Characteristics and Advantages of Bolian Intelligent Lighting System

With the rapid development of 5g technology, artificial intelligence technology and Internet of things technology, the whole house smart home products have gradually entered thousands of households, bringing deeper convenience to more and more people. Among them, as the most concerned intelligent lighting by users, it has also become the protagonist of the whole house intelligent products with its unique advantages. To ask whether Bolian smart home is good, take a look at its intelligent lighting system, and maybe you can find the answer.

The modern intelligent lighting system can not only meet users' remote control of lights and create a personalized living atmosphere according to their own needs anytime and anywhere, but also has simple operation. It can be operated with one key only through mobile phone or intelligent voice; More importantly, with the application of intelligent lighting products, energy can be effectively saved. Through the human body sensing system, people can "turn on the light when people come and turn off the light when people go", so as to truly realize the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection. So is Bolian smart home good? As a leader in the field of smart home, the intelligent lighting package first promoted by Bolian whole house intelligence can be described as the leader in the field of smart lighting. It has not only made a great upgrade in technology, but also made a great breakthrough in product performance and use, so it is more suitable for today's modern family needs.

Bolian smart home brand is a Baidu ecological chain enterprise. Their first intelligent lighting package adopts the self-developed fastcon protocol networking and networking. Users do not need more technical operations. They can realize the intelligent lighting and color matching of the whole house, as well as the intelligent control of wechat applet and small intelligent speaker in two steps of code scanning and installation.

All weather intelligent lighting system. Home is the harbor and belonging of everyone's soul. The light at home is also a bright light to illuminate happiness. For working people, when they come home from work every day, they will feel warm when they see the lights on at home. As our companions, Bolian smart home can provide us with such happiness. When I get home every day, the moment I open the door, the home is bright; When you get up at night, the small night light in the aisle automatically lights up, so that the night is no longer dark.

Meet personalized lighting needs. The intelligent lighting control system in the whole house of Bolian can organically combine the family ceiling lights, spotlights, atmosphere lights and curtains to create a bright, warm, modern and other diverse family atmosphere. For example, when inviting friends to a party at home, you can set warm and cheerful warm color lights to set off the lively atmosphere of the party and show a lively and interesting atmosphere.

Realize green energy saving. Bolian intelligent lighting control system can perfectly combine natural light and lighting, and make the lighting more energy-saving while ensuring the lighting at home. Moreover, by setting the light on for people and the light off for people, we can avoid unnecessary waste of electric energy and truly achieve green energy conservation.

In the Internet era, although there are many kinds of smart home products on the market, with its unique service and excellent product quality, Bolian smart home really integrates the smart system into every inch of public life, and effectively creates a new experience of modern smart life for us, especially the application of Bolian intelligent lighting control system, In terms of smart lighting, it can be called leading the industry trend and effectively promoting the development of smart home. Therefore, don't ask whether Bolian smart home is good, let's experience the new era of smart residence it has created.

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