Does Anyone Know Anything About Laser Hair Removal?

Does anyone know anything about laser hair removal?

Does Anyone Know Anything About Laser Hair Removal? 1

Yah, I actually just got laser hair removal done 2 days ago. While it's happening, you feel a little pinch and a little bit of heat, but then it's all over and you feel fine. After about 3 to 4 weeks, after the next hair cycle, your hair wo not grow back as thick, and maybe not at all. Depending on your skin, you might only have to have one treatment and you never have to shave again.

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QUESTION FOR GIRLS ONLY---Is it ok if I get laser hair removal on legs?

well its kinda weird but watev, the question is, do you really wanna spend that much money on it? its not like shaving is a hard thing to do. laser hair removal costs a ton but if you really wanna sspend your money on that then go ahead, i personally think its a turn off, but your not gonna tell everyone you did it so they wouldnt know the difference

Does Anyone Know Anything About Laser Hair Removal? 2

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I am interested in Laser Hair removal for several areas of my body?

hi, Nope you do not need to go to a dermatologist at all. I just came back from my 4th laser hair removal. It does feel like a pinch and makes you twitch because of the light and you get this funny hair like burn smell. But depending on your skin, you get a lil pink or red and it goes away within 20 mins. It costs me, each visit, $200 for the whole face and it depends the state you live in also but it ranges from $150-250 per treatment, some even charge 375 per treatment, so shop around and find the lowest price. If you get a package of 6-8 treatments then it will cost you maybe around $1200-1600. It's expensive but it's worth it. Hair growth is also based on your body. Some people's hair grows back faster and others it barely grows. There are no marks on my face either. Actually, it has made my skin clearer,softer, and reduced pores in my skin. So, unless, you go to someone who knows nothing about laser, then maybe you will end up with marks on your face but it's rare. So you have nothing to worry about there. I usually go every 6-8 weeks, my hair growth is slow and even when hair grows back, the new stage, it's so fine and light you can barely see it. Once you have all your treatments and you still have few hairs growing here and there, go to an electrolysis and have them removed. This will be permanent and it will cost you maybe less than $20 bucks b/c each min at electrolysis is like $1.00-2.00. Then you will never have to deal with hair removal products. I am also going to get other areas of my body done. But overall, investing in yourself with laser hair removal is worth it and the pain is not extreme and wont kill you

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18 too young for laser hair removal?

Growing new systems.hmmm, interesting. Maybe they were talking about males, who often start out with sparse facial hair and develop coarser, thicker beards as they age. 18 is not too young for laser hair removal. If you are bothered by the hair, can afford several treatments and are willing to go through with it, why wait? It's not like the hair is going to thin out on its own. I have had the procedure myself on several areas and recommend it to anyone who is tired of dealing with unwanted hair. (I worked for a dermatologist and was a laser technician, so I did most of the treatments on myself.)

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Laser hair removal - should I do it?

Yes, laser hair removal is the most effective method for removing unwanted hair

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Would you recommend Laser hair removal? -Bikini, under arms, etc?

Fair skin with dark hair is actually the ideal combination for laser hair removal to be most effective so you are a great candidate. Underarms are a very popular spot to try laser hair removal for the first time to see if you like it. I have had mine done and I LOVE that I no longer have to shave everyday. It's a small area so it is over quickly. Remember that you will need at least 6-8 treatments to achieve desirable results

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