Dining Lighting Ideas

Lighting your dining room is a creative expression of the mood you want to establish. This is where you gather with family and friends, and setting the tone facilitates memorable meals together. This room benefits from the use of a dimmer switch to create a special ambiance. A dining fixture can become the highlight of the space, viewed as a sculptural form over the table. A crystal chandelier glistens during a romantic sunset dinner.

A round dining table that seats four is going to benefit from a different size light than a rectangular table that seats eight. In a traditional setting install a dining light fixture so that it is about one half the width of your table. For an eclectic or modern setting, push the boundaries and go for an oversize pendant or drum shade for a sense of drama and whimsy.

Avoid glare over the dining table by installing a fixture that has diffused light, such as one with a long rectangular linen shade so that guests can linger. Or use a chandelier with candelabra bulbs that cast a warm glow and top with miniature shades over each bulb for an even softer look. Install a traditional metal chandelier with glass diffusers facing light upward to the ceiling rather than downward to avoid harsh glare to those sitting under the light.

In an ultra-modern setting, install a straight line of swivel directional recessed lights that direct narrow beams of light onto the table, creating a warm, inviting, sophisticated atmosphere. In a dining space with a low ceiling, an adjustable track lighting kit adds an industrial feel to the space. Two flush-mount ceiling lights with glass diffusers installed an equal distance from each other is a symmetrical presentation.

In a dining room with high ceilings, create a wow factor and install an unusually shaped light fixture, such as a group of blown glass balls hanging at varying heights or a suspended modern light that hangs from thin cable and floats above your table. Or install a fixture that mimics candlelight with an open surface that holds cylindrical diffusers that emit a low light for ambiance.

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Using a Volt Meter, How Can I Determine Which Romex Wire Is Carrying the 110 VAC to a Light Fixture
Using a Volt Meter, How Can I Determine Which Romex Wire Is Carrying the 110 VAC to a Light Fixture
The hot wire will register 116-121ish when tested against the other two (common and ground). The common and ground together will obviously register 0. The process of elimination will narrow it down to the hot.1. Should I replace a light fixture after water has leaked through it?Let it dry out and it should be fine. Other damage though might require a bit more work. Good luck with the cleanup2. Light Fixture Problems! Any electricians Help!!?I totally agree with RD. Those speed wire clips are garbage and unreliable. Definitely cut them off and wire them up with wire nuts3. fluorescent light fixture works with older bulb but not new?Check all of the indications on the bulb, not just the wattage. Different bulbs operate differently (as someone mentioned, there are fast start bulbs out there). And, any differences will be annotated in the model number on the bulbs. You have to get exactly the same model number for the replacement bulbs that are on the old ones for them to work properly4. what tools do I need to replace my light fixture?Yes you can do it yourself for sure. First and foremost, turn the power off via the breaker switch. Second, take down your existing fixture. You will need a screwdriver and maybe a pair of pliers. The new fixture is going to be wired up the same way as your existing fixture. Black wire to black wire, white wire to white, and connect the ground wire to the junction box. Some new wire nuts and some electrical tape will be needed as well! Always make sure the power is turned off before anything is done!5. How do I replace a Ceiling Fan with a Light Fixture?it seems that the reason you have two black (traveler wires) and a red (source wire) is that you could operate the fan from two different locations in the room. In the other switch you might have the same color wires. If that's the case you need to buy three way (switches or dimmers) and hook them according to the way there originally where hooked up to the fan. to make it easier to understand the wiring copy and paste the link below. Hope this fixes your wire problem How to Wire a Three-Way Switch | eHow.com6. why do I have two black wires and two white wires coming from the ceiling light fixture?you said it is a new fixture so you need to give more details like is their a switch,did they cut a run in two or is one pair going to a switch,what or why did you want to know7. is it safe for an amateur to replace a light fixture with a ceiling fan?Have it professionally done. Most light fixtures are designed to hold just that: a light bulb and globe. Ceiling fans are much heavier and need to have stronger mounts. You do not want a ceiling fan dropping on your head as it's spinning! I've replaced three light fixtures with ceiling fans in my bedrooms, but I had to go to the attic and reinforce the mounting boxes with 2x4's to support the weight.8. How do I connect a copper light fixture to aluminum wiring?Do not mater. Same way. Cept, probably no ground. Delete ground9. Will a CFL bulb fix into a led light fixture like the ones you find in ikea?the ones from ikea probably arent designed to be swapped out. they use special connectors and low voltage wiring. while you could make it work with a cfl it would require rewiring the fixture.10. Can I wire a 'house' light fixture into my camper? Is the wiring the same?Most campers have two systems....One is 12V and the other is 110 or home current. 12V is generally a distinctive kind plug in like to a cig lighter. You have to be particular you do not cross the two as it will not function and would be dangerous. Check and see if the new fixture is a normal plug in or not11. changing light fixture - the ceiling has 2 wires wht/blk - but new fixture has an extra green wire? what to dogreen is for grounding. connect it to 3rd. bare wire. if that does not exist then secure bare end of green wire to electrical box or screw
Installing Grounded Light Fixture on Box with No Ground Conductor
