Can My Flower Girl also Be the Ring Bearer?

OK well just so you know, you do not have a child hold the actual rings. The best man or officiant holds the rings, because if you give thousands of dollars of jewelry to a 5 year old, you will never see it again. You do not really need a ring bearer, you could just have her be flower girl and scatter petals if you want. I had no flower girl and my dog was ring bearer, and the pillow I made for him to wear on his back had 2 crystal rings sewed onto it.

1. Buy customized Made Jewellery – Best Jewelry shops in dubai, UAE

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2. what do i get my gf for x mas?

get her a gift card for a store she loves [from your description, probably hot topic? or if she hates 'poser' shops like that, some other nondescript shop along the same lines] buy jewelry. there's amazing stuff at macy's that is within your budget. a nice watch, a pair of sterling silver earrings, a small-gemstone ring [possibly with her birthstone?] do something fun. take her out for a night and do something completely incredible like eating at a fancy restaurant, hot-air balloon, bowling in fancy evening wear cook a fancy dinner for her. there's nothing hotter than a guy who can cook!

3. Kids and Jewelry: What You Need to Know

It's definitely cuteness overload to dress yourself and your daughter in matching jewelry before sending the pics onto social media. But what happens when your children start expressing interest in wearing jewelry for longer than five seconds? Is it okay? Kids and jewelry: there are some important things to know. Children and jewelry are the least likely pair: children are known for being energetic as well as getting hurt, so you might choose costume jewelry for them as a starting point. Like training wheels for a bicycle. The problem is that costume jewelry may contain harmful substances such as lead, which is especially dangerous if consumed. Lead harms the body in various ways, such as affecting DNA, the immune system, metabolism of bones and teeth, and more. One of the reasons for this is that nickel, a common allergen, is often found in such jewelry. Avoid the risk by choosing hypoallergenic items instead. These are made from pure metals and include stainless steel, fine silver, sterling silver, platinum and 18K gold. You do not want the jewelry you buy for your children to cause them harm. This is why you need to be careful about where you let your children wear jewelry and the types of jewelry they wear. If your children are active and playing with friends, they should avoid wearing jewelry. They can get tangled in a necklace on the slide of a jungle gym or the bracelet they are wearing can scratch them, as examples. They can also cause harm to other children. Even wearing small diamond studs can get in the way. Think of how easily that stud could get caught on something and rip an earlobe. The safest idea is to opt out of letting your children wear jewelry during playtime, just like you should avoid wearing jewelry when you go to the gym. If you are attending a sit-down family dinner and your daughter asks to borrow your beautiful pearl bracelet, this sort of occasion is safer because there is a lower risk of danger. However, always make sure that whatever you let your children wear does not have anything that can be harmful, such as sharp edges. With younger children, this is especially important to take note of because they put everything in their mouths. What to Know About Ear Piercings So many kids get their ears pierced from a young age that this is probably one of the first jewelry-related options a young girl will be interested (especially if all her friends have them). Although it's common for kids to get their ears pierced, bear in mind it's equally common for ear infections to strike. Reduce discomfort for your child by only piercing their ears when they are older than two years. After getting your children's ears pierced, you need to consider the earrings they will wear. Again, stay away from nickel and costume jewelry in favor of hypoallergenic pieces. You should help children become more responsible by teaching them about jewelry as they grow older. They watch you wear gorgeous jewelry but they should also watch you clean it and how you store it away. As your child grows up and starts to take greater interest as well as care of jewelry, then it will be safer to give her more expensive jewelry. However, even if your daughter is responsible, you should always make children's jewelry items subtle instead of something that looks too grown-up. For instance, a heart charm bracelet will look more age-appropriate on a ten-year-old than a fancy tennis bracelet. Likewise, pretty stud earrings make more sense than chunky earrings. When introducing kids to jewelry, use the opportunity to make the journey they are starting a special one. Girls always remember their first jewelry pieces, after all. Start a gemstone collection for your child or buy yourselves matching bracelets during a special holiday. Adding a special thought to every piece increases its sentimental value and makes it timeless. Letting your children wear jewelry is an exciting prospect so you do not want to tarnish it with allergies or physical harm. Follow the above tips to keep children stylish but safe. Naomi Shaw lives in Southern California with her husband and three kids. She is a freelance journalist and stay at home mom that enjoys writing on fashion, beauty, jewelry, and interior design.

