Do I Have to Sell Bras If I Open and Upscale Lingerie Boutique?

If your customers say, I wish you would carry....or where are the.... and you most likely will hear that. Most woman that would buy high end lingerie, want it to match. That means bras. check out Frederic's for proof of that.

1. Ok, need a unique business boutique name for my wire wrap jewelry business!?

1. Stitches and Sparkles 2. Fashion Fiend 3. Gingernista 4. Fashion Forard 5. On Trend My favorite fashionistas names :)

2. I need a slogan for my baby/childrens boutique, HELP?

Cute Baby Slogans

3. What's a good online boutique store name?

Bermere is one of the best online boutiques, with the latest fashion. Bermere is one of the affordable online boutiques providing clothes at cheaper rates

4. I need help with a boutique name?

amour is nice but to be honest, i get the feeling its an underwear store.

5. How to open a boutique online? Ebay? What would you buy?

If you want to start a business, I would suggest you build your own website and sell items from there. However, if you are too busy or lazy to create a website of your own, you could try The concept of is the same as Ebay, but instead of selling items that you have used, you sell items that you have made yourself. Let's say that I am a customer looking for a sweater. To me, buying a sweater on Ebay is like... well, buying a used sweater. Etsy, on the other hand, makes me feel much better knowing that everything is new and handmade.

6. My sister is going to open a boutique. Would you shop there?

Yes, I would definitely shop there,that would be Amazing! Great idea!

7. Rate my wife's children's boutique store please!?

Wow, cute stuff-good prices. Will keep it in mind for future reference!! Thanks!! :)


Really online sales of apparels and especially products used by woman are getting sold higher compared to others and it will still increase. Every one know about the psychology of womans. They need a ton of variety to choose from. Just make sure you have got enough varieties to compromise your customers. Act based on your local demand on particular product. Do a research before getting deep into it. Hope this helps.

9. Where to buy new boutique clothing?

wholesale is the best option for u, u shud seek advice from experience pple! gud luck x

10. My Best Friend's Closet Consignment | Lawrenceville, GA | Boutique Window

Are you sure you want to disconnect your Twitter account? Are you sure you want to remove these items? Add products to your Shopify website to populate your Product Gallery. Hold tight, we are about to unveil our Boutique Window. Check back soon to see the new merchandise arriving in store! Get special discounts and be the first to know about new arrivals!

11. Do you know about a baby boutique in weston florida?

WWW.TRENDYANDPOSH.COM they have unique baby and children's clothing and accessories!!!! The clothing is beautiful and unique, the service is wonderful!!! check them out WWW.TRENDYAND POSH.COM and the showroom is in Weston, Florida

12. I need boutique name ideas?


13. What would you most be willing to buy from an online boutique?

a dress or skirt or pretty much everything lol

14. How does a bridal gown fitting appointment at a bridal boutique work?

Some good items to have on hand for trying on wedding dresses would be: pair of high heeled shoes, so you could see what the dress would look like if you were in heals; a hair tie, that way you see how it would look with your hair up; a bottle of water, because trying on wedding dresses is very tiring; and tissues, because no matter how much you try to fight it, someone will be shedding a few tears. You should not feel pressured to by the dress the day of the appointment. Heck, it took me 3 different appointments to find my dress. The sales women are usually very understanding on this point. If you feel pressured to by something, then end the appointment and try somewhere or someone else. As far as underwear goes, just what you usually wear will be fine. Wedding dress shops will provide you with any necessary undergarments such as; slips, corsets, etc. You would probably do well with some online research just to get ideas as to what you like. If you know what shape you are too (hourglass, inverted triangle, they have a "fit guide" on there website that shoes you what dresses they have in stock that would flatter your figure.

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