Did the Mayans Go to Another Planet Because They Believed That the World Was Going to End 2012?

did the Mayans go to another planet because they believed that the world was going to end 2012?

i agree with the first answer that 2012 is just getting everyone worried well i doubt a civilization would leave the planet

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Oil is up!! Why do we not use our own?

More than likely that is not even close to true (as far as years available). However, we do have quite a bit of oil throughout the United States. But it must be pointed out that we would have to destroy quite a few areas to get to it. Animals would be forced out of habitats, entire species would be destroyed on an even larger scale than they are being destroyeed already, and many humans would be forced to leave their homes as well. And judging by your tone, I would venture to guess you would prefer to destroy an animal habitat to protect the American economy. I could see why many would be willing to accept that, but we do live in a symbiotic relationship with all living creatures on this planet. We need them as much as they need us. The planet can handle the losses for a while, but at some point there will be enough species killed off to throw off the ecological balances. It is quite possible (and, in fact, rather probable) that this loss of balance would be enough to completely or nearly completely destroy humanity, along with nearly every form of life on the surface of the planet. The only life that would probably survive such an event would be at the bottom of the ocean, or maybe some of those underground (but humans would be among neither group). Rather than fighting over oil, we should be looking for alternative fuels. For the record, I do not think we should destroy either environment (ours or theirs). We should look for swomething else entirely.

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If climate change is anthropogenic, would it help if we were all to leave the planet?

Yes, but that is a rather drastic solution. It would be much simpler for us to replace our fossil fuel power plants with wind and solar power (plus batteries to store the power for when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining) and to replace our vehicles (cars, trucks, ships, and even planes) with electric vehicles charges from clean energy.If climate change is anthropogenic, would it help if we were all to leave the planet?.

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What planet is Frieza from?

From your planet

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What 10 things can someone do to help save our planet?

only little girls and morons think the planet is in danger

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What was that foreign planet movie?

I honestly believe you are combining both Red Planet and Mission to Mars. Red Planet had Val Kilmer and Tom Sizemore. They went to check a green house, leaving Carri Anne Moss behind on the ship, and realized that Mars had oxygen on it but they find out it's because of these bugs. I think that's the one where the guy gets pushed off the cliff. In Mission to Mars they end up under a mountain on Mars that looks like a face from far away and learn about the origins of these aliens from one alien. I believe it looked like a planetarium. Hope this helps

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Are there still people that don't believe Climate Change?

Yeah, and there are some parts of the Earth that are going to cool. It is all a part of the heat distribution system for the planet. Why do so many freak out over this stuff?.

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Mobile City Book - Not Mortal Engines [closed]

Another possibility is Strength of Stones by Greg Bear.One day, the cities decided their inhabitants are unworthy, and exiled them - the people now live in normal villages, with the general technology level have dropped to near medieval times. The cities still deconstruct themselves to move around the plant, looking for resources

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Do you believe that planet earth may become "The Planet of the Apes"?

Probably when the internet becomes a series of tubes. Damn dirty apes... NEVER!

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Would an Earth-Like planet with much lower gravity support larger creatures?

It is quite possible that we are not alone in our universe because there are millions and millions of galaxies. To answer your question, yes. "aliens" on other planets like the one you mentioned (much lower gravity) the organisms would need a larger mass to be able to stay on the planet. Or they would be able to fly. Either one. Life doesnt have to just be in the "goldilocks" part of a solar system. (this is the perfect area between a center star and planets, like where earth and mars are) this area supports liquid water-a vital need for survival, however life could have another chemical makeup than us. It is quite possible that instead of having liquid water to live, they could have liquid Nitrogen, for instance. In this case, life could be anywhere beyond the goldilocks area of a solar system.

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