ConsIder Eyeglasses That Block Only Red Light From One Eye and Block Only Green Light From the Other

ConsIder eyeglasses that block only red light from one eye and block only green light from the other. Would they help a person afflicted with red/green color blindness?

With such glasses, person with R/G color blindness could distinguish red and green "intellectually", by learning that if an object were dark through the red-blocking lens and light through the green-blocking lens, it was what people with normal vision call "green", and if vice-versa, "red". It wouldn't duplicate the sensations that people with normal vision experience when viewing those colors.In other words, it would be sort of like giving a tone-deaf person an oscilloscope or frequency meter to help them distinguish notes. ConsIder eyeglasses that block only red light from one eye and block only green light from the other. Would they help a person afflicted with red/green color blindness?

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In watermelons, the genes for green color and for short shape are dominant over their alleles for striped?

I will explain this problem, and, to shorten things, I will use G for green, g for striped, S for short, and s for long. First, look at the heterozygous parent. Its genotype is GgSs, so there are four different sets of alleles it could contribute- GS, Gs, gS, and gs. It will contribute each of these alleles 1/4 of the time, so the probability for each allele is 1/4. Next, look at the the long striped parent. It shows the recessive trait, so it must be homozygous, which makes its genotype ggss. This means that every time it breeds, it will contribute the allele set gs. The probability of it contributing this allele is 1. Finally, you combine the two parents. Combine every possible contribution from one parent with every possible contribution from the other parent, and multiply the probabilities for the contributions. 1/4 GS * 1gs = 1/4 GgSs = phenotype short green 1/4 Gs * 1gs = 1/4 Ggss = phenotype short striped 1/4 gS * 1gs = 1/4 ggSs = phenotype long green 1/4 gs * 1gs = 1/4 ggss = phenotype long striped Hope this helps!

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I have a large old desk that I obtained from an old factory. It was at one time painted a seafoam green color?

I do not understand. You say you would "love" to keep the color, then you say "it does not seem practical". It's your house, your desk, your money, your time, and your taste. What do YOU want to do? The lead paint is not an issue. Paint/stain is.

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Does blue hair dye come out a nasty green color?

I have dyed my hair blue in the past. My hair is a dark brown mah hair syliest [[before I started dying my hair myself]] bleached it then put the blue dye in it just like I do now. It turned out well blue. but it does fade. Then you have to redye it. It does not just come out in a nasty green color after it fades it turns green yes

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Whats the best product to make my grass grow nice rich green color?

Look at the store for a nitrogen fertilizer. Use a hand cranked spreader to throw the pellets randomly all over the grass. Water the grass afterwards. It should turn super green within a couple weeks, unless it is too cold, then it will green up when it gets warmer out.

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Are the green color snakes found in Jacksonville FL poisonous?

They are Florida garters, and they are as harmless are as they are abundant

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red/green color my eye problem?

whooaaa sounds like color blindness to me! green and red are the major colors you would have issues with i would go have it checked! BTW color blind DOES NOT you only see black and white you can see other colors as well!

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How to undo in Object Mode? Green color selection

CtrlG adds selected objects to a new GroupObjects belonging to a group show up in green.ShiftAltG removes active objects from a group.If more than one object is selected and when you press ShiftAltG but only one of them is removed from all groups, then afterwards press CtrlL > Groups to remove all selected objects from all groups.

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im a red-green color deficient, can i be a pilot ?

:o( i dont think so man...sorry

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