Do the Majority of Quebeckers Not Speak a Word of English?

Do the majority of quebeckers not speak a word of English?

Not true. The majority of French Quebecois speak English. As one Quebecois explained it to me: "Ze Leno is not in French. So we learn English" In reality, they learn English as it is perceived as the language of success. Only a few old folks there do not speak English. Personally, I have met hundreds of Quebecois people and not one has not spoken English. When on a plane back from Hong Kong to Vancouver in October, I was sitting in the middle of a big tour group from Quebec and they spoke to the flight attendant in French. But I could hear several cuss in English that there was only crap on the French channels on the in flight entertainment or that the French dubs were crappy. More of them were watching English language entertainment than French. I heard pretty well all 20 or so of them speak English some time or other. And all but a couple had no French accent at all and sounded as English Canadian as the rest of us.

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What do you call words that look like a negation but are not?

It seems they are called Unpaired Words (maybe the best definition) or Absent Antonyms.You can find some examples here, but I will list the majority of them here anyway for easy reference

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Do automatic vehicles make drivers dangerous?

You probably are alone as in the majority it is good to remove driver workload wherever possible and an auto does this

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What are differences between living conditions in England and America?

You will need to successfully apply for a job on the UKBA Occupation Shortage List. Why do you think a white girl will stick out like a sore thumb? What colour do you think the majority of us are?

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Should I cheat if the majority does it?

Here's a relevant story about how someone in a very similar situation resolved the problem:Getting into medical school is pretty competitive, and the desire to do well and be successful puts a great deal of pressure on the new incoming freshmen. My husband had worked hard on his studies and went to attend his first examination. The honor system was expected behavior at the medical school. The professor passed out the examination and left the room. Within a short time, students started to pull little cheat papers out from under their papers or from their pockets. My husband recalled his heart beginning to pound as he realized it is pretty hard to compete against cheaters. About that time a tall, lanky student stood up in the back of the room and stated: 'I left my hometown and put my wife and three little babies in an upstairs apartment and worked very hard to get into medical school. And I will turn in the first one of you who cheats, and you better believe it!' They believed it. There were many sheepish expressions, and those cheat papers started to disappear as fast as they had appeared. He set a standard for the class which eventually graduated the largest group in the school's history.

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If you are a Republican and voted for Mccain, will you vote for Obama for president if gas goes up to $5/gal?

I do not know. The dems promised you and me that lower fuel prices back in 2006. Somehow the exact opposite has happened since they got the majority

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Why do people say, 'the majority is always wrong'? Is that true?

Yes. What the majority believes is irrelevant to the reality of a given situation. One example among many: A majority of people once believed that the earth is flat and the centre of the universe-two statements, both untrue, that nevertheless led to the persecution (and often the death) of anyone who dared to disagree

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The I-35W bridge collapse: did it surprise you that the majority of people involved survived?

The dead will be in the cars in the water. They have not gotten them out yet. I am not sure that survivors will end up being the majority but I hope so

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Difference between Human Services major & Social Work Major?

I am working on a degree in social work right now. Human Service worker is kind of an umbrella title for all social work jobs. Maybe some examples would give a better picture. Social worker, you tend to work: Child protective services Welfare counselor Intake specialist Drug and Alcohol counselor Advocate Human Services you may work any of the above but you might work these as well: Activist Organizer Politician Community representative Administrator One works on a smaller and more personal scale. The other works for improvement of the big picture.

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