Do You STILL Support 'cash for Clunkers'? Car Dealers Don't?

Do you STILL support 'cash for clunkers'? Car dealers don't?

Do You STILL Support 'cash for Clunkers'? Car Dealers Don't? 1

Sounded like a good plan but really it's just another way for US to bail out the automakers. I say boycott the CFC program and let the President know that we still have the power of consumerism

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car dealers breaking their contract! 10 points to the best answer?

i could decide for a mustang (i am eu nonetheless). i've got heard that it has a rather stable reliability, yet i visit get a decrease mpg. i think of the re-sell value of the scion would be bigger in 2-3 years (ford used autos fees drops rapid). then there is the engine, i assume that the 6 cylinder of the mustang would be smoother with a greater helpful exhaust sound. I choose this kind of the mustang, with it is stable rear axle, it has a male way of force required if pushed rapid on tuning roads. i like the three pink lights furniture flashing whilst the blinker is on. you additionally can exchange the colour of the tachometer/water temparature/jauge, it is humorous. i could decide for the mustang

Do You STILL Support 'cash for Clunkers'? Car Dealers Don't? 2

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Any car dealers in illinois to take me to an AUCTION ?

get a dealer by asking at a few used car lots/even though its not legal for them to do it a lot do/they list you as a driver so take your license/ask him where the cars are parked in your price range and go out and look at them/cant drive all over the place but you can get in a start them and check the brakes and lights and horn and trans engagement/caution/you cant give the car back/once you buy it its yours/pay the dealer and get the title before you leave/he will have to re-assign it to you/take a dlr plate and drive it back to his lot/most dealers charge 300 bucks whether you buy or not

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how do car dealers make money in there pocket?

Car Salesman work on a commission. If you look at a break down of all the fees when buying a car you will see something that relates to labor or something similar to that and that money goes to the car salesman

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anyone know how to get those plastic signs car dealers put on cars without ruining paint job??

blow dryer or heat gun will make the glue release. If you just bought the car take it back to the dealer and ask them to take it off

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where can i find car dealers that carry "classic" vw beetles?

they dont make new classic beetles anymore. try ebay

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How much should I settle for if my car was a total damage?

The NADA Used Car Guide is the best resource for estimating the value of your car. It is better than the Red Book or Blue Book because it is regionalized and updated at least monthly. The Kelly Blue Book is used by car dealers; it is not used by insurance companies. Insurance companies also use other resources such as CCC, who provide valuation and can locate similar cars.The guide is just the starting point. You must deduct for old damage and high mileage. You can add for certain options. Not all options increase the value of the car. Maintenance and repairs do not add to the value of the car. For example, a rebuilt engine or new tires will not increase the value of the car.Settlement of a total loss claim is negotiable. Be civil and logical, and use your best reasoning and negotiation skills

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Feel cheated by car dealer. What can I do? Anything?

When it comes for additional loans, such as this car, the approval for the mortgage will hurt you as you only have so much available credit based on income, current obligations (car) and a consigner will be required for some time until your financial situation improves

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Why do car dealers try to talk payments instead of the price of the car?

What I am finding surprising here is that nobody is mentioning the fact that a dealer can sell your loan to another company. Many lenders will buy a loan, especially involving one with good to spectacular credit, for more money than the car was worth. If a dealer sells you a car and you finance $25,000 of it at 5% interest, then the return will be around $3,300 more than you paid 5 years down the road. If they sell it to another company, getting $500 for it, the financing company that bought it stands to earn $2,800

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