Eight Advantages of Using LED Lamps

Lighting can account for 18% of the average household's energy expenditure, so switching to energy-saving bulbs is one way you can reduce your expenses and reduce costs.

1. The first is bulb accessories

Obvious, but essential. Big bayonet, thin bayonet. Wide screw, thin screw. Dimmable, non dimmable.

There are many different types, so if you just change what you like, take the old bulbs to the store. If you buy a new lamp, please write down the requirements from the box.

2. Cut your bill and select led

LED (light emitting diode) is currently the most energy-saving bulb and will save you money in your energy bill because they are much cheaper to run. They do need to spend more money to buy, but they rarely need to be replaced - we found a 15 year warranty at our local DIY store.

When LEDs were first launched, a common complaint was that the light they emitted was too dazzling. But you should now be able to find an LED bulb that matches the soft yellow light of old incandescent bulbs if that's what you're looking for - and they're ten times more efficient.

3. A cheaper alternative CFLs

If you don't have enough cash to spend on LEDs, other energy-saving alternatives are CFL (compact fluorescent lamp).

CFLs in your home may take some time to warm up, but now the problem is smaller than in the past.

They are not as efficient as LEDs, but they are cheaper to buy than LEDs and cheaper to operate than halogen lamps.

Choose a lamp that suits your room

Check the packaging. If you're used to the old system, you're lucky. Most bulb packages still show an equivalent, from 40 watts to 100 watts or more. But remember, wattage is not a reflection of the brightness of old bulbs, but the energy they use. A new LED bulb actually has only 8 - 10 watts, although they can be as bright as traditional bulbs.

Now, the brightness of the bulb is measured in lumens. A conventional 60 watt incandescent bulb is equivalent to more than 700 lumens.

The warmth of light is measured by Kelvin scale. To get warm light that matches a traditional incandescent bulb, choose a Kelvin score of 2700.

CRI or color rendering index score may also be displayed on the package. This refers to the influence of a lamp on the color appearance, which is evaluated according to CRI 0 - 100. Any lamp with a score higher than 80 is what you need to ensure that the color in your home can be faithfully reflected in the way of sunlight.

LED (light emitting diode) lamp is the latest and most fascinating technological progress in the lighting industry. LED is a small, solid bulb with powerful function, energy saving and high efficiency and long service life. LEDs work differently from traditional incandescent bulbs. This makes LEDs more durable than traditional incandescent bulbs. Compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps and lighting equipment, LED technology also has many other advantages. This includes longer service life (60000 hours), significantly reduced energy consumption (90% efficiency improvement), reduced maintenance costs, and higher safety.

You will certainly hear and read a lot about the energy efficiency benefits of LED compared with traditional lighting. When comparing them with other energy-saving lighting methods currently available, you will find that led lamps are undoubtedly the most intelligent and power-saving lighting solution. Top 8 advantages of using LED lamps over other less efficient alternatives:


LEDs are full of powerful energy and consume 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Because LEDs use less energy than incandescent bulbs, the cost of electricity has fallen sharply, so you will spend your utilities every month. Due to the expected long life of LEDs, money and energy are saved in maintenance and replacement costs.


The service life of LED is up to 60000 hours, while that of incandescent bulb is usually 1500 hours. High quality LED lamps can be used continuously for more than 7 years before they need to be replaced. Generally, the service life of LED bulbs is ten times that of small fluorescent lamps, and 133 times that of typical incandescent bulbs. Compared with traditional amoureux and fluorescent lamps, the long life of LED will greatly reduce the maintenance cost and long-term operation cost.


LED is a solid-state lighting device using semiconductor materials rather than filament or neon. LED lamp is a tiny chip exemplified in the shell of epoxy factory. It makes led much stronger than traditional incandescent bulb or neon tube.


Excellent security may be the biggest advantage of LED. The LED lamp hardly generates heat, so it feels cool when touching. It can be touched for hours without accidents or consequences. LEDs generate 3.4 BTU of heat per hour, compared with 85 BTU for incandescent bulbs. In contrast, amoureux lighting consumes 90% of its energy through heat, making the bulb feel very hot. LEDs reduce potential safety hazards, such as burns and fires.


LEDs are made of non-toxic materials. Unlike neon lamps using mercury, neon lamps may cause harm to the environment. LEDs are recyclable and are also considered "green" or earth friendly.


LED lighting provides a variety of primary colors, such as red, blue and amber. Because traditional incandescent bulbs use filters to produce color, it is very bad. LEDs can be mixed together to produce a large number of color choices.


LED is expected to replace the traditional incandescent lamp. There is no doubt that led is rapidly becoming the preferred lighting solution for homes and offices. With the continuous development of LED technology, brighter LED bulbs are produced. The United States hopes to reduce lighting power consumption by 50% by converting to LED based light sources.


LEDs are currently used in a variety of different applications, such as residential lighting, military and construction, automobiles, transmissions, electronic instruments, entertainment and games, military and transportation industries. Because LEDs are spotlights, they are very suitable for performing certain lighting tasks, such as table lamp, reading lamp, small night lamp, safety signal, spotlight, focus lamp and signboard lighting.

LED lighting is becoming more and more popular in the industry, and supporters claim that it is a more sustainable light source. However, it is said that this cost can be recovered within its service life, and the lamp is said to have sufficient advantages. In addition, according to experts from lampeez, other benefits of LED lamps include:

LED products do not contain lead and mercury, so they have environmental durability.

Due to its long service life, there is no need to replace the lamp frequently, thus saving maintenance and related costs.

The performance of LED lamp at low temperature is better than that of traditional LED lamp, which can realize a wider range of consumption.

These lamps provide very low ultraviolet and infrared rays, which are helpful to the surrounding environment.

One of the key benefits is energy conservation. These lamps consume less power than traditional lamps.

Halogen lamp Final Appeal

The incandescent bulbs your parents grew up with have been completely eliminated, and the halogen lamps are not willing to fall behind.

Eight Advantages of Using LED Lamps 1

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