Can You Help Identify the Species Living on My Live Rock?

can you help identify the species living on my live rock?

Can You Help Identify the Species Living on My Live Rock? 1

dunno about the orange fuzz but the puple thing might be a bristleworm.they have fine spines on their backs

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What are the best LIVE rock albums from the 70's?

Allman Brothers Band Live at the Fillmore East

Can You Help Identify the Species Living on My Live Rock? 2

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effects of hyposalinity on live rock?

To be honest, do not listen to what anyone here has to say about saltwater. Try going to,, or any of those. Theres not a whole lot of help here. I only come here when i get really bored. How low of an SG are you talking about? LR will do fine in 1. 015 but im not 100% sure about it any lower or you would be talking brackish. Im sure everything is fine. If the rocks start to smell funky its a sure sign that the bacteria, coraline, etc are dying. Try a nitrate test. If tests are high, then it's likely dying. Btw, i hope you are doing a FOWLR because 1.020 is very low for a reef

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FOWLR (fish only with live rock)?

Keep your sand (you could rinse it, or just switch to salt and allow anything that dies off in the sand [small critters, etc] to help cycle the tank). The cycle will not take as long either. You also need salt mix and a hydrometer. A bucket for mixing salt. A skimmer is nice, but not needed. You will want to up the current, so an additional water movement device is recommended. I think the Koralia 2 should be nice cheap addition, but any powerhead or water circulation pump with decent flow should be fine if you have an extra about the house. You do not need to scrub the tank, unless it is really dirty and covered in algae and you want to start clean.

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Which LIVE rock albums occupy the top ten on your favorites list?

1. Live At Leeds - The Who 2. Metallic K.O - Iggy & The Stooges 3. Live At The Royal Albert Hall - Spiritualized 4. Get Yer Ya Ya's Out - The Rolling Stones 5. Rockin'n'ReelingInAucklandNewZealand - The Cramps 6. Kick Out The Jams - MC5 7. From Here To Eternity - The Clash 8. The Name Of The Band Is Talking Heads - Talking Heads 9. Live X-Certs - The Stranglers 10. Performance - Spacemen 3

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i bought aqua cultured live rock from petco and there tiny scary looking things on it?

featherduster bristle worm take them out end of story

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Rock Is Dead—Long Live Rock!

Rock Is Dead-Long Live Rock was the title of an unreleased 1972 autobiographical album by the British rock band The Who. In the liner notes for the Who's 1974 rarities collection Odds & Sods, guitarist and lead songwriter Pete Townshend said, "I had an idea once for a new album about the history of The Who called Rock Is Dead-Long Live Rock. That idea later blossomed into Quadrophenia. " The sessions for the album spanned from 19 May to 6 June at Olympic Studios in London. Rock Is Dead-Long Live Rock was to be produced by The Who and Glyn Johns and scheduled for release in October 1972, but although the album was nearly completed (according to Townshend) the band felt as though it sounded too much like their 1971 LP Who's Next. Townshend later stated that Rock Is Dead-Long Live Rock was also going to be a TV special about The Who.

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can i take live rock from the ocean and put it in my saltwater tank.?

How To Cure Live Rock

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What are the basic needs of live rock?

you need to change water about 5%-10% weekly only use RO/DI for startup and make-up water ( do not use tap or well-water in tank, buck, or anything that holds water dissolved solids(TDS) should not exceed 18 parts per million(ppm). reading of 0-3 is best temperature must be in between 74-84 degrees maintain salinity daily. 1.024-1.025 specific gravity or 34-35 parts per thousand (ppt). use a salinity Refractometer with automatic temperature compensation. Maintain the following consistently and avoid large swings in any of these areas by doing a little to your tank each day as opposed to a big husbandry program every other week. Maximize water flow…It is a must! Power heads, wave makers or dedicated pumps are fine needs waterflow protein skimmer highly reccomended Provide lighting of 2.5 Watts per gallon, minimum for 12 hours a day- rock only. Most reef aquarium 40 watt daylight bulbs will work. I recommend one actinic and two 6500K-10,000K daylight bulbs. Metal Halide lighting users should be 20,000 K for 4-5 hours and blue florescent for 12 hours. Use rock ratios of 1.5 pounds to 2 pounds of "Live Rock" per gallon of tank seawater capacity as a minimum for full reef tanks(once tank is ready) Maintain calcium level of 450 - 500 PPM Maintain phosphate level of <.0 - .10 PPM Maintain pH of 8.2 - 8.4 Maintain Alkalinity of 8.-8.3dkH Stabilize your tank. Stabilization equals algae control. You will always need clean up crews for your reef but most algae are opportunistic organisms. Swings in salinity or temperature or both WILL encourage the spread of this problem.

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