There's a few options.If there's no grounding conductor at all, there's a few things you can do.Obviously, you could install a grounding conductor for the circuit.Code allows you to share a grounding conductor from another circuit, as long as the grounding conductor is properly sized.If you're replacing a fixture, you don't need a ground if the outlet is GFCI protected.410.44 Methods of Grounding. Luminaires and equipment shall be mechanically connected to an equipment grounding conductor as specified in 250.118 and sized in accordance with 250.122.Exception No. 3: Where no equipment grounding conductor exists at the outlet, replacement luminaires that are GFCI protected shall not be required to be connected to an equipment grounding conductor.At times, metallic boxes are grounded using metallic conduit, or the outer covering and/or internal bonding strip of armored cable. If this is the case, then the box may actually be grounded.There's also a chance that there's a grounding conductor stuffed in the back of the box.If the box is grounded, you can simply connect a grounding conductor to the box. If there's a grounding conductor stuffed in the box, you can simply connect to it• Related QuestionsDo light fixtures with small solar panels require direct sunlight?Solar panels receiving indirect sunlight Indirect sunlight produce around 10% to 25% of their optimal output. A solar panel of the size illustrated could optimally churn out around 4W with direct sunlight or 0.4W with indirect sunlight.The website for that light suggests it has a nominal wattage of 3W.So. If you had 12 hours of direct sunlight, you would easily get 12 hours of full luminance LED light. It might even get 16 hours of full luminance if the battery is up to it.But if you are only getting 10% power because of the indirect sunlight, then you'll only get a tenth of that, so 1.6 hours of full luminance. If it runs at 20% luminance then you'll only get 1.6 / 20% hours, which is still a good eight hours.But I've ignored the battery, the various other power draws and efficiencies.That seven hours minimum charge time with indirect sunlight isn't going to give you 12 hours of 20% lighting. Its going to give you about five hours, maybe four hours.In answer to the headline question:- Yes, light fixtures with small solar panels require direct sunlight. They'll still work a bit with indirect sunlight, but they won't do everything you expect of them------how to add an overhead ceiling fixture to a switched outlet runTwo long for a comment, I usually run 12/3 or 14/3 to switched outlets. In this case the supply neutral feeds 1 side of the switch and I use the red wire as the switched hot and the black as the always hot for the outlet. If this is the case only 1 side of the outlet will have the connection tab broken, you can remove the red and cap it then jumper the hot to both sides of the outlet. At this point you can fish the wire to the switch box or the outlet for your light. The only problems I run into doing this is if fire breaks are in the wall then a long drill bit is required to punch a hole through the fire break. The second is insulation, insulation can be a pain in the back side, I use "glow rods or fish sticks" to feed down walls, these are 1/8" fiberglass rods I tape the wire to this helps get the wire down the wall to where it can be grabbed with a coat hanger. With 2 people this is easier but it can be done by 1 person it usually just takes longer unless you get lucky------How much can I safely plug into a light socket converted to a standard outlet? closedAnd I am concerned about the poor light socket. Most standard light sockets say something like100W maxThis refers to the lamp that you can safely use in that socket. The main variable that goes into that calculation, I believe, is the heat dissipation: most of the energy produced by an incandescent light bulb is in the form of heat, and the lamp fixturesocket has to be able to withstand the heat put out by the bulb.However, there are other factors, namely, the current rating the wires leading to the light socket and the electrical connections inside the socket itself. If the wires and connections are safe for under 1 Amp, then you can't use a larger than 100W bulb (given 120V AC). In the end you cannot know what part which factors play in the power rating of the socket, and so I would advise to find out the power rating of the light socket itself, and not exceed that either.Bottom line: the "Handy Hutlet" might allow 660W, but the light socket is unlikely to, and you'd be wise not to exceed the power rating of the weakest link in the chain------GFCI buzzing on same circuit as dimmerI have never encountered the situation of a buzzing GFI before. Sounds a bit fishy to me. The trouble shooting procedure would be to turn off the power to the bathroom, unscrew the GFI from the box, pull it out a bit and remove the "load" side wires which should go to the dimmer and check that "line" screws are tight. Turn the power back on, if the dimmer is on the load side then the light with dimmer should be inoperative. Does the sound go away? If it doesn't and the buzz remains, the GFI is probably defective. Now turn the power back off, put the load wires back on and test again. If the buzz comes back then replace the dimmer or swap it for a regular switch. If neither of these subtitution tests stop the problem, call a different electrician. Trust me, a buzz from a GFI or a dimmer is not a normal situation and could be a potentially dangerous situation. Feel free to ask follow up questions if any of this doesn't make sense to you. Maybe one of my buddies can do an edit to make this a bit easier to follow------remove single pole switch that control outletLeave the 3-way switch alone! Colors don't mean half as much as you'd like. Actually, they are there to distinguish wires in cable. Only ground has a reserved "color", though if present, neutral must be on white. The red wire is nothing but a pigtail, it could be purple for all it matters. People tend to make pigtails with any old bit of scrap they have lying around. Actually on this switch, both the screw and the backstab are in use, which is sloppy but it means the black backstabbed wire and the red pigtail are connected. So all of these are connected together: I would rend the wire out of that backstab and put it under the wire nut, as this will make the wiring easier to understand. And also because the backstab and screw method is bad, and also because backstabs are lousy in the first place. So now, the clump of blacks (and red pigtail) are almost certainly the supply hot coming into this box. Now it becomes clear: the solitary black wire on the switch is the switched-hot wire going to the receptacle. You can take it from here, I trust------How can this circle light cast a triangle shadow? closedWhile the bottom of the fixture (chandelier?) has circular symmetry, the top of it has this symmetry broken. Note that there are three support connections between the fixture and the ceiling, and that the edges of the bright triangle are roughly parallel with the lines between the three ceiling supports. Apparently something on the hidden topside of this fixture has triangular symmetry.Also note that the support cables/rods do not cast obvious shadows, even right at the places where they attach to the ceiling. That means that the bright spot is not from a single source, but from very many small sources --- probably arranged in the ring and aimed at the center spot on the ceiling. But that doesn't address the question of how the shadows are made.The light fixture has clearly been designed to create this pattern because it is improbable and cool-looking. A photo from above would answer the question right away. So would (probably) finding the fixture for sale in some catalogue. Reinventing the design in the answers here might or might not come up with the same solution as the artist who came up with this clever artistic object------How is the wattage of an incandescent light fixture determined?This is related to the amount of current (Amps) the electrical parts of the fixture can take without overheating and causing damage.