Can You Tell the Difference Between Synthetic and Human Hair Made Wigs?

here are all kinds of fibers used for wigs and hair pieces today. The two general categories are synthetic fibers and human hair fibers but there is a lot more you need to think about before you decide which is best for you: Synthetic hair is simply very fine plastic filaments. The structure is different from human hair. Synthetics are easier to handle, due to their ability to hold the basic curl after washing. Depending on the simplicity of the style, some of them require very little styling. The life of a good synthetic wig is about 1 year, but can last longer with proper care. As a rule, human hair is heavier in weight than synthetic fiber, but human hair is the longest wearing of all fiber. However, there are different qualities of human hair, depending on where it comes from. Some European hair is the best hair in the world because of it's strength and texture. This type of hair is the rarest of all, and is very expensive. Wigs made from this hair run into the thousands of dollars. Next is Asian hair, which is not as fine in texture as European, and even can be very coarse. These wigs sell cheap, and if you think you are saving money by purchasing one of these, you will probably wish you had not later. There is also higher quality Asian hair that has been used in the manufacture of quality wigs for many years, and this type can be chemically treated to resemble the texture of European. They look very nice and are relatively inexpensive for the quality. Then there is Indo hair, which comes from India and Indonesia. This type of hair is soft and fine in texture like good European, and is the hair of choice for most cranial prostheses and hair replacement companies today. This type of hair is more expensive than Asian, but if one if one is wearing a partial piece, it will blend very well with finer textured hair. Today, wig hair is made of many materials. In addition to human hair, advanced synthetic fibers or a combination of human hair and synthetic fibers are used. Naturally, any of these fibers can be of superior, good, of poor quality. But too make a long story short: synthetic hair doesnt last as long and doesnt look as good but is cheap and easy to maintain. human hair lasts longer and looks far more real but it can be rediculously expensive and requires a lot of care.

Can You Tell the Difference Between Synthetic and Human Hair Made Wigs? 1

1. Human hair or Synthetic Hair for braid extensions?

human hair looks better and more real than aynthetic hair but its alot more expensive than synthetic but if its in braids you prob wont be able to tell the difference and it would be cheaper

2. Where can i order good 100% human hair extensions?

you can go to a hair Extension shop that's where i got mine they are brilliant i Love them arre you thinking off getting them glued ?good luck x

Can You Tell the Difference Between Synthetic and Human Hair Made Wigs? 2

3. How do I get my hair like this?

Im glad we realize these are wigs... however... its possible to give hair that soft curl by using hot rollers. The 4th picture.. that's really all it is. Use larger rollers for more volume in the crown area and try to over direct them. I notice most of the pictures [on human hair] would involve a lot of backcombing.. which is simple, especially if you have a lot of hair. I suggest going to a hair salon... have them actually show you how to place hot rollers in, and than have them backcomb your hair to its full potential... or just spend a couple hours playing around with your hair. BigSexy hair hair makes a FABULOUS backcombing spary, use that and tease your hair huge, and it will stay all night if you finish with the BigSexy hair Volumizing hairspray.

4. Anyone know of where to get a long human hair wig for under $100? I am bald from chemo- have breast cancer?

ebay is all i can think of. celebrate your life, your hair will come back. i think the head wraps and hats are really cute. i hope someone see's your questions and can donate a wig. i have heard of and known people who shave their heads to honor their friends and family with cancer

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