we rinse away the soil, your rug is either hung or laid flat to dry in a controlled environment. Your rug specialist will determine the proper method of drying to avoid unnatural shrinkage.When the rug is dry, we will vacuum your rug one last time to pick up any dry soils which may have come loose during the wet wash.We will comb and brush your rug with special rug grooming tools to bring back its luxurious appearance.Atlas Rug Gallery's cleaning specialist will give your rug a final inspection before releasing it for delivery. At this time, we will contact you to schedule a courteous delivery. We will move all necessary furniture to lay your rug down properly. As an optional service, we will provide a non-skid pad to protect your floor and protect the longevity of your piece of art. The following cities are serviced for area rug cleaning, rug repair, and rug restoration: Aurora, Azle, Aledo, Alvarado, Annetta, Arlington, Bedford, Benbrook, Blue Mound, Boyd, Burleson, Cleburne, Colleyville, Cresson, Crowley, Dalworthington Gardens, Denton, Edgecliff Village, Euless, Everman, Flower Mound, Forest Hill, Fort Worth, Glen Rose, Granbury, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Haltom City, Haslet, Hudson Oaks, Hurst, Joshua, Keller, Kennedale, Lake Worth, Lakeside, Mansfield, Mineral Wells, Newark, North Richland Hills, Pantego, Paradise, Pelican Bay, Rendon, Richland Hills, River Oaks, Saginaw, Sansom Park, Southlake, Trophy Club, Watauga, Weatherford, Westlake, Westover Hills, Westworth Village, White Settlement, Willow ParkI am looking for a cleaning solution for rug cleaning machines that I can make at home.?www.home remedies .com I use lemon smell ammonia on all my rugs and resolve on hard to remove spotsCan a person reverse their rugged looks?Okay I am assuming your friend is really dark and is more prone to dryness or he's very pale but does not give a damn about his skin. Anyway.................he should not TOTALLY reverse his ruggedness, I mean a little is good. You do not want him to look toooo girly. But I will say this. Cocoa butter goes a long way. He can get palmers, He can get a body butter, or he can get a cocoa butter based lotion. Another alternative would be Jergens lotion(any brand). Oh and tell your buddy that washing his face would not be such a bad idea either. I love neutrogena products(espeically the invigorating scrub and the pink grapefruit acne wash).
Why Did Milhous Nixon Start That Failure of a War Called the War on Drugs?
Why Did Milhous Nixon Start That Failure of a War Called the War on Drugs?
Why did Milhous Nixon start that failure of a war called the War On Drugs?Because he knew that it would end up putting millions of young Black folk's into prison so that they could not vote— — — — — —Did Richard Nixon have any redeeming qualities at all?He was certainly not a nice person, but utterly efficient and effective— — — — — —Will President Bush finally be stopped by his own party like Nixon was?it particularly is totally stressful to declare. the rationalization being is that interior the Seventies there grow to be no Nixon possessing "The Internets". If united statesa. grow to be given the internet interior the 70s, i am confident there may be equivalent flaws got here upon between Nixon & Bush. Bush & Cheney's corruption is hard, because of the fact it is so out interior the open. If we see what they do in public view, think of what they have happening in deepest— — — — — —If Nixon had chosen a black running mate in 1960, would the black vote have gone Republican?Probably so. Im not black but if I was I would have. It was a time that the black population was receiving serious injustice. There is still injustice all around no doubt, but nothing like the 50's-60's— — — — — —Cynthia Nixon On Being Gay: 'For Me It's A Choice?She says shes gay and that it is a choice,now all the liars that say it is not a choice will try to deny her freedom of speech and threaten her— — — — — —If Trump is eventually indicted, will he be viewed in history as a worse president than Nixon?We do not have to wait for him to be indicted to answer this question. We do not even have to wait two tears or six years to complete his term.To this day I consider Nixon as my favorite president as he ended the war in Vietnam, eliminated conscription and created an all-volunteer