China Mobile, Together with Huawei and Other Partners, Jointly Released 5g Smart Service Products

5g smart service, online connection to the future. As the main body of China Mobile's customer service ecological construction, China Mobile Online held a customer service Ecological Cooperation summit in Guangzhou on the afternoon of November 15. Together with many partners and government and enterprise customers such as Institute of acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huawei and Ali, China Mobile Online discussed 5g Service ecology and 5g customer service products, jointly built the customer service industry ecology, and released a series of products jointly developed by customer service ecology.

Opening ceremony of the summit

AI enabled digital services   China Mobile Online joins hands with Huawei, Alibaba and other leading enterprises

At the conference site, industry experts from Ali, Huawei and the Institute of acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences formed a customer service ecological "dream team" to discuss and share artificial intelligence, big data applications, intelligent voice technology and the transformation of digital services in the 5g era. Zhao Kun, an expert in the field of artificial intelligence at Ali Dharma Institute, believes that with the development of AI, intelligent service and intelligent life will become an important symbol of the 5g era. After the in-depth cooperation between Alibaba and China mobile online, the two sides have made continuous breakthroughs and innovations in the fields of intelligent customer service and industry solutions by integrating rich data resources and technologies.

Guest speech

Wu chenyao, vice president of Huawei's software product line, vividly pointed out that "2G era is telephone service, 3G is multimedia service, 4G is Internet service, and 5g is intelligent service." according to him, China Mobile Online has the service capacity of the world's top contact center, and the combination of "Huawei Technology on-line operation" accelerates the intelligent transformation of enterprise services; Yan Yonghong, an authoritative expert in the field of intelligent speech at the Institute of acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the first core technology provider of speech recognition applications in many industry fields. Facing the needs of manufacturing and service industries, the acoustic Institute and China mobile online have jointly created an industry-leading voice cloud platform. Their cooperation is constantly accelerating the development of intelligent voice technology.

It is reported that the "dream team" of customer service ecology is the pioneer of using artificial intelligence to promote the digital transformation of customer service capability in this vertical industry. China Mobile Online combines these industry-leading resource advantages with its own operation ability to achieve strong alliance, so as to make China Mobile cloud customer service products more intelligent and provide customers with better services.

China Mobile Online launched a new cooperation policy   Build a new ecology of customer service industry and realize connection symbiosis

Intelligent service product release

China mobile online is committed to becoming the pioneer of digital service transformation, and strive to improve the digital, professional and large-scale service marketing ability. Based on this, China Mobile Online released 5g intelligent service products, provided basic cloud customer service platform AI intelligent engine for new customers, and released cloud customer service professional version, intelligent im robot and intelligent voice engine products; Provide comprehensive efficiency improvement solutions of intelligent technology hardware for old customers, and release intelligent quality inspection, intelligent shift scheduling and intelligent workplace products. The release of series products promotes the combination of artificial intelligence technology and customer service, and promotes the R & D of intelligent products.

China Mobile Online believes that in addition to product integration, the unity of values is the basis for the construction of customer service ecology. On the occasion of the theme education of "never forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind", the Party committee of China Mobile Online issued the initiative of "joint innovation of Party construction", cooperated with customer service ecological partners, led by Party construction, integrated party construction and production and operation, served the society and the people, and continued to output more high-quality services.

In this regard, China Mobile Online has also launched five key cooperation modes, including joint team mode, integrated delivery mode, joint expansion mode, open platform mode and product joint research mode. Taking the joint team model as an example, China Mobile Online will join hands with Huawei to form a unified joint team from project expansion, delivery and after-sales support, create core competitive advantages with "Huawei Technology online operation" and provide quality services for users.

Strategic signing link

In addition, in order to further promote the collaborative development of industrial chain partners, China mobile online and Alibaba Dharma academy, Huawei, Institute of acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ant financial services and other partners focused on R & D innovation, technical cooperation, operation sharing and other aspects, signed strategic cooperation agreements, and continuously optimized intelligent voice technology, upgraded communication cloud platform and polished cloud customer service product capability.

New cases of sharing digital services    Partner wins "exclusive honor"

The aggregation of advantageous forces is inseparable from the cooperation of many 5g service ecological innovation enterprises. On the summit site, represented by new party communication, shengdun electronics and Yuanchuan information, they shared experience and achievements around cloud customer service big data industry cases, government service hotline cases and cloud customer service system integration cases.

After joining hands with China mobile online, Xinfang communication rapidly expanded the cloud customer service big data business, and cooperated with provincial companies to undertake the support work of more than 40 customers such as Bank of Ningbo and PICC; With the application of intelligent customer service solution, intelligent service robot and intelligent service cloud, Yuanchuan information complements the advantages of China mobile online and continues to empower customers at the level of business opportunities, resources and science and technology; Based on the strong communication and cloud computing capabilities of China mobile online, shengdun electronics has supported the construction projects such as Hefei 12345 hotline and xiong'an emergency office. The characteristics of centralized acceptance, classified disposal and unified coordination have improved the work efficiency and service level of customers.

Awarding link

At the finale of the forum, China Mobile Online presented the "2019 China Mobile customer service ecological navigation Strategic Cooperation Award" to the Institute of acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huawei, Alibaba Dharma Institute, the school of software of Zhejiang University and ant financial; "2019 best application contribution award of China Mobile customer service ecology" was awarded to Heli Yijie, Xinfang communication, shengdun electronics and Yuanchuan information; It also awarded the honor of "2019 China Mobile cloud customer service MVC customer" to cloud customer service product customers SF, GAC new energy, Bank of Ningbo, Guizhou Maotai and Baoduo insurance, and expressed gratitude for the trust of government and enterprise customers and partners.

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