China Mobile Has Strong Transmission Network Capacity, and the Total Length of Self Built Optical Ca

Yesterday afternoon, the cross provincial and cross-border private network product conference with the theme of "speed private network Zhilian global" was held in Shanghai. China Mobile Shanghai, China Mobile International and China Mobile Government and enterprise branch jointly released the industry private network and new cross Pacific (NCP) submarine cable. This indicates that China Mobile will build a new dual cross private network, comprehensively upgrade its operation and maintenance capacity, and provide high-security, high-quality and reliable private network and dedicated line services for all walks of life.

It is reported that China Mobile has strong basic transmission network capacity, with a total length of more than 14 million skin kilometers of self built optical cables, and has established a reasonable and safe multi-layer transmission network among provinces, trunk lines and metropolitan areas that has operated stably for many years. Globally, it has achieved direct land cable connection with 8 surrounding countries and regions, participated in the construction of 8 submarine cables, has resources on more than 40 submarine cables, and the international transmission bandwidth has exceeded 23t.

China mobile industry private network is an end-to-end independent OTN network, which is only used by group customers. It provides high-quality cross-border and inter provincial special lines supporting different services such as SDH and Ethernet and different speeds. It has the characteristics of low delay, high reliability, fast opening and strong guarantee.

Private network: all private network equipment are newly built and independently networked, which only carries the special line business of group customers to ensure the specificity of customers and business. The cross-border section extends from Shanghai to Asia Pacific, North America and Europe overseas nodes such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Frankfurt and Los Angeles through NCP submarine cable, China Europe land cable and China Hong Kong land cable, so as to realize end-to-end dispatching.

Ultra low delay: break through the multi-layer structure of the traditional transmission network, adopt the flat networking principle, and directly access between nodes along the shortest route to reduce the line delay. The NCP submarine cable project in Asia has been completed and has production capacity, which will reduce the delay of 30-50 milliseconds for users.

Ultra high reliability: adopt the best optical cable and the latest technology of the whole network, and apply SNCP, 1 1 rerouting, automatic routing calculation and other protection methods to greatly improve the circuit quality and effectively reduce flashover.

Ultra fast opening: end equipment plug and play, end-to-end unified configuration and scheduling, and cooperate with the standby and picking mechanism to meet the needs of customers for rapid opening; G.7044 technology is adopted to realize dynamic adjustment of bandwidth and uninterrupted service during capacity expansion.

Super support: comprehensively upgrade the operation and maintenance support capability, adopt the operation and maintenance mode of one point operation and one point response of the whole network, and have the ability of rapid obstacle removal and response. The whole network quality is visualized to provide customers with a view of quality indicators, and customers can intuitively grasp the real-time situation of the network.

The conference also grandly launched the promotion policy of China Mobile's Cross provincial and cross-border special network, which is more than 30% - 50% lower than the general price in the industry market. A number of customers on site made clear their intention to sign the contract and completed the on-site contract.

China Mobile said that the inter provincial and cross-border private network will adhere to the concept of "speed private network Zhilian global", commit to providing high-quality services that exceed customers' expectations, provide reliable and diversified dual cross business service capabilities and safe and efficient customer response support, and help customers "create brilliance, connect the world and share the world", Help all walks of life to accelerate the pace of information development under the wave of Digital China.

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