military, he signed the bill to allow Title IX into law which stated that if your school receives federal funds it must allow equal gender participation in all programs, to name just a few. All this and more while having a Democratic Congress.Nixon is not considered the worst president by historians just someone who tried to subvert the law.History textbooks are not written by CNN nor FOX because there are no ratings nor money to be made. Textbooks are written by historians who are dedicated to their craft and hardly receive any recognition.President James Buchanan has been considered the worst President of the United States by historians for a very long time. The Buchanan family can not wait for President Trump to join the historical line so President Buchanan can be elevated out of the last place.— — — — — —ladies, what do you think of this watch on a guy? (white nixon rotolog)?Hmm. Its okay. Not the sexiest of all time but....ya dont really like it— — — — — —Was Ronald Reagan a liberal too,just like Nixon?Ronny wo not admit it but he was a middle of the road republican.His gang likes to portray his as a far right conservative but his record does not confirm it. After being shot by Hinkle I am sure that changed his mind about a lot of things.— — — — — —Will Trump end up like Nixon?One would need a crystal ball to be sure; however, he has made the such a terrible start, and he is surrounded by so many absolutely deplorable people. that there is little hope for him among realistic observers— — — — — —How is Obama different from Nixon?You lost me at "Imperial Presidency"— — — — — —Nixon or Obama; Who's the biggest fraud?Obviously Obama. Besides, Nixon got a bad rap, but do you want a leader who is weak, or one that is willing to do the dirty work"?— — — — — —Compare the cold war policies of Truman, Eisenhower,kennedy,Nixon,Carter, and Regan?Truman saw the start of the Cold War and offered up the Marshall plan to reconstruct Western Europe and keep it from falling into the hands of Communism as well as the more general Truman Doctrine which pledged opposition to Communism everywhere it had not already taken over. Eisenhower committed the United States to defend the island of Formosa/Taiwan, the last territory controlled by the Republic of China and he intervened quite heavily in the Middle East. And he pushed for the U.N. and NATO. At the same time he covertly opposed McCarthy and McCarthyism and reduced the size of the conventional military in favour of nuclear weapons to save money. He started to send troops into Vietnam, but then just as he decided that that was another losing idea, he died. Additionally he reversed Eisenhower's military spending policy and kicked the military build-up into overdrive and announced that the U.S. was going to the moon, just to show the Russians. After that Johnson decided to double-down on Vietnam and send in large numbers of troops. He also pushed the Moon race. After Johnson, Nixon changed the game by going to China to court them and using that to leverage Russia into the start of Detente. However he also promised to end the Vietnam War and tried to achieve that by escalating the amount of bombing they were doing. This increased anti-war sentiments at home, and when he finally did make a treaty, it was messed up by him getting thrown out due to Watergate, which meant that when war started up again, nobody was willing to spend any more effort on saving South Vietnam, and it was finally conquered. When Carter came along he was full of good intentions and enthusiasm for detente and military budget cuts. Then the Russians invaded Afghanistan and things turned sour in a hurry. Carter decided to boycott the Moscow Olympics and reversed the idea of military cutbacks, going instead for the development of some new big ticket weapons systems. Reagan picked up that last and ran with it, cranking up defense spending massively and even playing around with the idea of disrupting Mutual Assured Destruction by creating some kind of effective anti-ballistic defense network. He did a bit of posturing "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.". And his administration also did a bunch of illicit arms deals sending weapons to opponents of communists in places like Nicaragua and Afghanistan.
The Ruger SR40c: the Most Dangerous Handgun on the Planet?
