Covalent Bond Nature in Electronegativity Gap

Strength of covalent bond depends on many factors, one of the key factors is "extent of overlapping of orbitals". For e.g., if you consider $ceH2$ molecule, there is a head on overlapping of $mathrm1s-1s$ orbitals involving two hydrogen atoms, but in the case of, say, $ceHCl$, there is a head on overlapping of $mathrm1s-3p_z$ orbital ($mathrm1s$ of hydrogen, and $mathrm3p_z$ of chlorine), and we all know that $mathrmp-s>s-s$, that is, overlapping between a $mathrmp$-orbital and a $mathrms$-orbital is stronger than $mathrms$ and $mathrms$ orbital, and stronger the overlapping more is the covalent bond energy.So, it largely depends on the type of orbitals involved and the nature of overlapping. Check this to learn more about overlapping

1. I'm so sick of this gap commercial!?

ya think>? the gap commercial is SO annoying, i wanna beat the balls outta it

2. gap in teeth... attractive or not?

SMALL ones, not big ones

3. Is that Gap ad still annoying you?

I decided to just listen to my iPod until Yahoo comes to terms with the fact that it's pissing everyone off

4. age gap in relationship?

i am about 5 years old than my GF seems to work. The norm that the guy was to be 4 years older cause women mature faster than guys. whatever i think it depends on love anyway.

5. Correcting a gap in ListPlot

First, your code does not produces same plot. Second, you can get the data you want like this:datas = Cases[data, x_, y_, _, _, z_ /; -2 x, y];datau = Cases[data, x_, y_, _, _, z_ /; Not[-2 x, y]; Third, you need to add the end point of datas to datau or the opposite and then plot using datas1,datau or using datas,datau1

6. gap clothing line?

uhhh gap.... I am sorry but that is not the greatest store to go to, but try Old Navy. They have a new line and has a way better version of things, and cheaper prices

7. How undecidable is the spectral gap?

I have not read the paper carefully, but this appears to be a standard undecidability result, of the sort of which there are dozens if not hundreds in the literature, of the same ilk as the undecidability of Wang tilings, the undecidability of the existence of solutions to Diophantine equations, the word problem for groups, and many others.It's a formal mathematical proof which shows (Theorem 3 in the extended version) that, there is a family of Hamiltonians $H^Lambda(L)(n)$ such that the set of $n$ such that $H^Lambda(L)(n)$ is "gapped" is a complete computably enumerable set.The connection to things like axiomitizations of math is then completely standard---any correct and consistent system of axioms cannot prove "$H^Lambda(L)(n)$ is not gapped" for all $n$ for which this is true.

8. Why is there a gap between New Year and Christmas?

"Why is there a gap between New Year and Christmas?"There's this thing called a "year", made up of months, and weeks, and days ... 'time' if you will.New Year is at the very beginning of that period of time, and Xmas is near the other end, so the space (or "gap") will necessarily contain all those parts of the year (time, or months, weeks, & days) that make up the year, and do not come after Xmas

9. Teens: the wealth gap in the world?

Does not surprise me in the slightest. I've read many articles on this. Also, I do not understand what you mean by "experiences with this." I would love to answer properly.

10. A Gap in your teeth - good or not good?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Dentally, it is only an esthetic problem if it does not cause food impaction when you eat.

11. Is discussing the Wage Gap Offensive on GWS?

Its really diffiicult to discuss complicated subjects with people who are unarmed

12. Is it safe to put an external drive on top of my desktop case near the hard drive?

I would say the only danger was from the external drive falling off the desktop case when (note not if) you knock the desktop by accident.As sgmoore points out the slots for the internal drivers are quite close together - they just leave an inch or so gap for airflow

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