Best Way to Get a Ballpoint Ink Mark Out of a Silk Blouse W/o Dry Cleaning?

"Blot, Soak, and Press The first thing to do is to blot the spot to stop the ink from spreading into the fabric. Blotting paper works best, but if you do not have that grab an absorbent paper towel. As soon as possible, take off the garment and soak it in cold water for a few minutes. Lay out a layer of absorbent paper towels onto a countertop or table and then spread the garment onto the towels. Set more paper towels directly on the stain and cover them with a heavy object. Leave it set for at least two or three minutes. The paper towels should absorb most of the ink. If necessary, repeat this process. Hairspray If you still have a stubborn stain, you can try the hairspray trick. Apply it the stain while the fabric is still wet. This should dislodge the remaining ink. Again use paper towels and a heavy object to absorb the hairspray along with the remaining ink. Follow by washing with a gentle detergent in lukewarm water."

Best Way to Get a Ballpoint Ink Mark Out of a Silk Blouse W/o Dry Cleaning? 1

1. What are the basic practices for recovering from ADHD for a 7-year-old boy?

You want something physical going on. Positive rewarding is the main focus. Not something competitive at all, but just a way for them to run around and vent out all of their frustrations. For example: have them play charades, only not the typical game. Have them act out whatever happened that day that upset them, and you have to guess what went wrong. Doing this helps you to understand their day and maybe even explain it to them so they will understand.n nThings that they can be creative with are good, such as leggo's but not with a defined item to build. If there are more kids around than just the one, you can do more physical things - just remember not to be competitive. Just because some of these kids are hyper, does not mean they are going to be the next Peyton Manning. Roller skating is good, interactive games (with other people) are good. Not a board game or a card game as they do not have the patience for that. Let them build a fort out of a blanket and table. You can even make some chores be an activity and reward them for completing something. You should probably do this part anyway.On behalf of Home

2. Question about cleanliness of resturants?

You can watch to see how they clean the tables. I tend to see them just wipe it clean with a wet wash cloth, that hey bring from table to table. It does not seem that clean to me. What I do, is if my daughter is going to be eating off the tables in the restaurant I bring anti-bacteral wipes with me. That way I can clean the are she is eating of of. Just make sure you bring the ones with only alcohol in them. They are safer. Also when she was younger, I would bring one of her bowls and plates with me. I would put them in a plastic bag, so I could just pop them back into the bag and clean them when I got home.

Best Way to Get a Ballpoint Ink Mark Out of a Silk Blouse W/o Dry Cleaning? 2

3. SURVEY #2 :) ?

1. ...Bagels! (I've never really had one, but I hate pretzels, lol) 2. I like to think so. :D I love acting, I need to do more stuff. 3. Crap, um, neither? depends on how much room there is?.. I would piss myself either way. 4. Uh, one or two. I try to cut my own hair, so that way I do not get mad. 5. Window seat! 6. chuck any junk i have on the lounge or table and chill out on the lounge or get a drink? 7. Like, 5? 6? 8. Oooh, I would paint things on the walls and floors! Lots of things! I would probably paint myself too, like my clothes, and make patterns. And finger paint! ^_^

4. How are the dining in restaurants doing in Myrtle Beach right now?

Restaurants are offering take out, curbside service and most are now open for limited amount of diners. Tables are further apart or they are seating people at every other booth or table. It's great to be able to eat out again!How are the dining in restaurants doing in Myrtle Beach right now?.

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