Kyle MizokamiSecurity, One of the more powerful compact pistols on the market, the Ruger SR40c combines a discrete size with the Smith & Wesson .40 caliber handgun cartridge. Invented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation after an infamous shootout, the cartridge is meant to provide additional power over more traditional medium handgun calibers.The 1986 Miami shootout was a watershed moment for law enforcement firepower. The incident pitched two criminals armed with a rifle and shotgun against FBI agents with service firearms. The gun battle, for which the agents were unprepared, was an extended one which saw 140 rounds by both sides. Both criminals were killed, but at the cost of many lives. Two FBI agents died and four other people were wounded during the gun battle. The two criminals were repeatedly struck by bullets but fought on despite their injuries.The incident prompted a call for the FBI to adopt a new medium weight pistol caliber with greater energy than the nine millimeter round then used by the bureau. The FBI rushed to adopt the 10 millimeter (.40 caliber) Norma cartridge but then transitioned to the .40 Smith & Wesson round. The .40 S&W round gradually became the go-to cartridge for law enforcement, with up to seventy percent of police and sheriff’s agencies using it over the nine millimeter round.The Ruger SR40c is one of many semi-automatic handguns using the .40 S&W round. The SR40c is the SR9 handgun adopted to the compact size category and modified to carry the .40 caliber round. The gun is 6.85 inches overall with a barrel length of 3.5—about average for its compact contemporaries. The barrel has six grooves and a 1:16 right-hand twist for stabilizing popular .40 loads. It has an overall height of 6.81 inches and measures a slim 1.27 inches wide.The SR40c is a recoil operated, locked breech handgun. It features a double stack magazine carrying fifteen rounds of .40 S&W ammunition, plus an additional round in the breech for a total of sixteen rounds. Aiming is via standard three dot sights, adjustable for elevation and windage, and both front and rear sights can be removed and replaced with aftermarket parts. It also has a built-in Weaver rail for attaching weapon lights and aiming lasers.The SR40c is a two-tone handgun, with a frame made of brushed satin stainless steel and a black glass-reinforced polymer frame. This results in a pistol that weighs just 23.4 ounces. The combination of lightweight, compact dimensions, and a dehorned exterior—that won’t get caught on clothing while being drawn—results in a handgun that strongly lends itself to carry.Ruger’s compact .40 pistol comes with two magazines, one nine-round magazine that sits flush with the grip for carrying purposes and a larger fifteen-round magazine that makes the pistol almost as tall as the full-size version. In states that have enacted high capacity magazine bans it ships with two nine-round magazines. The magazines are made of steel, making them long-lasting and resistant to deformation.The SR40c has several features to ensure safe operation. The pistol includes a firing pin block safety to prevent accidental discharge if dropped, and a magazine disconnector that prevents it from firing if a magazine is not inserted in the mag well. It also features, like a Glock handgun, a trigger safety. Going one step beyond Glock—and like many Ruger handguns—it also has an ambidextrous manual thumb safety.Ruger’s .40 caliber handgun is also left-handed shooter friendly, with ambidextrous magazine releases and thumb safeties. Rather than include backstraps of separate sizes, the SR40c has a single reversible backstrap for hands of different sizes. The pistol’s ergonomic features are rounded out by aggressive slide serrations for a positive grip when racking a round.The SR40c is a capable handgun backed by the .40 S&W round, making it one of the most powerful concealed carry handguns available today. For those gun owners that feel the need for a compact handgun in a caliber greater than nine millimeter, the SR40c delivers.Kyle Mizokami is a defense and national-security writer based in San Francisco who has appeared in the Diplomat, Foreign Policy, War is Boring and the Daily Beast. In 2009 he co-founded the defense and security blog Japan Security Watch. You can follow him on Twitter: @KyleMizokami.Image: Ruger.Read full article
Rugby Union at the 1966 South Pacific Games
Rugby union at the 1966 South Pacific Games was played as a round-robin tournament with 4 men's teams competing. No finals were played and the teams finishing in the top three positions were awarded medals. Papua New Guinea, captained by Peter Emery, won the gold medal and were unbeaten in the tournament. .• Other Related Knowledge ofthe south pacific games— — — — — —Rugby sevens at the 2003 South Pacific GamesRugby sevens at the 2003 Pacific Games was played as a tournament for 11 men's teams from 3-5 July 2003 at Suva in Fiji. The Fijian team won the final, defeating Cook Islands by 43-10 to claim the gold medal.