$$textWatts textAmps * textVolts$$So at 120v a 50W bulb will draw $frac50120$ (0.416) Amps and a 75W bulb will draw $frac75120$ (0.625) Amps.All electrical conductors have some resistance, this makes them warm up when you pass a current through them. The higher the current (more Amps) the faster it will get hot and the hotter it will get. There are many factors that determine how hot something can get before it will fail, for example how fast it can dissipate heat, what temperature the insulation can withstand. The rating is there so that you don't put too high a current through the electrical components of the fixture, which would cause it to get too hot and melt, catch fire, etc.How hot something will get can be predicted mathematically, but ultimately the rating value is determined by testing the fixture in a lab with light bulbs of different powers, and measuring how hot it gets. The rating is set such that it will always remain at a safe temperature, within a safety factor.------European Light Fixture in the US - Does it require a ground connection to light upNo. No device needs a ground wire to function.* The whole point of a ground is that it's not a conductor in NEC meaning, i.e. does not carry working currents under normal use. If a device needs a wire to function, that wire is a working conductor and can't be a ground. If that wire is coded/colored as a ground, this is called "bootlegging", someone is misusing ground as a working conductor. I'm looking at you, all you smart switches which claim not to need neutral and still work with LEDs, and mysteriously will not work if ground is not hooked up, gee...The only exception I can think is a test instrument (e.g. 3-light tester). Or I suppose a machine might have a protective circuit that tests for the presence of ground before allowing start-up, but I have never heard of such a machine. * except for certain smart switches made to operate on switch loops; they need neutral and bootleg it off ground, and UL permitted this because the amount of current is very tiny. Those smart switches require ground. It is not normal for devices to require ground for functional reasons, only safety reasons------Does a fluorescent light fixture use more energy than an incandescent?The fluorescent-start issue is not about energy. It's about tube life. Fluorescents are a type of "discharge light" meaning an electric arc runs down the length of a tube of vapor. Many lights are: the most obvious is neon, but also sodium, mercury and metal halide. To start the tube, the ballast must initially strike the arc. It does this with a spike of high voltage across the electrodes at both ends. They have a chemical coating. Normal operation wears the coating, but starts wear it a lot more. If your fluorescent fixture is frequently turned on-off, the tubes will fail sooner. That said, tubes are cheap - cheaper than the electricity needed to run the equivalent incandescents (which also fail sooner from frequent starts, and fail sooner in any case.)Also, smarter ballasts greatly ease startup wear by preheating the bulbs for a soft start, however, this takes a second or two to start up. I don't mind using a programmed start ballast on a motion sensor.The best answer is LED. They are not degraded by frequent cycling, in fact, turning them on/off 500 times a second is one common way to dim them
Make Most of It From Your Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
While choosing the outdoor lighting solution for home, it’s not only important how it will look but also the proper functionality. The information given below will help you choose the perfect modern exterior light fixture and give you some idea on how to get most of your outdoor lighting.Curb AppealThe first impression is the last impression. We all have heard it many times. Yes, this is true in this case of lighting as well. Other people see your exterior lighting of home at the first sight from the street. So you must make most of it. Whether it’s a family function or get-together, exterior light fixtures are the first thing people notice the most. So we need to implement the styles and sized curb appeal to warm welcome our near and dear. There are also other key factors that add beauty to the decoration of outdoor lighting.SizeSize matters. We need to choose a perfect size of exterior lighting fixtures that could be seen from distance. If you are placing it for the very first time or replacing an old one, always be selective. To save some small penny, never bring the one small in size because it will have a less impact seen from the street view.So when someone enters from the entrance door, your glorious and fancy lighting should make them feel a warm welcome. Visualize the shape and size before you make your precious decision to purchase.Read More…·RELATED QUESTIONIn what U.S. states are HID lights illegal and why?This is a bit of a tricky question. The National High Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) have found HID kits to be unsafe and illegal.You’ll want to look up the law for your particular state. Here’s a good resource for that:LED Car headlights and HID Car headlights by MotorFiendAs a general rule, anything over 6k will be asking for trouble with the police. I highly recommend the brand Kensun. See myKensun Hid Kit review.According toPowerbulbs.comThe seller says the kit is road legal. Is this true?Xenon HIDs are only road legal if the headlight unit is correctly E marked. If you’re unsure, you’re looking for an ECE R99 certification. There are only two ways for a HID kit to qualify as road legal:If the whole headlight unit is replaced with one specifically designed for HID.The existing headlight unit would have to be reassessed for compliance and then assigned a new ‘E’ mark.As you can imagine, this is very costly and causes a lot of hassle. However, unless you take these steps when converting halogen to HID, your vehicle will not be road legal.What if the seller says that the conversion kit will pass my MOT?The kit may pass, but that does not necessarily mean that it is road legal.Does it matter if the kit is legal or not?That completely depends on each individual driver and whether they want to risk their luck using the kit. If you find that you’re asking yourself this very question, you may want to take the following points into account:Adding the kit may void your insurance and any warranty you may have on your vehicle. It’s best to check this out before you buy!HID kits can pose a safety risk to the emergency services. If you’re part of an accident, the kit may not switch off which could cause lots of problems. Factory-fitted bulbs are designed to switch off in the event of a collision, and many conversion kits don’t have this feature.
