Buildings and Antenna Masts

Buildings and antenna masts

Buildings and Antenna Masts 1

Stations may be housed in several buildings or a single building. In some cases the station is nothing but a small container. They all have masts or towers to install antenna systems. In most cases, the mast is a passive structure to support the antennas. But in low frequency stations (such as AM radio), the mast itself may be the active antenna element. In such cases, the mast is isolated from the ground.(See Monopole antenna). If the mast itself is an active antenna element, the ground can be covered by a mesh of wires or metal elements to create a reflecting ground. Most of the stations also have facility to receive microwave signals from a microwave link or a telecommunications satellite, (TVRO or RRO). Most stations use mains electricity, but they also have standby generators or solar energy panels in case of failure. If the voltage of the mains fluctuates, a high power voltage regulator may be used.

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Grounding outside TV antenna?

You can not use plastic. The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that the antenna mast and mount be grounded directly. No splices or connections are allowed in the ground wire between the mast and the ground rod. Clearly if a CPVC mast was used then grounding the mast would not be possible and therefore in violation of code.

Buildings and Antenna Masts 2

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Antenna (pl. antennas or antennae) may refer to:

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Loop antenna layout and radiation?

The space I have pretty much requires the loop to enclose the house [.] How will the steel roof (about 5x20 meters) affect the radiation of an 80m loop?Although such antenna may work, personally I would not expect it to have an overwhelming performance. From what I know a loop antenna radiates perpendicularly to the plane of the antenna which means it will radiate 50% of the energy to the ground and 50% - to zenith. Thus on 80m only short distance communication will be possible. Also I hope you are aware that a multiband loop antenna requires a tuner (you did not mention whether you have one).If you have a tuner my advice would be to give up 80m (who needs 80m anyway? :D) and build a 40m vertically polarized vertically oriented delta loop. Unlike horizontally polarized delta, vertically polarized delta has to be placed only 2m above the ground to be suitable for long-distance communication. I've tried such an antenna not a long time ago, here is a scheme:It works on HF bands from 80m to 10m, although it's not very efficient on 80m. I used a 10m fiberglass fishing rod as a mast which costs 45$ on eBay. As I understood you have trees near your house thus probably you do not need a mast.(Note: For 80m double the length of the loop, the distance from the ground and the mast height.)Another option that does not require a tuner is to build a trap dipole. I've built such a dipole for 20, 40, 80m bands once. The antenna turned out to have total length 27.5m. It also worked on 10/12/15/17/30m bands with SWR about 2. It's enough to place the balun about 6-7 meters above the ground, although for better performance on 80m it's better to place it higher.Hope this will help. Good luck and 73.

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where is the antenna on a 2006 sonata?

it has a power antenna

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Choke ring antenna

A choke ring antenna is a particular form of omnidirectional antenna for use at high frequencies. It consists of a number of conductive concentric cylinders around a central antenna. Due to its delicate construction, it is often enclosed in a protective cover or radome when placed outside and exposed to the elements. Choke ring antennas are notable for their ability to reject multipath signals from a source. Since the path that a signal takes from a transmitter to receiver can be used to measure the distance between the two, this makes it highly suited for GPS and radar applications. In a GPS ground-based receiver, a choke ring antenna can provide millimeter precision measurements for surveying and geological measurement applications. The choke ring design originated at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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PC Tv tuner and antenna?

You need just the antenna. Any modern PC TV tuner will be digital

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