Can Smoking a Day After a Tooth Extraction Cause an Infection?

Can smoking a day after a tooth extraction cause an infection?

Can Smoking a Day After a Tooth Extraction Cause an Infection? 1

It's more likely to cause dry socket which is very painful. Also the action of creating a vacuum by sucking could move or break the stitches

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I live in San AntonioTexas,and where can I find an affodable or free emergency tooth extraction?

You can look at this dental plan, it wont pay 100%, but would save you SIGNIFICANT money. Sorry you are in pain, I hope this helps. Read on: Dental, Vision, Rx, and Chiropractic plan $11.95/month individual or $19.95/month entire household All specialists included, even cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics, dentures, etc. No waiting periods. You can go to the dentist the same day. No claim forms or deductibles No age limits All on-going conditions accepted The largest and highest quality network of providers, which means only the best dentists for you. No limits on visits or services. Use your plan whenever you want/need. 100% satisfaction guaranteed Rates guaranteed for 2 years Health/Medical plan available also. For more information: visit: BUT IF YOU'RE IN A HURRY, CALL: 541-258-7148

Can Smoking a Day After a Tooth Extraction Cause an Infection? 2

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I recently had a tooth extracted and would like some input as to the best replacement options.?

Could you possibly have a bridge made for just the one tooth. Obviously you would have to remove it and treat it like dentures but it would be much less expensive

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What is wisdom tooth extraction like? Details?

I had all four out. no problems.the IV anesthesia hurt going in, but I was out like a light. woke up, just like in the morning. no hangover or anything like that. good luck to you. they gave me pain pills for afterward, but the pain was not that bad. really. they gave me tylenol and codeine.worked fine for me. the dentist told me to eat something as soon as possible, so I did. no problems there, no nausea. you will have to have someone drive you home. they wo not release you to drive. would be a big help if they had ice to put on the extraction sites right away. My husband did that, and I had no swelling at all.

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How soon after a tooth extraction can a bridge be placed?

Ideally after 6 weeks time, normally just after proper healingTo explain it: when we extract your teeth your socket takes a minimum of 6weeks time to heal completely, and as it is widely researched, that edentulous area always shrink sightly than its previous anatomy, so if any bridge place before this period always get space between gums and base of denture, lead to food accumulation.. finally failure of denture(though it does not happen overnight, may be over the years)Practically, once healing of the extracted area is satisfactory, you can proceed with denture, as changes post healing are very minimal

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Post wisdom tooth extraction, help please?

This has happened to me too. Do not feel bad. I am still recovering from mine and its been 14 days since I had my surgery. Eat some apple sauce, pudding, and soup. Thats all I could eat. You can eat off a spoon. Try some oatmeal too.. just make sure to keep rinsing your mouth after your eat. Mine actually started forming a dry sockett. . and i had to get it packed. . and the packing fell out right after I got home. so I got a second opinion. But Swallowing blood was a problem of mine. Plus you have nothing on your stomach. But another problem is, the vicoden i was taking was so strong, that the codine in it was actually mixing with the blood in my stomach and causing me to throw up! So i would get off of the Vicoden, and see if that helps! E-mail me for any more questions.

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How much does a tooth extraction typically cost?

It all depends where you live a weight of the dog. Often if any of a puppies baby teeth have fallen out and need to be removed a vet will advice doing it the same time as they neuter the dog that bway save to operations on the dog and works out cheaper

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction gone wrong (Sue the dentist)?

To start with let me explain, not all teeth are easy to remove, especially the 3rd molars due to their location. What you considered "brute force" is really just "force" that is always necessary, did you think the tooth would just fall out? All teeth are luxated loose, or wiggled and twisted to loosen them from the bone, so this too was necessary. Five or six minutes is a pretty quick extraction, some take much longer to be luxated loose, so you should feel lucky in this respect. Now it's possible that he should have sectioned the tooth, but that would have been considered a "semi surgical" procedure and cost you more. Taking it out whole is a "simple" extraction and cost considerably less. So it could be that he was looking out for your cost which is something most of us do, especially with patients who have no insurance. After 26 days, it's not possible to be bleeding due to the extraction, but you may be bleeding around the area of extraction site; probably at the distal area of the tissue of the 2nd molar or from the bony fragment that is protruding from the extraction site, which more than likely is what is protruding. This bleeding could be caused by the tissue being irritated from lack of brushing and flossing, which is common after an extraction because everyone wants to baby the area and they tend to skip the warm salt water rinses which are needed to reduce the bacteria count and soothe the tissue. The tissue becomes inflamed and can bleed easily if not flossed and brushed regularly. The best thing for you to do now would be return to your dentist for an evaluation and use the warm salt water rinses and floss and brush the teeth and tissue avoiding the socket area if it's tender but be sure to swish the area well with the salt water to remove any food particles; if food particles are left they can cause an infection to develop and this sounds like what has happened to you due to the pain and difficulty swallowing. You will need to be treated for this. As for the medication not being given, this was the assistant's job just as it was her job to inform you of what to expect during the procedure and what you should do for post op care. Do not blame your dentist, inform him of this so he can make sure she does her job correctly and another patient is not uninformed. Too often dentist are blamed for their employees mistakes, although it is their responsibility for the employees actions. I would recommend that you go back to your dentist so he can evaluate the area and your condition. It sounds to me like he was dead on his treatment but you were not informed as to what to expect during the procedure or what to do for post op care. This is how we get a bad reputation and why patients fear dental work so often, not being informed of what to expect can cause fear. Also do the warm salt water rinses several times a day and floss and brush well and take all prescribed medications. Do go back to your dentist for follow up care and let him know what happened and how you feel about it so something can be done and it wo not happen again. I think you will be surprised and glad that you returned. It sounds like this OS is the one to avoid.major nerve, of course it's near a major nerve, it's the 3rd molar. I seriously doubt major surgery is needed for this (I think it's a bony fragment which is easily removed) protrusion, go for a second or even a third opinion. Additional information: As for suing, you would have a very difficult time in proving that your dentist was negligent. Especially since what you have described is a typical extraction, you were just uninformed of what to expect. Anytime that you are unsure of what to expect when in the dental chair for a procedure, just ask. We prefer that you are comfortable and informed of what is going on, this way we avoid problems such as this.

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