Can I Repair a Short Circuiting Problem in a Dell Inspiron 6000 That Occurs When It Is Picked Up?

Can I repair a short circuiting problem in a Dell Inspiron 6000 that occurs when it is picked up?

Can I Repair a Short Circuiting Problem in a Dell Inspiron 6000 That Occurs When It Is Picked Up? 1

reseat any cables or connectors. Reseat any memory chips or even (carefully) the CPU if it is in a socket. If none of the connectors or the battery fix it, then I doubt it will be repairable.

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Why some 110-120V connectors are polarized ?

Your English is fine. When you are talking about a circuit being alternating current, that is always relative to some point on the circuit - not with respect to the Universe. Like everything else in this life, it is relative. In the case of house wiring for 120VAC, one lead (the exposed one) is "ground" and is theoretically connected to a pipe or something which actually extends to dirt and terra firma. The white one is called the "return" and it is one half of the circuit you mention. Here is the key: It is connected to the ground line at the circuit breaker box. The other lead (black, or "hot") is NOT connected to the breaker box ground. The "difference" between the voltage on the hot and the return is the thing that drives whatever your load is. Why? Why not just have 2 lines? The idea here is simple: In all the wiring in all the world, it is extremely likely that somewhere somebody is "shorting" to ground. It could be any one or more of the wires, but you know somewhere, somebody is going to cut a line inadvertently, or run it through water or whatever. Therefore, you assume that everthing everywhere is at some electrical potential (although in practice, most things do not conduct electricity very well so it wo not always be an issue). Since anything COULD be live, it is a good idea to try to make sure that everything you might touch is at the same potential - so they make sure that the outside coverings of appliances are grounded. That way, if you touch your washer and your drier at the same time, you wo not be closing the circuit between two different components at different potential and become . toast. If you do not enforce that the "hot" lead of a component goes to the "hot" lead in the wall, and the "return" lead at the component goes to the "return" lead at the wall, there is the potential that, if there is a short in the component, that the outside covering might be hot, compared to ground. This would be uncomfortable if you touched it along with something else that was properly grounded. To prevent this, they have modified the plug so it only goes in one way. This was not always so: In the past, electricians simply made sure that no externally touchable part of a component was connected to either lead or ground. By making no guarentee that the outside is grounded, it no longer matters within the component, which lead is which, so the plugs do not care which way you put them in. That will work as long as nobody introduces unexpected issues like immersing the component in water, cutting the wires with a metal saw, etc.

Can I Repair a Short Circuiting Problem in a Dell Inspiron 6000 That Occurs When It Is Picked Up? 2

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Electrical Connectors for 87 Mazda RX7?

There are low impedance connectors and high impedance connectors. I believe yours are high impedance. The nice thing for you is that any off of a Mazda engined car should work. This includes some Fords. I know the ones off of a first generation Miata will work. Just stay with ones from 95 on down. Many of the toyota connectors if the same years will work too. But the solution that I would think about is getting a used fuel injector harness. Found a kit at e-bay that should work.

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How to connect SATA HDD to USB (unusual connectors)

You need to take out the outer metal shell, then that "connector" comes out. It's regular SATA

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suited connectors in no-limit hold 'em?

Suited connectors are some of my favorite hands. When you make something with them, it is usually not obvious and you get payed off. When you miss, it is easy to get away from. The key is to get in cheap. And they play much better against several players than heads up.

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