— — — — — —Swimming at the 1979 South Pacific GamesSwimming at the 1979 South Pacific Games took place in Suva, the capital of Fiji. It was the sixth edition of the South Pacific Games. The existing South Pacific Games record time was broken in every event. There were either 24 or 23 events on the programme, depending on whether the men's 4 200 metres relay was contested and officially included in the medals. There are conflicting sources of information cited (as of November 2015) and none sufficient to provide clarity.a— — — — — —Rugby union at the 1963 South Pacific GamesRugby union at the 1963 South Pacific Games was played as a double round-robin with 3 men's teams competing. No finals were played and a complete set of gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded to the teams as per their finishing positions. Fiji was unbeaten in the tournament and were presented with their gold medals by the Governor of Fiji. .— — — — — —Netball at the 2007 South Pacific GamesNetball at the 2007 Pacific Games in Apia, Samoa was held from 27 August - 1 September, 2007.— — — — — —Football at the 2003 South Pacific Games – Men's tournamentThe South Pacific Games football tournament for men at the XII Games was held in Fiji, from 30 June to 11 July 2003.— — — — — —Baseball at the 2007 South Pacific GamesBaseball at the 2007 South Pacific Games was contested by five teams. Palau won the gold medal, New Caledonia won the silver, American Samoa won the bronze. Fiji and Samoa were the other participating nations.— — — — — —Football at the 1966 South Pacific GamesThe 1966 South Pacific Games was the second games where football was played and was held in New Caledonia during December 1966. In the final, Tahiti upset all predictions by defeating New Caledonia by 2-0.— — — — — —Football at the 1979 South Pacific GamesThe 1979 South Pacific Games was the sixth edition where football was introduced and was held in Fiji during August and September 1979— — — — — —Swimming at the 1975 South Pacific GamesSwimming at the 1975 South Pacific Games took place in Agana, the capital of Guam on 2-9 August 1975. It was the fifth edition of the South Pacific Games. Four new events were included in 1975 (4 x 200 metre Freestyle relay and 100m Breaststroke added to both the men's and women's programs). Of the other events previously contested, only one remained without a new South Pacific Games record at the end of the competition after sixteen records were broken in Guam. The teams from the French-administered territories of French Polynesia (Tahiti) and New Caledonia won the most gold medals. The most successful individual swimmer, however, was Papua New Guinea's Charlie Martin who won eight medals, four of which were gold. .— — — — — —Touch rugby at the 2003 South Pacific GamesTouch rugby at the 2003 South Pacific Games in Suva was held on 7-10 July 2003. Fiji won the finals of the men's and mixed tournaments to claim both gold medals on offer. Touch rugby for women was not introduced until the 2009 Pacific Mini Games held in Rarotonga.— — — — — —Football at the 1987 South Pacific GamesThe 1987 South Pacific Games was the 8th edition where football was introduced and was held in New Caledonia during December 1987— — — — — —Swimming at the 1999 South Pacific GamesSwimming at the 1999 South Pacific Games took place in Agana, the capital of Guam, at the Southern High School Pool between 30 May and 5 June 1999. It was the eleventh edition of the South Pacific Games. Men's and women's open water events of 5 kilometres were introduced in 1999, with swimmers from American Samoa, Fiji, Guam, New Caledonia, Northern Marianas, Micronesia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and Tahiti competing. .
How to Get the 'wet Dog' Smell Out of My Rug?
It already has molded. That's the smell Rewash it and dry it in a laundrymat . You will never get all the water out the way you washed it1. what color rug * need advise*?I have a very similar design with white oak floors, clear fir trim, and chamois walls. I chose a heavy herringbone seagrass rug with a wide border closely matched to the seagrass colors. The rug has been down for over a year, and has held up very well. My 2 year old lab has slobbed on it with his tennis ball, and thrown-up on it a few times during his "experimental" food stage. I was able to clean the mess up quickly, and it did not stain. The colors are green to brown and seem to blend in real well with the yellowy chamois color.2. How can I keep a rug from moving?There is double-sided "rug gripper" tape available at Target and Home Depot (probably most other stores, but I know those two carry it).We use it to keep our entry rugs stuck to the tiled floor. It holds well enough that we can vacuum the rugs. Disclaimer: Not sure how well it will stick to a carpet vs a hard floor.Alternatively you could use rug pins/rug anchors to hold the area rugs to your carpet3. how can I fix a burn in my rug?cut it a square,, cut the same size out in the back of a closet...go to home depot or lowes etc.and get some seam tape,the double sticky kind,not the kind you need an iron with. and replace,, or you can call a floor installer,it will be about $40. 