Domestic Smart Home Started Late, but the Industry Developed Rapidly in the Later Stage

In recent years, the term smart home has frequently appeared in everyone's vision, but the domestic smart home market is not the earliest. Some overseas countries have used smart home products, and what are the different characteristics of smart home in these different countries?

America: the home of Bill Gates, a model of science and technology

Referring to the development of smart home in the United States, the first thing many small partners think of is the gates residence with the title of "house of the future". Bill Gates spent a lot of money and years to build a world-renowned smart home model. A weather sensor is installed on the door of the future house. The control center computer can control the temperature and ventilation in the room through various weather indicators.

It is not a rumor that the guests who came to Gates' house had a small electronic needle. The electronic needle is equipped with a micro sensor to display their position at any time. At the same time, the lighting, music, temperature, humidity and so on can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the needs of the guests. Bill Gates's "house of the future" has achieved a high degree of intelligence, that is, you don't need to do redundant operations. Your house already knows what you need to do. Of course, if you want to achieve this effect, you also need strong financial support, and ordinary families may not be able to achieve this effect. But this marks the development direction of the industry. Consumers' enthusiasm for "house of the future" also indicates that they need such a smart home.

Australia: 100% automatic operation of houses

The remarkable feature of Australian smart home is that the house is 100% automatic and will not have any manual switch. For example, the combination of door lock and hydraulic system can automatically activate and open the door only by fingerprint identification. At the same time, smart houses in Australia will also install large screens for system monitoring. A large number of security sensors are connected to the monitoring system. Even if an insect flies, the system can quickly detect and record.

Australia's smart house focuses more on security. A large number of sensors enable the system to have massive data access, which also improves the accuracy of system identification and judgment. For customized equipment, the manual switch is cancelled and completely handed over to intelligent operation, so as to truly liberate users' hands and realize highly intelligent services.

Korea: enjoy services anytime, anywhere

Korean smart home can be described by 4A, that is, operate any appliance and obtain any service at any time and anywhere. For example, when you are in the living room, the TV can automatically synchronize the content you play. When you return to the bedroom, your mobile phone or projector can continue to play the previous content for you. In the kitchen, the refrigerator can provide delicious recipes, surf the Internet and watch TV; In the bedroom, the family health examination system can monitor the user's pulse, body temperature, respiratory rate and various symptoms, so that doctors can provide timely health care services. The starting point of this 4A system is real-time online. You can enjoy the convenient life brought by smart home anytime and anywhere. At the same time, you can network with the hospital through the family safety system to ensure the safety of users and avoid accidents caused by no one at home.

Japan: real whole house smart home inside and outside

Japan is also a country with relatively developed intelligent home furnishings. In addition to realizing the automatic networking of indoor household appliances, it also realizes advance judgment through external identification equipment. For example, when you are 10 meters away from the door, the system will take about 1 second to detect. If you confirm that it is a registered person, the door will open, even if your hands are occupied, The gate can also be opened automatically. In addition, Japan's intelligent home is also reflected in many details. For example, a sphygmomanometer is installed on the toilet washer. When a person sits on the toilet, the sphygmomanometer can detect his blood pressure; The blood glucose detection device installed in the toilet can automatically intercept the urine sample and measure the blood glucose value; The weight meter in front of the washbasin in the toilet can measure the weight while people wash their hands.

Compared with ordinary home, smart home in Japan transforms the original static structure into intelligent tools, and can provide all-round information exchange function, which can help families maintain smooth information exchange with the outside world. Japanese design emphasizes people's subjective initiative, pays more attention to the coordinated development of people and living environment, and controls the indoor living environment at will, which is more humanized.

Summary: China started late and developed rapidly

The above is the development of smart home in some overseas countries. In contrast to the current domestic market, the development of smart home is still the only way. Although we started late, our smart home industry has developed rapidly. At the same time, China's smart home development still has many advantages.

In terms of policy, the state has also paid more attention to the smart home industry. In the Eleventh Five Year Plan for the development of information industry science and technology and the outline of the medium and long-term plan for 2020, it has been clearly pointed out that based on the needs of building an advanced national information infrastructure and promoting the integration of three networks, the R & D and industrialization of home networks The R & D and industrialization of home network is one of the thirteen major projects in the information industry.

In terms of technology, China's technology industry has developed rapidly, and many related technology industries have achieved good results in the international market. With the rapid development of 5g era, a number of excellent technology enterprises such as Huawei, Hikvision, Dahua, Hongyan and Kuangshi are committed to promoting the technical upgrading of equipment, and hope to realize the interconnection between equipment with the help of technology. At the same time, many domestic manufacturers are also promoting the unification of technical standards, which is also conducive to the rapid development of smart home industry.

In the market, Chinese consumers are accepting and willing to choose smart home products. With the continuous emergence of new technologies and the improvement of experience, more and more consumers are willing to choose to install smart devices. At the same time, real estate developers are also constantly promoting the landing application of smart home. At present, many new houses have begun to be equipped with smart home as standard, which also means that there is still huge development space in China's smart home market.

Under the influence of policy, technology, market and other aspects, China's smart home industry is booming. At present, smart home products in China's market have basically realized reducing energy consumption, facilitating life and providing security. With the advent of 5g era, the interconnection of all things in smart home will also be realized, and China's smart home market will also have great prospects.

Domestic Smart Home Started Late, but the Industry Developed Rapidly in the Later Stage 1

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