Can You Use Regular Deck of Playing Cards As Tarot Cards? How Would You Read It? How Would You Match

Can you use regular deck of playing cards as tarot cards? how would you read it? how would you match them?

Can You Use Regular Deck of Playing Cards As Tarot Cards? How Would You Read It? How Would You Match 1

i know you can because my friend and her grandmother does that and using playing cards. I' m not sure how to read them. There are tons of books at book stores about Terrot reading and I am sure you can find something online

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Wouldn't be awesome if we could play card games on motorcycles?

What a horrible Yu-Gi-Oh refernce xD

Can You Use Regular Deck of Playing Cards As Tarot Cards? How Would You Read It? How Would You Match 2

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can you play cards in a restaurant in California?

As long as you do not bet on the game then it's ok

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FarCry3: Can I Use Playing Cards For Cheating At Poker Game?

Far Cry 3 Poker Cheat

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Suppose that a card is drawn from a well-shuffled deck of 52 playing cards.?

The only face cards are kings, queens, and jacks (3 values out of 13). Of the four suits that they could be half of them are red. 3*2 = 6 out of 52 cards; 6/52 = 3/26 = about 11. 54%.

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How Much Longer Will Children Of Undocumented Workers Be Used As Playing Cards?

Deport them and their families and then let them try to come in "The RIGHT WAY"!

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First of all, you put your question in the wrong category. Why would you ask about bicycle playing cards in the newborn category...? To answer your question, i am pretty sure they have bicycle playing cards in the malls. (check the toy stores, supermarket, and department stores.)

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Fun Family Playing Cards Game?

bull **** (really fun!) Practice poker (every month with me. I am a master at age 14)

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Does anyone else play cards anymore?

Turn your TV to FSN it is the Fox sports news they have poker on all the time and they also explain it really well

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Do you like playing cards or games? (not on the computer)?

I like Monte Carlo solitaire and Scorpion Solitaire

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What is the sign on the back of playing cards?

Most card companies have "graphic designs" on the back of their playing cards. Then you have Custom designs, photos, cartoons, etc etc....the possibilities are endless. Since you did not give us enough information, narrow down the brand of cards you are asking about.....we can only guess... My guess for your Q is: a Diamond sign.

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What is something that a deployed soldier may like in a care package besides their personal favorites?

chapstick, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, toothpicks, phone cards, and a deck of playing cards

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Dear Sirs Are Miss How Many Of You Like To Play Card Games Are Board Games ?

I think that there is time for kids to play their electronic games and play the old fashioned games too. Kids still appreciate attention from adults; and when we adults spend time listening to the kids describe their games, spend time playing our old fashioned games with them, and set the example for how to treat each other with respect then the kids tend to 'play along'. Over the last few months; I've had a 20 year old and 23 year old decorate my front sidewalk with chalk Holiday drawings, I've drawn chalk pictures with a 3 year old and a 4 year old, I've watched my husband show my 17 year old nephew how to play a chord on his bass guitar, we've played softball with our grandnieces and grandnephews, tossed nerf footballs with the older kids, played tic tac toe while waiting for dinner in a restaurant, listened to one of the kids describe getting to a new level on his Xbox game, and sang Christmas Carols with some kids in our community. I love board games, and I really should insist my family and friends play them with me more often. I suppose that there are many things that can distract kids today. But my experience tells me that kids still like good old fashioned positive attention.

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Three playing cards lie face down on the table, in a row. We know that:?

Ace of hearts Jack of Clubs King of Diamonds

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Given a pack of playing cards with all suites from 5-Ace (40 cards), first 5 cards distributed to 5 people and the sixth one defining trump colour, what is the probability that any of the 5 players has a trump? How about 2, 3, 4, and all 5 players?

The deck contains 9 trump cards that the players could draw, and 30 others (excluding the card used to determine the trump).So the number of possible deals for any given trump card is 3938373635 = 69090840.There are 30 non-trump cards in the deck, so 3029282726 = 17100720 combinations where no player has a trump. This means that the probability of no player having a trump card is 17100720/69090840, which reduces to 114/703, or around 24.75%.So the probability of one or more players having a trump card is 589/703, or 75.25%.There are 9 trump cards which could be dealt to a player. There are 5 players, so 95 = 45 ways in which one player could get a trump card. For each of these, there are 30292827 sets of non-trump cards the other players could get.So out of 69090840 permutations, there are 29597400 (or around 42. 84%) where exactly one player has a trump card.Similarly, there are 9810302928 = 17539200 (25.39%) permutations where 2 players have a trump card. And 987103029 = 4384800 (6. 35%) where 3 players have a trump cardAnd 9876530 = 453600 (0.66%) where 4 players have a trumpAnd a simple 98765 = 15120 (0.02%) ways of getting all trumps.So the probabilities are:5 trumps dealt - 15120/69090840 or 0. 02%4 trumps dealt - 453600/69090840 or 0. 66%3 trumps dealt - 4384800/69090840 or 6.35%2 trumps dealt - 17539200/69090840 or 25.39%1 trump dealt - 29597400/69090840 or 42. 84%0 trumps dealt - 17100720/69090840 or 24.75%As a double-check to make sure I have not made a mistake, I add together the permutations for each number of trumps, to confirm that 151204536004384800175392002959740017100720 = 69090840. This is correct, so I've accounted for all the possibilities and probably have not made an arithmetic error. If you want the probability of 3 or more players having a trump card, you can just add up the probabilities for the cases above

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