China Electronic System Has Built Suzhou Epidemic Control Platform in Two Days, Which Can Support th

According to the information released by Feiteng company, the 16nm 64 core ft-2000 / 64 processor they developed has been used in the Suzhou epidemic control platform, and a platform that can meet 100000 enterprises and 10 million employees has been built in only two days.

In March, all localities will begin to return to work. Although the epidemic situation is gradually controlled, it can not be relaxed. The epidemic situation control platform is indispensable. China Electronic System Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China system") undertook the construction of epidemic control platform in Suzhou.

The Chinese system chose the domestic Feiteng CPU instead of the foreign processor platform this time.

It took less than two days for the Chinese system to develop the Suzhou epidemic control platform based on the urban agile data center and Feiteng CPU from the receipt of the demand for enterprise resumption risk assessment in Pingjiang new town, Suzhou on the morning of February 15 to the demand communication, platform construction, data analysis and platform launch.

The platform mainly includes agile data middle station operation kit, epidemic prevention and control system and epidemic big data analysis, research and judgment system. The epidemic prevention and control system includes epidemic distribution analysis, return to work enterprise analysis and epidemic intelligent report, which realizes the aggregation, statistics and decision analysis of epidemic data, and can automatically output daily and express reports according to the configuration.

The Suzhou epidemic control platform was officially launched at 24:00 on February 16. It can support the activity trajectory analysis of 100000 enterprises and 10 million employees at the same time, and analyze the key areas at risk of resumption in real time and visually, so as to provide decision-making reference for resumption arrangement.

As of March 1, the platform has helped Suzhou Pingjiang new town identify nearly 700 enterprises that can return to work, involving nearly 20000 employees, greatly improving the efficiency of enterprise return to work approval and reducing the safety risk of enterprise return to work.

The Suzhou epidemic control platform developed by China's system, whether the test before the launch or the smooth operation after the launch, is inseparable from the supporting role of the "PK system" composed of Feiteng CPU and Galaxy Kirin operating system.

The bottom layer of Suzhou epidemic control platform is built based on ft-2000 / 64 processor. Ft-2000 / 64 processor is a product model of Feiteng for the field of high-performance servers. It integrates 64 independently developed processor cores ftc662, the main frequency is 2.0 2.3ghz, and the typical power consumption is 96w.

Ft-2000 / 64 designs a data friendly multi-core processor architecture, which breaks through the key technologies such as efficient out of order superscalar pipeline, hierarchical on-chip parallel storage structure, multi-level heterogeneous on-chip interconnection network, high availability processor design and so on.

The measured performance has reached the same level as the international mainstream server CPU, filling the gap in the field of domestic high-end general-purpose CPU. It is the first 64 core general-purpose CPU independently designed in China and the first 64 core general-purpose CPU compatible with armv8 instruction set in the world. It can meet the application requirements of high-end chips in key industry information systems and effectively escort information security.

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