Bull Dual Lightning Protection Socket Gives You Security in Thunderstorm Days

Near the summer solstice, there are many thunderstorms. Thunder shower and sun rain constantly attack, which makes people unprepared. Nanquan's mother's "what to do when it rains" often rings in my mind. In the face of thunderstorm, not only us, but also a group of electrical appliances at home are crying "what to do".

You should know that during thunder, radiated energy will interfere with the image and sound of TV, line static electricity will damage the computer's integrated circuit and network card, and instantaneous high current will damage low-voltage electrical appliances.

Lightning will invade the room through power supply lines, telephone lines, feeders of limited TV or wireless TV, external walls or columns. Electrical appliances are facing no more threats than us. So how can we protect them as much as possible? Bull dual lightning protection socket is the close guardian of electrical appliances. It has dual protection and provides voltage protection and high temperature protection for electrical appliances.

Bull dual lightning protection socket adopts zinc oxide varistor, which can start quickly in case of lightning, absorb super large voltage and provide safe voltage for electrical appliances.

The built-in high-temperature fuse protector is composed of fusible metal with low melting point. Once the temperature is too high, it can be fused immediately to isolate ultra-high temperature and protect the safety of household appliances.

Bull dual lightning protection socket is not only the intimate guardian of electrical appliances, but also the safe electricity expert in our life. Built according to the new national standard, it has stable performance, safety and reliability. For example, the jacks are designed with child protective doors (75n safety protective doors), which are safer than the old national standard products. The wire is made of high-quality PP material, with round luster and texture. It has passed the 750 ℃ high temperature test and is safe and flame retardant. The power cord core is upgraded and thickened by 33%, with good conductivity and low heating.

Bull dual lightning protection socket is a safety door that can protect the family in this thunderstorm season. We have really seen too many casualties caused by socket leakage in the news. Therefore, giving the family such a protection door is the most worthwhile choice.

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