China Mobile 10086 Customer Service System Adopts the Container Cloud Platform Solution Based on Kun

According to Huawei officials, 10086 is the world's largest customer service system, which is built by China Mobile Online Service Co., Ltd. (China Mobile Online), a subsidiary of China Mobile Group, to provide technical support and services. In this huge customer service system, part of the architecture is based on the "container k8s Kunpeng" cloud native technology stack.

China Mobile Online container cloud platform carries China Mobile's 10086 integrated customer service system throughout the network, including core systems such as voice customer service, Internet customer service, intelligent customer service and live video customer service, involving more than 350 business system modules, more than 1800 applications and more than 7500 services. It has realized the cloud prototype of the world's largest customer service system within one year.

Compared with traditional local applications, cloud native will bring a series of advantages. For example, the micro service mode can reduce the system failure rate and improve the efficiency of software operation and maintenance. Better enjoy the distributed deployment and elastic computing features brought by cloud computing, and realize continuous delivery and containerization.

Through self-development and expansion, the remote dual active deployment architecture of container cloud platform is realized. Relying on the advantages of cloud native rapid elastic expansion and resource scheduling, it has the ability to support all kinds of sudden business scenarios and quickly schedule resources. The application operation and maintenance efficiency is improved by more than 35%, ensuring the high reliability of "99.995%" of 10086 customer service system. The digital operation capability of real-time monitoring and scheduling of customer service business is realized, so that hotline customer service, Internet customer service and outbound marketing can use equipment resources on demand, improve system flexibility and reduce resource consumption.

In order to achieve the goal of high-performance and diversified computing, China Mobile Online cooperates with Huawei to build a container cloud platform solution based on Kunpeng computing platform, so as to provide a diversified computing power foundation for the cloud prototype of 10086 customer service system. With the blessing of Kunpeng computing power, China Mobile Online container cloud platform can quickly expand the number of computing cluster instances at any time, and adjust the nginx load strategy to obtain better disaster recovery switching capability. Such computing power comes from Taishan server based on Kunpeng processor - the computing power characteristics of high-performance and green computing, so as to help customers realize that under virtualization scenarios such as container cloud, the virtual density of the same configuration is 20% higher than the industry average.

At present, this platform has entered the commercial stage, and the compatibility and availability of Kunpeng computing platform have been verified. Based on Kunpeng computing platform, China Mobile Online container cloud platform has upgraded the end-to-end computing infrastructure and software ecological adaptation capabilities from the underlying infrastructure, OS, container cloud to the business application layer.

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