00.4. To rug an 'old' horse this winter?Once it starts getting colder out, watch him for signs of being cold, such as shivering. If giving him a little more grain does not help, I would rug him. It's all up to how he is on his own. I would at least put a light blanket on when it's windy, if he has grown a winter coat. If his coat is not as thick as it should be, I would rug him with a heavier rug. If you are concerned about a rug being too warm, go out to the paddock every few hours and stick your hand under the blanket. If he's sweating, it's too heavy. If he's toasty and not sweaty, he's good5. How thick is your prayer rug poem? C/C?Send up 10,000 more. Something's gotta get through6. What can i do with an 8 in by 8 in latch hook "rug"?Frame it. Glue it to cardboard and display somewhere. Edge it with felt.7. How to clean an area rug?If you still have the dog: Hose it down. scrub with laundry soap and a little bleach. Hang til dry. It will serve until you can get a new one. Waste not - Want not8. Smooth out large rug wrinkles?Place some ice cubes on them and leave overnight. Stretch out and brush the nap in the morning. This should work. Purchase a rug to rug pad which you can find at Home Depot to place in between. Some people have used Velcro to hold in place9. What are some thing you never thought to get till after you had your baby?a carpet shampooer to clean baby puke (or worse) out of that turkish rug an endless supply of those soft absorbent muslin cloths, that you can put over your shoulder to soak up the mess that will inevitably occur if/when you forget to burp bay after feeding. I saw exactly that in a restaurant today - daddy's shirt got redecorated, and mummy had to run for paper towels - so "Be Prepared"10. The 10 Best Rug Pads for Any Floor and Carpet TypeOne review said: "We love these carpet pads. They feel great, have no odor, are the perfect thickness to keep rugs from slipping or wearing out too fast but do not raise the carpet to the point of making it a tripping hazard. They have not left a mark on the wood floor even after being [there] for a long time. Just perfect."
History of Rugby League in Nottingham
History of rugby league in NottinghamThe first Nottingham rugby league club took part in the Southern Amateur Rugby League some time between 1965 and 1973. The club is believed to have been a university team. In the late 1980s an attempt was made to introduce semi-professional rugby league into Nottingham with the creation of Nottingham City, who replaced another Nottinghamshire team, the Mansfield Marksman. In 1992-1993 they finished bottom of Division 3 of the Rugby League and were demoted to the National Conference League. They achieved the dubious honour of being the recipient of one of the widest margins of defeat in rugby league history when they lost 138-0 to Barrow in 1994. Official records Nottingham Foresters were the first community team to form in Nottingham. They were based at The Forester pub in the city centre; the landlord was one of the founder members. When the landlord left the following year the club relocated to The Crusader pub near the Nottingham Polytechnic playing fields, where the club played, and the club changed its name to Nottingham Crusaders in 1986. The club joined the now defunct Mansfield and Nottingham Amateur Rugby League Association, which later became the EMARLA (East Midlands Amateur Rugby League Association) league, and played there until 1995. Nottingham Crusaders then played in the Yorkshire League from 1995/96 to 1998/99 but kept an A-team in the EMARLA.— — — — — —Nottingham IndependentsThe Nottingham Independents is a political party in the area of Nottingham City in Nottinghamshire, England. It was officially registered in January 2018, planning to contest elections in the area of Nottingham. The party is now the largest opposition group in Nottingham City Council after the 2019 elections.— — — — — —Earls of Nottingham, Second creation (1383)Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk (1366-1399), Lord Mowbray Thomas de Mowbray, 4th Earl of Norfolk (1385-1405), Lord Mowbraysee the Duke of Norfolk (1397 creation) for the other Earls— — — — — —List of Nottingham Forest F.C. playersThis is a list of notable footballers who have played for Nottingham Forest. The aim is for this list to include all players that have played 100 or more senior matches for the club. Other players who have played an important role for the club can be included, but the reason why they have been included should be added in the 'Notes' column. For a list of all Nottingham Forest players, major or minor, with a Wikipedia article, see Category:Nottingham Forest F.C. players, and for the current squad see the main Nottingham Forest F.C. article.— — — — — —Nottingham, PennsylvaniaNottingham is an unincorporated community located in West Nottingham Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. The community is located at the intersection of U.S. 1 and Pennsylvania Route 272 near the border with East Nottingham Township, a short distance north of the Maryland border. It is home to the 651 acre Nottingham County Park, a serpentine barrens listed as a National Natural Landmark. Herr's Snacks plant, founded in 1946, is also located in the community. The U.S. Post Office for Nottingham is located along Baltimore Pike.— — — — — —2012 Aegon Nottingham Challenge – Men's DoublesRik de Voest and Adil Shamasdin were the defending champions but Shamasdin decided not to participate. de Voest played alongside Karol Beck, but lost in the First Round to Dominic Inglot and Jonathan Marray. Olivier Charroin and Martin Fischer won the title defeating Evgeny Donskoy and Andrey Kuznetsov in the final 6-4, 7-6(8-6).