Detailed Analysis of Ten Technical Parameters of LED Outdoor Display Screen

With the increasing market demand for outdoor advertising, the application scale of outdoor LED display screen is expanding rapidly. Facing the complex brand products on the market, how can industry users buy products that satisfy themselves? Understanding the parameters of LED display is the primary premise.

1. Definition: determine the required area and definition of the screen according to the best viewing distance point, and the best distance of "40000 pixel points / m2" is 5-50m; The most advanced 16 bit data interface is adopted to further improve the clarity of the picture.

2. Brightness: the brightness of the screen is designed above 2500cd / m2, which can not only ensure that the color of the indoor full-color LED display screen is realistic and the image is clear during normal use, but also ensure that the LED display screen has sufficient brightness and bright and clear video image when the attenuation of the lamp tube exceeds 30%. Refresh rate: super class 5 twisted pair shielded wire is used between the processor and the screen, and high-performance control IC is configured. The high refresh rate of the screen can be designed at ≥ 1000Hz to ensure that there is no water ripple and flicker during video playback, low all digital loss and anti electromagnetic interference. Power supply and signal transmission mode: because of the importance of full-color LED display, the power supply and signal transmission should be technically treated with high-quality military grade connector design. Further control the faults caused by various pulling forces at the connector.

3. Control mode: select the self-designed control system, and conduct 240 hour uninterrupted power on aging screening, so as to select a highly reliable control system. Moreover, in the control mode, double redundant waste heat backup is adopted. Once there is a problem, it is immediately connected by another signal line to continue normal operation and smooth connection.

4. Raw materials: all raw materials of LED display screen are famous brand high-quality products, and the most important LED lamps are high-quality LED lamps.

5. Three level product aging process: firstly, the modules produced by the automatic assembly line are powered on for 24 hours, then the single box is powered on for 48 hours, and finally the finished display screen assembled on site is simulated to be powered on for 72 hours, which is qualified

6. Product quality control: all products are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO9001-2000 quality certification system documents. (see the quality certification certificate) will be tested in strict accordance with the waterproof grade IP65 to achieve complete waterproof effect. Installation and commissioning of LED display screen: the installation and commissioning of LED display screen shall be carried out in strict accordance with the design scheme, and the installation level shall reach above level C (the highest level of LED display screen installation).

7. Leading system software (ready for screen re application): the operating system adopts WindowsXP and supports the latest windows series products provided by Microsoft. All application software take windows as the operating platform and have friendly interface. The playback software has rich clock functions. It can display the current date and time. The display clock synchronized with the computer time can be a simulation clock or a digital clock. The software adopts advanced threading technology. When playing the software, it can play text, animation, clock, photos, audio, etc. in multiple threads.

8. Perfect system function design (for screen reuse): the system can meet the requirements of assembly, performance, TV broadcasting and advertising broadcasting. The LED display system of the project has multimedia, multi-channel, real-time high-speed communication data and video interface, which can easily introduce various forms of information sources into the computer network system to realize the unified control of various audio and video inputs.

9. The video playback function can display true color dynamic video images: it can broadcast closed-circuit TV and satellite TV programs with high fidelity; Multiple video signal input and output interfaces: composite video, Y / C video (s_video), YPbPr, VGA (rgbhv), DVI, HDMI, SDI (HDSDI); It can play video programs such as VCD, DVD and LD with high fidelity; It has the functions of superimposing text, animation and static pictures on the video picture; Real time editing and playing functions such as panorama, close-up, slow motion and stunts can be realized through editing equipment. Brightness, contrast, saturation and chroma can be adjusted by software, and the adjustment range is 256 levels; Image freezing function; It has three display modes: video overlay (VGA video), video and VGA; Horizontal / vertical position compensation function; With display synchronization function.

10. The computer graphic information playback function can display various computer information, such as text, graphics, pictures and two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation. It has rich playback modes, displays rolling information, notices, slogans, etc., and has a large capacity of data information storage. The display screen can open multiple windows to display calendar, clock and insert single line flowing text. There are a variety of Chinese fonts and fonts to choose from. You can also input English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Russian and many other foreign languages. The broadcasting system has multimedia software, which can flexibly input and broadcast a variety of information. There are more than 20 broadcasting modes, such as left-right rolling, up-down rolling, left-right pushing, up-down pushing, diagonal pushing, diffusion, fan, rotation, scaling and so on. Display network data information through network connection. Equipped with a network interface, it can connect with the computer and share network resources. It has a standard audio signal output interface to achieve audio-visual synchronization.

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