High Performance IP65 Outdoor Waterproof 50w 100w 150w Led Street Light
150w led street light is a very cost-effective product for us, which is widely used in various outdoor roads and squares.Through our LED innovation and state of the art product design we have enabled energy savings of up to 70% and reduced maintenance requirements whilst at the same time improving visibility, road user awareness and subsequent safety. 150w led street light SL21 description 1、High-performance street lighting available in three sizes. 2、 The luminaire is manufactured from high pressure die-casting aluminum. 3、 Ultra clear tempered glass and PC lens. 4、 It shall have a led efficiency up to 120lm/w and will capable of producing up to 18000 luminair. lumens at 4000K finished in grey or black as standard. 5、 Both horizontal and vertical available and adjustable angle -15° to 15° 150w led street light SL21 specification Model No.: SL21–150w Power: 150W Light Efficiency: 150Lm/w Voltage: AC100–277V IP Rating IP65 Power Factor: >0.95 CCT(K): 30006000 Temperature: -4050℃ Life Time(H): ≥50000 Model No.: SL21–50w Power: 50W Light Efficiency: 150Lm/w Voltage: AC100–277V IP Rating IP65 Power Factor: >0.95 CCT(K): 30006000 Temperature: -4050℃ Life Time(H): ≥50000 150w led street light for sale 150w led street light for sale,Shanghai JingRui lighting is a professional enterprise integrating research and design, production, sales and service.Our main products include 150w led street light, LED Grow Light, HID Flood Light, Ballast and Bulb, etc. which are widely used for mobile light tower, construction sites, stadium, parking lot, road, ports and docks, etc. Free Quotes. Trained Specialists. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 150w led street light Services 1. Are you manufacturer or trade company? A:We are direct manufacturer.We can make more valuable products. 2. Do you have any quality certificate?What about your quality control system? A:We have CE,ROHS,IES,FCC,BIS…We have strict quality control system.We have IES test equipment,integrating sphere,Life testing system,lighting surge test,constant temperature aging room. 3.What is the warrantee? A:We warrantee 3 years,within 3 years,we can replace new lights or send free parts to you. 4: Can we get sample from you? A:We welcome sample order,regular production light,sample price same as bulk order.Customized light,sample price will be higher than bulk order.SL21● High-performance street lighting available in three sizes. ● The luminaire is manufactured from high pressure…www.jr-lighting.com·RELATED QUESTIONIn what U.S. states are HID lights illegal and why?This is a bit of a tricky question. The National High Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) have found HID kits to be unsafe and illegal.You’ll want to look up the law for your particular state. Here’s a good resource for that:LED Car headlights and HID Car headlights by MotorFiendAs a general rule, anything over 6k will be asking for trouble with the police. I highly recommend the brand Kensun. See myKensun Hid Kit review.According toPowerbulbs.comThe seller says the kit is road legal. Is this true?Xenon HIDs are only road legal if the headlight unit is correctly E marked. If you’re unsure, you’re looking for an ECE R99 certification. There are only two ways for a HID kit to qualify as road legal:If the whole headlight unit is replaced with one specifically designed for HID.The existing headlight unit would have to be reassessed for compliance and then assigned a new ‘E’ mark.As you can imagine, this is very costly and causes a lot of hassle. However, unless you take these steps when converting halogen to HID, your vehicle will not be road legal.What if the seller says that the conversion kit will pass my MOT?The kit may pass, but that does not necessarily mean that it is road legal.Does it matter if the kit is legal or not?That completely depends on each individual driver and whether they want to risk their luck using the kit. If you find that you’re asking yourself this very question, you may want to take the following points into account:Adding the kit may void your insurance and any warranty you may have on your vehicle. It’s best to check this out before you buy!HID kits can pose a safety risk to the emergency services. If you’re part of an accident, the kit may not switch off which could cause lots of problems. Factory-fitted bulbs are designed to switch off in the event of a collision, and many conversion kits don’t have this feature.
Football Helmet Desk Lamp
Learn how to make a desk lamp from a football helmet and miscellaneous light fixtures and lamp parts.Here is a prefect example of how to MacGyver a beautiful lamp together from a bunch of broken lamps and miscellaneous parts.Next time you have a broken lamp or light fixture, don't trash it! Salvage the working parts to FIX another light fixture, or in this case build a whole new lamp!Even if you are not interested in building a football helmet lamp, use this Instructable to learn how to FIX lamps through simple part replacement and wiring.Total out of pocket cost per lamp for this project was less than $10. Be a little more resourceful and it can be FREE. The most expensive part of the make was $8.00 for the lamp shade.Let's start with the main parts you will need for the project.A couple years ago I made my first football helmet lamps. I came across some of our school's "old school" helmet decals after the decision was made to change the helmet decal design. So, I kept the decals stored until I could use them in a cool way. Actually, I even forgot I had them. When I found them a light bulb when on! Pun intended... What would be cooler than a ? What a great way to preserve a little bit of school history with the old school "W" decal!Lamp/Light Fixture PartsBefore you go running to the store or online to buy a lamp kit, do yourself a favor. Look around your house, basement, attic, or garage for lamps you no longer use or broken in some way. Disassemble it and reuse those parts for your project. If you have no luck in your own house, then ask friends or hit some local garage, yard, and estate sales.I can't remember the last time I went to a garage sale and did not find at least one lamp for sale. If I see a lamp for less than $5.00 I buy it! The $1.00 desk lamps are more common than one might think. I may not need the parts right away, but I know I will sometime. The DIY stores will charge you $12-$20 for a lamp kit and you may not even need or want all the parts. Light fixture/sockets alone cost $8.00 in the DIY stores. Be patient and find stuff for cheap or FREE!So, over the course of one summer of garage sales I collect a bunch of pieces and parts and throw into a box until needed.Football HelmetAgain, you might get lucky at a garage sale and find a helmet for a few bucks. Here are some other options. Ebay is a great source for cheap helmets. For my first helmet lamps I bought a few for less than $10 each. Sure they were Xtra-small, but I was not planning on wearing them. I was turning them into a beautiful