— — — — — —1865–66 Nottingham Forest F.C. seasonThe 1865-66 season was Nottingham Forest's first season in existence. Nottingham Forest Football Club originally emerged from a group of "shinney" players who played a then popular game very similar to hockey. At a time when football began to emerge as a growing force, a special meeting took place in 1865 at the Clinton Arms, Shakespeare St. to discuss a proposition moved by J. S. Scrimshaw to switch games from "shinney" to football. This was passed, and the first official football match played was on 22 March 1866 against Notts County (who had been formed in 1862). Following a brief transitional period and the establishment of new committee the playing of shinney was dropped and the name "Nottingham Forest Football Club" was born. .— — — — — —Nottingham Law SchoolNottingham Law School (also known as NLS) is a law school in the UK with over 100 full-time lecturers and over 2,500 students. It is an academic and professional institution, part of Nottingham Trent University. Not to be confused with the School of Law at University of Nottingham. The institution specializes in different fields of education in law. Nottingham Law school's main goal is to provide their students careers that they are guaranteed after the completion of their graduation. The faculty of Nottingham Law School was known for developing and creating the Legal Practice Course that includes the training and schooling of law designed courses that deal with the actuality of the legal system, demonstrating the different skills required for indulging with law in the year of 1990s. With the development of the new designed course, the professors and teachers of the Nottingham Law School decided to take the initiative of enrolling more students into the program. The law school also took the stance on initiating part-time students into the course, as well as raising the number of seats in the course for students enrolled in full-time study. Also, Nottingham Law School participated in running the Law Society Final Examination with a number of 150 students enrolled in the course. The Law School has been given the top 'Excellent' rating by the Law Society and comparable ratings by the Bar Standards Board of England and Wales every year since its inception. It also has a significant reputation for research, particularly in insolvency and international criminal justice, with 60% being judged as of international standard in the most recent 2008 Research Assessment Exercise. Since 1977, Nottingham Law School has also produced its own annual law journal; the Nottingham Law Journal.
One Morning You Walk Barefoot Across a Rug Onto a Tiled Floor.....?
the tile is a warmth conductor like many pots the carpet is a insulator the tile suckes the warmth out of your foot and the carpet keeps it making the tile sense colder it rather is visibly considered in case you placed a peace of ice on tile or steel the two good conductors and the same length peace of ice on a carpet pattern or a peace of wood even even with the undeniable fact that the steel or tile fell colder they pull warmth out quicker1. Can I use an indoor thick wool-like rug on a screened porch?If it were me, I would use it. The only problem I see is if it get wet from rain or snow. But you could always roll it up2. My cat peed on my expensive rug who can I take it to to get it cleaned?Take it to the self-help car wash. Soap it up and rinse it. Drape it over your car, anchor it, and drive it home!!!!!3. What kind of rug shampoo is safe for inside dog!!! Even Homemade recipes?you can get a lot of different non toxic rug shampoos at the pet stores. i have washed my rugs in oxyi cleaner you get at wallmart in the cleaning section. scrubb the area let it dry then sprinkle baking soda,let sit for a hour and vacum it works and none of my dogs have gotten sick. if it is still smelly do it again,untill the spots are gone best of luck4. How do you get cat hair out of a rug when vacuuming doesn't work?I think there's this special solution for it... but I do not remember its name. How abt you go to PetsCo or some other famous store for pets and ask! Goodluck with that5. Do I need to throw a rug away that my dog has marked?Toss this first one just to be safe, with hard wood floors6. My dog won't stop peeing and sometimes pooping on my rug?It's simple, i have a dog as well , and animals and pets ussually like to do their business in a more familiar place, so let's say she pooped on the carpet once and then the next time she wanted to go the smell would be there (even if you cant smell it , dogs can) to a void this problem you can buy special spray's that are designed for puppies but you can use them on dogs, just spray it in that place or all over the carpet and it will start going outside and doing there again. Hope this helps you!!7. Is this comfortable on a bedroom floor that's on top of a firm area rug? (comfortable enough to sleep in every night)?Do not worry yourself about this and do not go to the extra expense of buying some sort of air mattress or sleeping bag. Just throw a quilt on the floor, and forget about it. Kids who want to sleep on the floor occasionally or