Do You Like the Dress Shirt and Jean Look?

I think its fine if you want to look like you do not own nice clothes or know whats going on. If you want to wear a dress shirt it should be paired with khakis or slacks, not jeans. Jeans are casual work wear, if you want a casual look wear some khakis, for a dressier look wear some slacks. Also, ditch the black dress shirt unless you are a European fashion model

Do You Like the Dress Shirt and Jean Look? 1

1. good khakis? Very trendy at all! I would recommend the Gap. Have never had a problem with their khakis, and I am wearing their khaki capris right now!

2. Leg protection under khakis/dress pants for motorcycle riding?

Why not get kevlar jeans or kevlar combats? Not sure what job would require you to wear khaki's, and if you are worried about wearing out your motorbike kit then wearing something under your work stuff would not stop it getting worn out anyway. You could get textile kit, which would fit over your work clothes, then you just need somewhere to store it at work

Do You Like the Dress Shirt and Jean Look? 2

3. How can I dress emo with a school uniform? We have to wear khakis with a white blue or maroon polo. Help?!?!?!?

Are you allowed to placed on jewelery? in case you are then convey your self by way of your rings. or you ought to placed on funky socks that for the duration of fantastic condition you in case you are allowed to try this. i am hoping it particularly works out! =P.

4. What color/kind of top should I wear with brown khakis?

Light blue shirt would be the hottest and I think red works pretty good

5. Do woman like men dressed in khakis?

Plural of "woman" is "womEn" Singular is "woman". Stop ruining English. It's ruined enough. In fact, every word I am putting here was probably something else before and morphed into something else that we use now. It depends on the woman, I definitely do not . Ugh.

6. light shirt (with collar) with sand colored khakis?>?

Navy Blue looks nice

7. Dark brown Sperrys, tan khakis, but what color shirt to go with it?

Solids primary and secondary colors work in polo

8. Why don't anthropologists study Europeans while wearing khakis the way they do to other races and apes?

Actually, they do. There is an extensive amount of anthropological work done on Europe and European culture. Do some google searches! For the record, I work in Peru and have never, in my life, worn a pair of khakis.

9. Sport shirt, tie, and khakis combination for "business casual"?

i am sorry, yet no. Khaki's are thank you to casual for enterprise clothing. you could escape with denims, yet you will be superb off with extra healthy pants, a collared blouse (maybe patterned) and a tie ought to be non-obligatory! solid success! =D

10. What do people normally wear to their senior pictures?

when i was in high school..mind u it was 4 years ago...guys wore whatever they were comfortable in..and whatever their moms made them wear. Usually button up long sleeve shirts, polos, khakis, jeans...bring more than one outfit just in case u change ur mind..unless ur pix are outside hope this helped a bit

11. Can guys wear flip flops?

Man, living in Florida, everyone here wears flip-flops. Men, women, children, dogs, cats. Everyone. Get a good pair of leather strap flops. Looks good with jeans, Khakis, shorts. Damn near anything except tuxedo. Still have to wear shoes with that

12. What should my wardrobe consist of? (14 year old girl) Please!!! :D

about 2 to 3 pairs of sneakers 2 flats 2 dress shoes a pair of boots few flip flops about 6 jeans 15 t shirts 5 sweaters 1 to 2 jackets a pair of khakis a couple dresses atleast 5 purses make up is okay

13. Do you think this is ok to where to a graduation (male)?

khakis are out id go with black, if you want to attract the ladies i suggest you wear a blue color with and interesting solid colored tie

14. I hate dressing up?

You do not have to dress up. The only rule for the dinning room is no shorts or tank tops. The Captains dinner is dressier but you do not have to go. There are other places to eat on the ship. I have been on 5 cruises and seen a variety of dress options even at the Captains dinner. Everything from tuxedos to khakis and a white shirt. Formals for women to office wear. If you want to dress up you can, you do not have to. I would say that less than half the participants are dressed up. Your husband is getting bad information on here. Sounds like kids who have never BEEN on a cruise. There is no formal wear on deck. NONE. Shorts, swimsuits, levis, sweats, cargo pants, anything goes. I am retired and would not go ANYWHERE I had to wear a suit. But I am getting ready to take another cruise in May.

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