home accessory. Ask around at local schools for their dated and worn out equipment. Football helmets do have an end of life for kids sports. Even though they can be reconditioned, at some point they reach a condition that they cannot be re certified for use. Ask around and get yourself some free stuff.Lamp ShadeThis is the most costly part of the project. Truthfully, I can't believe what they charge for lamp shades. Would love to know the mark up on price for wire frame and paper/cloth. WoW!Now depending on what you are able to salvage and the style of lamp you design you might need to purchase a couple inexpensive parts.Lamp Pipe/RodMost lamps have some type of metal tube where the wiring is usually fed through to the light socket. Depending on your desired design you may have to really hunt a long time for the exact length of tube you desire. The problem is that many of the lamp rods I have salvaged are only threaded at the ends. For this project I need 4" rods and my salvage box contains 6" or longer, all of which are only threaded at ends. So, cutting down a 6" rod to 4" will leave me with one non threaded end.Cheap SolutionSo, off to a DIY store where I can purchase a 3/8 x 30" fully threaded lamp pipe/rod for $5. That is only 16 cents per inch! For this project I need to cut a 4" inch tube costing me 64 cents! CHEAP!Lamp Pipe/Rod CollarYou never see the threaded pipe as it is hidden inside some type of decorative tube or lamp housing. So to hide this threaded tube we will need some 1/2" cpvc hot/cold water tube. With an outside diameter of 1/2 inch, the inside diameter is just a hair over 3/8" allowing for a nice fit over the threaded rod. I was able to find a 5 foot section for about $2.50. That is only about 4 cents per inch! I need only 3 inches, so there goes another 12 cents for this project.Minimal tools are need for this project.Of course we will need some basic electrician tools.Tube CuttingDrill and BitsLevel and Marking PenOur first step will be to remove padding from the helmet.Chances are your helmet will not be the same as mine. As a matter of fact, I have now built 6 helmet lamps and every one had a different padding system. Inspect helmet to see how padding is fastened inside the helmet. I have seen many different fastening systems using snaps, plastic plug fasteners, and Velcro. Whatever system your helmet has, you should be able to easily remove the pad where you need to drill hole for lighting fixture and electrical cord. The most challenging part of this project is proper placement of hole for electrical parts.First be sure you are working on a level surface as you want your hole to be centered and plumb.This is the technique I used, if someone has a different technique please share.Now use your drill and two bits to drill your hole for electrical.Since the lamp rod/pipe has a 3/8" diameter, we need to make that hole just a hair bigger with the drill so the rod fits through with a snug fit.Now we need to cut the brass threaded pipe and cpvc water tube.Based on the proportions of the helmet and the lamp shade I chose to use, the above lengths work great. Your design might call for different lengths depending on the lamp shade you use.We want to make this look nice! So, I painted the cpvc tube with a paint close to the helmet color. Let dry while you continue to work on the helmet.As you will notice I have multiple cpvc tubes cut ready for paint. I am actually making multiple helmet lamps to give away and donate for fundraisers. My own little lamp factory in the works!Now let's prepare the light fixture for installation.Let's install the threaded rod for electrical.From your salvaged lamp parts box...Now let's secure and hide the lamp cord.On my helmet I check that the plugs and fasteners have padding secured.Since this was a salvaged cord, we want to cut the working ends to get to some newer clean wire to work with.Remember those cpvc sleeves you painted? You will need one of those now.Slide one of the sleeves over wire and brass threaded rod. Hide that rod and make it look pretty.Let's connect the wire to the light socket fixture.As recommended by a view I have added a link to the underwriters knot. Image to be updated.Connect the socket shell to the socket cap! Push firmly together.This is one of the most common socket assemblies I have salvaged. You might have a different style.If you have decals to install, this would be a good time to apply those. Yes these are different decals... Old school design and new design.Here is a link to the lamp shade I use. About $8.00. I was able to find these in stock at the store rather than purchasing online. Perfect size and easy to use with salvaged parts without having to use a lamp shade harp.Even the light bulb was free. About 10 years ago the government was giving out FREE CFL light bulbs to help save energy and persuade the U.S. citizens to convert from incandescent bulbs. Well, that failed! Probably because they did not take into consideration the need for mercury recycle centers. Yes, these bulbs contain mercury! Good thing we have LED today right?Plug it in and switch it on!There you have it folks.A simple Home Improvement project where you can FIX lamps with salvaged and super cheap parts.Now get out to your local garage sales and get you some lamps and helmets and make one for yourself.Just another unique Instructable by the...DIYWATERDOGFollow Me on Twitter, Pinterest,Instagram, Tumblr
If a Light Is on and There Is No Light Bulb in the Socket Is the Light Fixture still Using Electrici
If you remove the light bulb from the socket, there cannot be any power drawn by the circuit. It's impossible. Does not matter what position the switch is in - if there is no bulb, if the socket is empty? Then ZERO power draw.1. My circular old work electrical box is too small for the light fixture mounting bracketI installed led ceiling light on such ceiling mounts2. Confused about wiring outside light fixture with multiple switched wiresI replaced the light switch itself and the only thing in the box were the 2 wires connected to the old switch and the ground wireSince there is only 2 wires in the switch box, that means the switch is at the end of the line. So to fix this light, you just need to wire it like this diagram:To figure out which cable coming in to the light box is from the breaker and which is from the switch, hook the light directly to one cable and ignore the other cable. Turn the breaker on. If the light comes on, then that cable is coming from the breaker.3. how do i replace a a light fixture?It should twist off. Depending upon how long it's been there, you may have to use some leverage. Be sure that the power is off to that fixture!!! I would use a flat head screwdriver and hammer to attempt to tap it around. Try both directions. The only way it would be glued on is if the prior DYI person could not get it to stay up and just gave up and glued it. I've removed lots of them and never seen any model that is supposed to be glued on. Best of luck.4. Can I install a light fixture where there is curretly an