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Well my friend's birthday is coming up in a few days and I thought of a great creative gift; Get a shoebox, or just any box really, and fill it with little things, like: jewelry, candy, clothes, pictures, lotion, anything from the heart. And, (I did this, but it's not necessary) I wrote "Box of Wonderful" on it. Or, you could do a tricky gift. My friend did this to my other friend: She got a HUGE box, just big enough to carry, and put smaller boxes inside each other; any boxes, like cereal, cookies, poptarts, any boxes you can find. Put them inside each other, smallest to largest. Inside the smallest box, she folded up a piece of paper that said: "call me if you want your present." It was a great idea. The birthday girl carried a huge box around school all day, because the girl who gave her the gift told her she could not open it till she got home. I am not sure what the real gift was though.1. What creative things can I make?jewelry, some wall decoration, interesting paintings or something similar2. POLL- Do you wear jewelry?I rarely wear jewelry, but when I wear it, it is special stuff. My sister is a wire wrap artist, and she makes things especial for me3. 5 Wedding Accessories Every Bride Needs for Her Big DayWhen it comes to your wedding day, a major amount of time and effort goes into finding the perfect dress. But every bride knows that it is not just about your gown. Every single accessory counts from a veil to your shoes and even your jewelry. An amazing dress is definitely an important factor to looking good, but if your accessories are less than stellar, they can easily bring your look down. In this guide, we rounded up five items that you want to get right for your big day. From wedding veils to bridal sashes, discover them all below. The first accessory we will be looking at is the wedding veil. This traditional accessory can add a sense of drama and mystique to any dress. Whether you are looking for a short veil that just covers your face, or a long veil that reaches to the floor-it's all about showing off your personal style. A lace veil works perfectly for the more traditional bride while a sequin embellished style works for the more modern bride. Now that you have your wedding veil taken care of, you will want to focus on your hair. Will you be wearing it up or down? Maybe half up and half down. Another way accessory to pay attention to for your wedding day are hair clips, combs and halos. Picking out your hair accessories can easily allow you to showcase your personal style. If you normally wear bohemian style, choosing a floral embroidered headband or halo is a good choice. More into a classic look? A glittering comb attached to an elegant bun will look absolutely timeless. And if you want to keep it understated, looks for a bejeweled pin. Another aspect of your wedding look that you should focus on is your jewelry. Whether you want to keep it simple by just wearing earrings or layer up on the bracelets, there's plenty of options. Of course, you need to consider the silhouette of your dress before selecting your jewelry. If you have a plunging neckline, a large, pendant necklace can really pull the look together. For those who decide to wear their hair in a updo, a glittering pair of chandelier earrings channels an elegant look. And if you want to pay homage to your relatives, you can easily wear family heirlooms to bring a sense of tradition to the ceremony. Another perfect finishing touch to your wedding dress is a belt or even a sash. We recommend to let your dress take the lead when it comes to selecting a belt. The more minimal your dress is, the more opulent your belt can be. Think crystals, sequins and jewelry. On the other hand, if your dress is already embellished, a simple satin sash will make the ideal accent. It's the small things that make a difference. Last, but not least, we put a focus on shoes. When it comes to footwear, you must focus on style, color and silhouette. An ivory pair of pumps can go great with a traditional white wedding dress. However, if you want to turn up the shine factor, search for glittering sandals embellished with crystals. If you are a girl looking for comfort, do not be afraid to wear flats! But look for those made in special fabrications. Lace or satin ballet flats will be absolutely gorgeous with just about any look.
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