during sleep-overs are not concerned with being "comfortable" - it does not matter to them WHAT you put down on the floor. It's the "fun" of the whole thing that's important to them. We used to put a thin quilt down over a bare hardwood floor, and would sleep there as happy as a clam.8. Do formal living rooms with hardwoods have to be covered in an oriental or persian rug to be elegant?well it's hard to tell u just like that, then u get the wrong rug... A picture of the Living room could really help... But from wat u say i would go with a rug with the color of the walls. .. But if you could post a picture of the living room some were than leave link then i could give u a answer that could really satisfy u9. Why was the biggest economic scandel in history called Oil For Food swept under the rug?At the center of the scandal is Kojo Annan, son of Kofi Annon. Nuff said10. My dog is suddenly scared to come off a rug, it seems like he is scared of the tile floors. 2 days now.Maybe he has a sore foot or something like that.I hope he gets better
How to Make an Old Room Modern?
well add some paint..or paper or maybe both... get some new curtains.. using sheets makes cheap and great curtains. and easy as well. get some new pictures and assessorize with pillows..knick-knacks..plants etc.. also painting some pieces of furniture and getting new covers works. . awww so many ways. .. also dont forget rugs!!.1. Dog pees on rugs, but she has potty pads?Basically dogs enjoy peeing or pooping on anything that is comfy or feels like grass. They have some new "potty pads" that attract dogs to them more because they have a grassy material on them and thus the dog is naturally used to going on the grass. If you are able to take him/her outside every morning, afternoon, and evening, this is preferable. Hope this helps :D.2. Any household appliance we can still fix broken because of flood?in case you acquire each thing suitable to an analogous time, it would desire to be they are in simple terms attaining the tip of their lives. I even have been complaining bitterly approximately significant home equipment at present - looks they do not seem to be equipped to final. I had my Frigidaire dishwasher approximately 2 years whilst it stop. It became into not below guarantee. I replaced it with a GE,and that one became into dropped at my domicile, from the production facility, with a bad motor. It confirmed problems with the 1st use. They had to substitute the motor, yet I insisted upon a sparkling dishwasher. I picked a Whirlpool and took out a 5 365 days prolonged guarantee. so a techniques, so sturdy. i've got have been given my arms crossed. final week, my Frigidaire over the variety microwave stop and it became into below 3 years previous. It became into offered on an analogous time with the aid of fact the Frigidaire dishwasher. I had had the microwave repaired as quickly as whilst it became into nonetheless below one 365 days guarantee. So I ordered a sparkling one, a Whirlpool. you need to purchase a sparkling equipment for the fee of the provider call, hard artwork, and factors. i think of it quite is poor for our landfills, as quickly as we are entreated to shield and "bypass green", and recycle each thing. a minimum of you could dry a number of your outfits, and it would be less difficult to stay and not making use of a dryer than it would be to make do and not making use of a washer. Vacuums would be offered exceptionally fee effectively. you need to purchase one for below $one hundred which will suffice till you will get a extra effective one. seem for mattresses on sale or for mismatched mattress and container springs contraptions on sale. I have not got any suggestion suitable to the automobile. Mine continues to be working, thank God. My vacuum is previous, in spite of the undeniable fact that it works, and that i also have a extra modern save vac and a dash electric powered stick broom. So I have not got any excuse to not shop the flooring and rugs sparkling. LOL. sturdy success. i am hoping each thing works out satisfactorily for you.3. I want to replace all the rugs in our mobile home--any suggestions???your resources is both contained in the jurisdiction of a city or county. The state do not have any skill to intervene with their ordinances. in the journey that your present day cellular living house became grandfathered in, it will be allowed to proceed to be there indefinitely. even with the undeniable fact that, in view that new regulations at the on the spot are in position prohibiting cellular homes no new cellular homes will be allowed to be placed on the resources. reckoning on the ordinances, you would be in a position to get a particular exception- which could be your brilliant selection in this concern. it is not certain, yet properly worth a attempt4. How do I get my 6-month old puppy to stop chewing on my rugs?Hide the rugs until he has completely forgot about them, then put them back5. Where can I get used rugs?If you buy a rug that big on line, the shipping is going to be a couple of hundred $$. I've had good luck at auction houses where I've gotten hand made persian carpets for less than nondescript stuff at discount stores. You just have to be able to get it home
POLL>Best DRUGSTORE Hair Care & Hair Styling Brand?