outlet?you can use a light socket that can be plugged into an outlet as the light fixture5. What kind/style of light fixture is this called?Wow--you learn something new here every day! It's called a "Sputnik ceiling light". There are different types and styles and numbers of bulbs6. How do I add an additional light fixture to a fixture already on my wall?Hire a professional. This project is beyond your ability to accomplish at this point. It would also take too long to teach you in this forum, especially with no prior experience with electrical wiring7. Where can I get a remote control light fixture?I surely have heard of this manner of element yet i think of in case you may pull a team then do it. remotes make human beings lazy. this is basically how i've got self belief. except the pull chain is on a 20 ft ceiling. sturdy success with that.8. What type of hanging light fixture or chandelier would be nice in a bathroom?Its truly your decision, yet continually verify with producer training. through fact going decrease pulls extra weight downwards. Chain additionally must be stable sufficient. Pendants on the different hand use. airplane grade cables. that's extra stable then chains. Chains do open as much as regulate length. yet even so additionally cant help that heaviest, and has its very own regulations. you additionally can call, The producer and parent this out, through fact you do not prefer to void guarantee.9. I have a ceiling light fixture box with 3 white wires and 3 black wires. How do I hook up the wires to fixture?If as you said there is only one switch controlling all 4 lights, then you do not have a 3 or 4 way switch to worry about.... There's a good chance the other wires feed receptacles and there is no problem with them being in the ceiling box. Now then, did you undo any splices you did not have to? If you did your in for some fun. You will need a voltage tester, a continuity tester, a way to label the wires and someone to slap you for not asking questions first! :) I will check back tomorrow to see how you are doing. Or maybe a friend or neighbor can help? Best of luck to you.10. How to change lightbulb in old light fixture?The small bottom piece on the glass globe closest to the ground is what loosens and comes off allowing you remove glass globe
11 Amusing Bronze Kitchen Light Fixtures Digital Photo Ideas
If you are living in a property that's excellent design and inside maybe become expectation everyone's life. To design any house you need well groundwork with requesting help to decor your space maybe become solution. Consequently design your house together with your thoughts perhaps more leaving, since it is determined by your desire. Now back to design kitchen with illumination effect that might your kitchen looks like elegant, it means lighting can provide major differences. When you're able to install light in the great spot you may make your kitchen elegant and comfortable especially it enables your eyes to excursion across the kitchen.Kitchen Light Fixtures will be quite wonderful when you're able to place the light in the right side it means the position of lighting is very important things to be sure every single component get balance glow. You then need to think about the quality of light then picking the top quality may help you define your style. Moreover decorating kitchen with lighting can act as the key to match any ornamentation like kitchen could be more elegant when you prepare in the illumination effect accurately. as we know sometime kitchen has any kitchen island as balancing your kitchen you have to concentrate on the focal things to be sure the lighting will likely be readily arrived into every part of kitchen.In addition when you need to create kitchen in the elegant things that you should explore more any corner space to be getting balance glow. It is vital you are able to concentrate in every detailed then you could also consider the domination color in your ornamentation to turn your kitchen has same tone it means illumination can be quite amazing way to produce your kitchen become excellent design. Then don't forget to check that your light is in the excellent quality to be sure it is lasting.Finally it my turn to express goodbye to all my reader hopefully it might help you when you are designing kitchen with light. Then I have many of Kitchen Light Fixtures from many source please appreciate these pictures·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is proffesional led stage lighting?When you're putting on an occasion, whether it is an unassuming school play or a party, stage lighting rental is an unquestionable requirement. Lighting is a main thrust of your production, giving brightening, center, detail and modifying the view of the group of audience. There is nothing that so vitally passes on an inclination superior to a decent lighting system, and with boundless inventive potential, will serve as an immense advantage for your creation.Focus, position and hanging:Conventional stage lighting must be set up because of these three contemplations. Focus refers to where the light will point; position alludes to where the light will start from; hanging refers to the real demonstration of hanging the light. Shading, force and example (assuming any) should be considered next.Types of stage lighting :Ellipsoidal - these lights are the conventional stage lights and thought to be the most critical. They are centering lights, the appearance in front of an audience of which can be adjusted by screens and channels.Fresnel - these lights are utilized for shading washes on the stage.Standard Jars - these lights are the sort you will see in even the dingiest of bars. Continuously a strong choice, standard jars can get hammered, are sturdy and simple to transport.Follow spots - these are spotlights used to pursue somebody around a phase.Obviously, there are increasingly choices accessible for stage lighting with the consistent progress of innovation. Presently you have the fundamentals; here are a couple of more alternatives:LEDs - these Professional LED Stage Lightingare useful for centered pillars and have been gradually supplanting conventional globules in stage lighting.Dizzies - these lights are round circles with a few Drove lights (more often than not of varying hues) covering the surface. The circle pivots in an assortment of bearings and examples, making a whirling, confounding example, consequently the name.Gels - this term alludes to the hues given to lights. They function as shading channels, and should work in congruity with the shade of the light itself to accomplish the craved impact.Once you have got your types of lighting down, you'll have to consider where to place them. Here's an essential summary of lighting positions:Front - This is utilized for the most part for perceivability and shading impacts. Side - can be utilized to awesome impact to complement activity.Back - Additionally utilized for impact. This kind of lighting can make the dream of profundity on a phase, or notwithstanding to silhouette a man totally.
