Electrical Control System Scheme of Lithium Battery Separator

1、 Project background

The project is a sorting machine for lithium battery industry, which belongs to the back-end equipment. Its function is to place the 18650 battery that has completed winding and liquid injection on the monitoring board through the conveying table, check whether there are defective products through the visual system, and clamp the equipment placed at the next station according to the visual feedback of the position information of good products

2、 Project requirements

(1) Communication requirements

PLC equipment type has perfect equipment type interface, which can ensure communication data transmission with vision system and data interaction with touch screen

(2) Installed efficiency

After testing the good products, there are 16 servos for clamping action. If the traditional pulse control mode is adopted, not only the quality of welding pulse cable can not be guaranteed, but also the installation time can be delayed.

(3) Terminal designation

To build an integrated control system, the terminal must adopt codkeys system, and the axis control command must meet the standard 402 protocol type

(4) Servo response

Due to the limitation of mechanical structure, the transmission type of motor and load is belt pulley for transmission. When belt pulley is adopted, there are high requirements for servo inertia setting, and also to meet the customer's requirements for rapid setting, which has strict requirements for servo position setting performance

(5) Operation efficiency

After visual judgment, the good products must be clamped and placed to the next station as soon as possible. If the speed is too slow, the products will be stacked, and there are certain requirements for the running speed of the servo

3、 Hardware configuration

Huichuan equipment:

4、 Project scheme description

In this scheme, Huichuan medium-sized PLC is used for control. The scheme adopts EtherCAT bus to control servo, save servo wiring, and use Ethernet for communication, touch screen and vision system.

(1) Scheme advantages

(1) Rich communication

Huichuan am600 has its own pulse port and supports CANopen / canlink, modbustcp / ModbusRTU and EtherCAT communication. Its EtherCAT communication rate is up to 100M / s, ensuring the real-time communication rate requirements with servo.

(2) Powerful performance

Huichuan am600 can support 32 axes at most, and the EtherCAT scanning cycle can be set according to the actual number of axes, so as to ensure that the scanning cycle can be reduced with fewer axes, and there is no fault alarm of servo synchronization loss for multiple axes.

(3) Servo performance

Huichuan servo 23 bit encoder ensures accurate position movement, inertia, rigidity and settable notch combination, ensures that the position loop and speed loop raise the critical value, and meets the requirements of on-site efficiency and accuracy.

(4) General software

Programming based on codkys platform, general mainstream runtime software and Beifu twin cat support st language programming, user-defined library, FB, Chinese name definition variables, standard 402 axis control command and configuration interface for free configuration according to the actual connected equipment, so as to facilitate on-site personnel to add and subtract motors.

5、 Solution description of site hard requirements

(1) Efficiency requirements

Compared with the previous customer's pulse control mode, the bus controlled servo is not limited to the limitation of the pulse port. The speed of the bus controlled servo directly corresponds to the servo speed, which eliminates the problem that the previous pulse control mode wants to accurately position and increase the pulse number setting of the electric machine for one revolution, but the speed cannot be improved due to the limitation of the pulse port.

(2) Servo performance

It adopts Huichuan bus servo, high-precision encoder and short setting time. Fast response speed ensures fast operation speed and accurate positioning.

6、 Advantages after transformation

(1) Cost advantage

Compared with the previous use of pulse control to limit the number of pulse ports, the PLC is blindly increased. The control of Huichuan am600 is adopted. A PLC directly adopts the bus program, which is more unified, saves the customer's procurement cost, eliminates the problem of welding wires one by one, and speeds up the on-site installation efficiency.

(2) First hand advantage

Codkys is used for programming, general Beifu TwinCAT and runtime software, and axis control instructions based on 402 protocol are convenient for programmers to convert software.

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