Your right its Garnier Fructis Cause i am a garnier freak their styling products are amazing (i have and use a lot) no joke1. summer hair tips for hair care?my ideal tip may be to get something that asserts moisturizing or severe moisture & verify to apply a lot of conditioner because of fact whilst it is so warm its lots extra straight forward for ur hair to dry out2. Where Can I get Free Samples of Aveda Hair Care Products?OIL! What your hair demands is a properly 'oil therapy' ... wash your hair besides the fact that do not situation it, and towel dry it, then comb/brush it out, and pour/comb in as lots undeniable olive oil as you will till it starts to would rip'. Wrap your hair on your towel and take a seat interior the main well liked area you will for an hour. once you unwrap the towel, your hair will would desire to have self assurance 'on the brink of dry.' Throw the towel into the wash, and wash, situation, and comb/brush your hair as classic, besides the fact that enable it 'air dry' (do not use a dryer of any type). Your hair will would desire to be much less frizzy, and could would desire to have self assurance softer and bigger supple. in the experience that your hair is heavily broken, you additionally can grant your self yet yet another oil therapy a week later, then in 2 weeks, and as quickly as extra in 4 weeks. do not use a dryer on your hair, and comb or brush it 'flat' in case you have towel dried it. yet another 'hint' is do not wash your head or hair mutually with your fingertips . .. use maximum effective the palms, and use no extra advantageous than a would ime sized' little bit of shampoo, not extra maximum ordinarily than as quickly as a week. in the experience that your hair is 'too broken' you additionally can desire to keep in mind getting the destroy up ends shrink off, besides the fact that take a glance at a minimum of two oil remedies first. Does this artwork? My hairdresser steered me to be conscious it to my own dry and broken hair, and specific, it does artwork . .. so do the different are commendations' approximately now not utilising a dryer or scrubbing with my fingertips. To get the passable shampoo and conditioner on your hair, flow to a stable hairdresser (i exploit an would ecision salon' instead of the extra advantageous 'historic unique attractiveness salon) and ASK FOR help. in spite of in case you do not want some element else complete, they are going to would desire to grant you properly suggestion. human beings have self assurance that shampoo and conditioner from the salon are 'extra advantageous costly' besides the fact that i've got chanced on over the years that one 10 ounce bottle of shampoo at $13 lasts me an entire 12 months, on a similar time i might use $25 or extra advantageous of the 'grocery/pharmacy manufacturers' ... so it easily expenses 'much less' ... and my hair seems large, now not basically 'somewhat ideal' . .. and has because of the fact I 'switched' and gained a properly (i've got self assurance he's large) hairdresser to shrink and perm my hair ... and that i additionally gained a properly pal for all times!3. What are easy ways to change my hair care routine & get shinier hair?Every wash you can do a Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar or beer as a rinse. This removes all the build up and oils that blocks out hairs natural shine and removes the dullness look. You can buy and use a hair polisher Keep harsh chemicals out of your hair and use less or no heat Buy a whole line of a products that specialize in shiny hair. like shiny hair shampoos and conditioners4. What hair care system is the best for my hair?Both are good options to take care of your hair. Coconut oil lends an organic approach to your hair care5. what are the best hair care products to use in african american hair?- No Sulfates. - No Parabens. - Natural Products work great, like JASON. Or Organix. - Hair needs more moisture. So use a moisturizing product each day, nothing that contains grease though. A good one is Elasta QP Recovery Moisture Oil. Or Long Term Relationship by Herbal Essense. - Lasio Lasio is also a great leave in. - A good clarify is apple cider vinegar, or Aussie Clarifying Shampoo.
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