Some Practical Considerations for LED Lighting
From the time that I first learned about LEDs, I have been fascinated by them. Long ago, I had a friend who used to work with Universal Display Corporation, a company that pioneered the Organic Light Emitting Diode, and he even got his name on a few of their patents. They had this cool screen that was built into a pen. You could pull it out, watch a video and let it go so that it would roll right back into the pen. They had a nice video of this display on their website, but it’s long gone now.Then I began to see stories about LED lighting in stoplights and how much money cities were saving in power bills by making this one change. I read about them in Car and Driver magazine and I learned that they consumed 1/10th the power of a conventional incandescent light. Isn’t it interesting that the LED is becoming “conventional” lighting? As LEDs become “conventional”, we’re becoming familiar with LED lighting.When LED lights started to show up in Lowe’s, Home Depot and Amazon, I started replacing the compact fluorescent lighting in my home with LEDs. I had read about how hot the base of compact fluorescent lights got, and the fire concerns that were raised, so I replaced all of the incandescent and compact fluorescent lights with LEDs, and now I have about 60 LED bulbs in the house.I made that switch because I was sold on a few facts about LEDs. They are often rated for many thousands of hours. I have two dome lights with integrated LED arrays that are rated for 50,000 hours. With normal usage, they would last 30 years or more. With the way we use them in my house, they could be expected to last even longer. Most LED bulbs are rated for 15,000 hours or more.Most of the ceiling-mounted lighting has been easy to replace. I could either replace the bulbs or get integrated lights, where the fixture included an array of LEDs. The LEDs are placed in a pattern that gives consistent lighting and since they’re flat, they permit some very interesting flat panel designs. Here is one example of a dome light that I installed late last year:One problem that has bothered me is the time and expense of maintaining bathroom vanity lights. The bulbs used in such lights as the one shown below are usually of a larger size than the typical light bulb. I have found that regardless of the type of bulb used, compact fluorescent or LED, they are hard to match later on when one bulb fails. See the example below:This one is very similar to the light fixtures I had installed in my own home when I bought it. The bulbs have a special globe shape that is different from the standard bulb easily found in most stores. I have since replaced all of the CFL bulbs with LEDs but the failure rate of LED lights made it difficult to keep them up since the exact match for shape was hard to find. I’ve also found that the bulbs used in these vanity lights are much more expensive than standard LED bulbs. So I began to consider the integrated approach to LED lighting and found some advantages to it.Consumer LED failure rates have been shown to be quite high relative to incandescent and compact fluorescent lights, mostly due to substandard design, materials and manufacturing methods. As the market matures, the poorly made models will be weeded out. Shop know-how will improve.The failure rates I’ve seen documented have been consistent with my experience, but mostly in situations where lighting is arranged with multiple bulbs in a single fixture. I’ve seen similar failure rates with both light bulbs and integrated light fixtures where the LED array is built in. The dome lights are easier to find and replace. The vanity light bulbs, not so much.This is why I’ve decided upon the integrated approach to LED lighting for the dome and vanity lighting applications. I’ve found that the integrated approach tends to greater success, with longer-lasting results, though I have to admit that I had one of four integrated LED lights failed after four months. I had to look carefully to spot it, but just a few days ago I found that in one of the fixtures, one segment of LEDs had gone dark.In the last 6 months, I have bought 4 of the Portfolio lights shown below at Lowe’s. I started replacing the original vanity lights in June of this year and have now replaced all of them. They look like this:And this:Inside is an array of LEDs that lights up the entire translucent cover, and that cover distributes light very evenly throughout the room. I bought it for the modern and minimalist design and what seemed like a reasonable price.Warranty tip: Take a picture of the product after it’s installed. Then, wherever your photos are stored online, add a note to the photo indicating the date of purchase, the manufacturer, the manufacturer’s product ID and the warranty period. I did this for my Portfolio lights because I wanted some recourse in case of failure. Keeping the photos stored online makes the storage service a disinterested third party with a record of your actions.The Portfolio lights that I bought have a 5-year limited warranty. So I made a note just as above in case they should ever fail within 5 years. I think that after 5 years, they should be pretty stable and not have any problems. I also saved the box for at least one light fixture, that way I have contact information as needed.I had an interesting interaction with Lowe’s on this very topic while working to replace the failed fixture discussed earlier. The box on the lighting indicated that www.lgsourcing.com was the distributor, but they did not list the manufacturer. So I went to that site and it wouldn’t load. I called the number listed on the box and they didn’t have anyone answering the phones. While searching for the business website, I found a business contact website that said that LG Sourcing only had 4 employees.Then I continued digging to find that LG is not the Life’s Good technology company that is familiar to many of us. LG has something to do with Lowe’s because my research eventually led me back to Lowe’s Link, the supply chain website for Lowe’s.Looking back on all of this work, and money spent, I think I might have been better off buying something like this:This is a standard 3-bulb vanity light that you might find in a typical bathroom. The bulbs are cheap, they can last forever, and they’re easy to match and replace. I suppose I might have some trouble since they’re 3 bulbs in one fixture, but for this one, the contractor who installed the light fixture installed incandescent bulbs rated for 2500 hours. When they fail, I’ve got some LEDs to replace them with.I’m not really sure if I’ve saved enough money in power to justify the cost of replacing the other vanity lights with integrated fixtures. But I will save the cost of locating matching bulbs, and replacement costs for those vanity lights with the integrated lighting.Overall, I’m happy with my experience. I fixed up a few things around my house, customized it a bit, and got some modern lighting installed. That’s enough for me.Write on·RELATED QUESTIONWhat times does Tribute in Light display outside of September 11, 2012?Located at West and Morris Streets in Lower Manhattan, the tribute of lights will begin at sunset of 9/11 (7:11pm) and fade away at dawn on September 12th (6:43am), though no formal service will be held. The Tribute is comprised of 44 7,000-watt xenon light bulbs arranged into two 48-foot squares inspired by shape and orientation of the twin towers. The Memorial illuminates up to 4 miles in the sky and can be seen from up to 30 miles away.
