Can Hair Dye Change Hair Texture?

Can hair dye change hair texture?

While hair dye can change the texture of your hair, it's not likely. Most people whose hair has been changed by dying it either dyes it way too often, uses very poor quality dye, or both. If you get a good brand and do not go changing the color every week, you will be fine. Also remember to take care of your hair as you regularly would, because dyed hair is often more sensitive than natural

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What hair texture looks better on dark skinned girls?

How good the hair looks is not based on skintone but on the shape of your face

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best products for my unique hair texture?

your hair is most likely a type 3, which is mostly african american, so you should use products that are directed towards dry/brittle/damaged hair as they are the ones that make frizzy hair soft. my fave is herbal essence hello hydration, both the shampoo and conditioner. also aussie moist, and the 3 minute miracle. also use a little oil on your hair and a moisturizer

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Why don't people say white women have nappy hair?

I agree w/ you completely, I mean it's no different w/ weaves. At my college I at least 50% of the white girls have hair extensions but only the black girls are called out for it. But as a black woman who is growing out her relaxer to go natural. I can tell you that most of the flack I get for such is from black women. Most of the flack I got when I was relaxing my hair were from black ppl as a whole male & female. Why? I think because being black we truly are the only people that stand out. Our hair texture is different, our features are different, our complexions oft times are much different therefore, we are the most recognizable from the rest of society. If you go into a room, say a class room, if all the students backs were facing you, you could immediately pick who was black by hair texture, build & complexion. But if go into a class (same scenario back to you) w/ asians, latino's, white's, etc., you could not tell so easily. So I think it's because we are more noticeable and society as a whole has been taught to hate us, hate on us and find anything we do unacceptable in some way, shape, form or fashion! In addition asians have long been known for perming thier hair to make it curly or dying it blonde or wearing blue contacts, but are rarely called out for such!

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If skin colour is an adaptation to climate, is hair texture the same?

Skin Color Adaptation

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Anything I should add to my hair regimen (African American hair texture)?

My stylist got me hooked on Paul Mitchell products, even the relaxer. I do not oil my scalp. I wash with a few different PM shampoos, depends on what I need at that wash, get a 4 oz squeeze bottle, put about a tablespoon of PM Super-Charged moisturizer then fill the bottle with hot water . I shake until mixed and apply the super charger on my scalp and hair. Then I apply which ever PM conditioner I need at the moment. I put on a plastic cap let sit for 15 to 30 mins, rinse and apply PM Modern elixir . Then blow dry with a diffuser. I have curly hair, I also use the PM foaming pomade for my sides and where I part my hair. All of the products keep my hair perfectly moisturized and softer than it's ever been. I used to get serious dry scalp and a Dermatologist said I had to stop putting oil on my scalp. My stylist agrees, I've been using PM products for almost a year and my hair is in better shape it's ever been in. I do not get dry scalp anymore either. I am black as well and never thought PM products were for us. They also last a while and prices are reasonable.

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Why did my hair texture change?

Hair goes through cycles that last approximately 6 years. Most people's hair does not change dramatically when phasing into another cycle, but it may. You did not mention at what age your hair seemed to change, but it is safe to assume that this change is a result of going into another cycle. For example, my friend was born with silky, straight hair...and now his hair is course and if he lets it grow out, it would afro. After puberty and into your 20's, your hair will begin to level off and as it goes through cycles, it probably wo not change noticeably.

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