Light Fixture That Keeps Going Off Until You Touch the Bulb then It Stays on for a Few Minutes Befor
make sure the bulb is tight,if the glass part of the bulb is loose around the socket replace the bulb ,or change the bulb if that does not fix it replace the socket1. Is it safe to go 40w over the maximum wattage for a ceiling fan light fixture?May I suggest you try some of the modern cfl lamps ? We have one in our bedroom and it has coils inside and a spherical bulb outside so it looks like an old style pearl bulb, and it's much brighter than a 60 watt filament bulb, but it's only 15 watts. You do not have to have them rewired, and a handyperson who knows what s/he is doing is permitted by law to replace faulty fittings. A lampholder will be rated for 100 watt incandescent bulb. Another good reason to use cfls though is that a filament bulb gives 80% of the output in heat, so a 60 watt filament bulb gives 45 watts heat, whereas a 15 watt cfl only gives 3 watts heat and is brighter than the 60 watt filament. Yes, some of the old cfls were awful, but do try some of the better new types !.2. How do you determine if a light fixture is still hot if you aren't sure which breaker to trip?Be carefull as there is normally a permanent live in every light and it will go from light to light untill it gets to the end one. First of all a continuity tester will not tell you if it's live or not, but a little terminal screwdriver with a neon will, by holding your finger on the metal part on the end of the handle and then touching each red wire in turn it will light up, (do not wrry you wo not get a shock) if it does then it is obviously live. I normally work on lights with the switch off but as I say there might be the permanent live in there so you have to remember which it is and not touch it. It looks like the best way for your situation is, if you know which light is causing the problem then the safest way is to either find out which breaker works the lights because one breaker normally works all the lights or if not completely isolate with the main switch.3. How can I mount a light fixture onto my bathroom mirror.?Goop. it's a silicone type of glue, and although i have not used it to mount anything to glass, i can attest that it has strong holding power. i used it to put the rubber trim back on a car bumper and have used the car to push other cars and it wo not come off. of course that leads to the next thing; make sure that you want it. once it sets up, it going to stay there. i've used it to mount a pedestal sink and when the sink was taken out, the ceramic tile was pulled off of the floor. so mark carefully where you want the bracket for your fixture before you place it on the mirror. i would suggest a 1/4" bead of goop around the outer edge and hold it onto the mirror with duct tape until it sets up. then mount the fixture as normal. should you ever need to take the bracket off you will need to do some serious carving with a razor blade. you can find Goop at hardware and home improvement stores. good luck, and i hope this helps!4. Both Wires on light fixture I'm installing are the same color?The marked wire is the neutral (white). It DOES matter which way you wire it!!! If it's backward, the fixture will be UNSAFE since the outer ring on the socket will be hot! After installation, test voltage. Do things right5. My father recently spliced a new light fixture after the old one broke but it keeps flickering after awhile. How can I fix it?Call an electrician or to check it yourself, turn off the power to that circuit and loosen the fixture to determine if the connections are secure. There most likely is a loose wire in a wire nut or under a screw. Be careful to make sure it is safe to re-energize.
Blue Flash When Turning on Light Fixture?
sounds like you blew a bulb or circuit I would recommend turning that switch off then changing your bulb if that does not fix I would have someone with some electrical experience go and take a look at the wiring to the light fixture and to check the circuits should not be to big a deal1. How can I mount a ceiling light fixture without an electrical box?three possibilities here. First and probably best is spacer kit ($15 at Wal-mart that goes between rafters and has box built in). Next option is to put a box on the nearest rafter and splice the existing wiring into that box. Last and worst; do a splice without a box.2. Why americans don't use light on the ceiling?Just about every room I know of has lights on the ceiling. Whether it's spots or a ceiling fan with light fixture, or just a pendant or chandelier. I use my ceiling lights for general over-all room light and when watching tv or just misc activity in the room like folding clothes, etc. When reading, I turn on the table lamps to get better lighting on what I am reading. We have three separate table/floor lamps near different areas in the living room where we like to read. We also have six spots in the ceiling that are dimmable. And a low-watt inset fixture (60w) just inside the front door3. Small amount of smoke came out of fluorescent tube light fixture, should I panic?Some fault in the line. Please have a check by electrician4. How do you change a light fixture?super simple, make sure power is off first, take old fixture off, should be 3 wires, black white and copper, connet new fixture to same colors, twist on wire nuts, pull slightly to make sure they are secure, screw new fixture on, turn on power and wha la5. How do i by pass the ballest on a 4' t8 Fluorescent light fixture to install led tubes?gie me 2mins6. How do I reinstall a light fixture?white to white black to black is the way it goes in a perfect world but we all know the world aint perfect and a do it your self person such as yourself might have worked on those wires before so i would test the line for being hot first before proceeding its simple enough and testers are cheap7. Lifehack to remove GU10 lightbulbs from light fixture?A piece of flexible plastic tubing that just fits over the bulb makes a handle. This is also helpful in changing bulbs with broken glass.If you can not find a tube of the right size, tape some plastic sheet together to make a tube, or better, a slight cone, so that it slips over the bulb and grips tightly. Gentle warming makes the plastic stick to the glass better.A plastic soda bottle may also work:8. Can you change the light out of an aquarium light fixture?what sort of fixture is it means compact, T5, classic flourescent? means compact bulb will in basic terms have one end feels like 2 bulbs caught mutually. in case you have certainly one of those get a 50/50 bulb with a sunlight hours and a "pink" or plant easy. in case you have a single flourescent (2 ends on the bulb) attempt to discover a extra acceptable intensity bulb, the field ought to point that it facilitates flowers strengthen. the only shy away right this is the colour specially cases is not as "exceedingly" Any of those bulbs in a 20 inch ought to fee between 15 as much as 35 funds, 70 is ridiculous, a minimum of right here in Florida. superb guess, sort new fixture approximately a hundred thirty watts total means, means compact. Corallife makes surprising , fairly priced furniture. desire this enables.9. How do you get a light fixture off the ceiling?Try unscrewing the whole dome (screw threads?), or lift-and-turn (bayonet fitting?)10. I need to add a light fixture to an existing switch.?You can probably tap in at either place but only if you understand how to wire a circuit. I prefer to do this sort of thing at the switch but only because the switch is closer to the ceiling, which is probably where you would like to install your new light. Black wires carry the power. One is usually hot at the switch & the other becomes hot when the switch is turned on. At the switch, you will need to tap into the wire that becomes hot when switched. Where to tap in at the outlet can be a bit more difficult. It depends on if the whole outlet is switched or if 1 is hot & the other 1 is switched. White wires are always connected to white. It's is often easier to tap into an outlet but only because the wire side of the outlet commonly has daisy chain screws for such. If you understand wiring, this should not be difficult to do.
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