Electronic Xinwen Morning Post: Smart Home Detonates MCU Demand, Taiwan's New Samsung Note7 Explodes

Today's Xinwen Morning Post: demand picks up, Sony image sensor will resume full load production; Taiwan accounts for 37% of the imports of integrated circuits from the mainland and Hong Kong; Smart home detonates MCU demand; TSMC's Q3 revenue exceeded the standard and the market value rose again; Microsoft is shutting down its band bracelet production line; In 2020, VR market revenue will reach US $11.2 billion; Taiwan's new version of Note7 first burst; Huawei mate was released in September and November, and heavy black technology will appear.

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1. Demand picks up, Sony image sensor will resume full production

According to a director of Sony subsidiary responsible for chip production, due to the recovery of smartphone demand, last year's inventory can not meet the supply. From October to March next year, the company's image sensors will resume full production. "The business environment of our customers is improving," Yasuhiro Ueda, President of Sony semiconductor manufacturing, which provides sensors for Sony in Kumamoto, southern Japan, said at a news conference on Friday.

Sony asked to replace 40% of the image sensors on the market with complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) devices, which can convert light into electronic signals.

Many years ago, Sony was defeated in the price competition of consumer electronics products, and sensors became the core of its business recovery. Due to the slowdown of the global smartphone market, Sony was forced to cut its production from October to March next year, but demand has rebounded since then.

Hirohiro Ueda said that since the second half of this year, the monthly output has increased, and the total has increased from 70000 to 73000. Sony's five image sensor factories are producing at full capacity. The above figures do not include outsourcing output.

He said that the strong market demand for Sony sensors also reflects the company's efforts to diversify its customer base. At the same time, customers have also experienced some ups and downs recently.

Sony's customers include apple and Samsung Electronics.

Due to the strong sales of Galaxy S7 mobile phones, Samsung's mobile phone profit increased by nearly 50% in the first half of the year, but this momentum has stalled due to the recall of Galaxy note 7. Meanwhile, Apple's iPhone suffered a quarterly sales decline for the first time, but then iPhone 7 sales exceeded expectations.

"We are less and less dependent on specific customers because China's booming smartphone manufacturers in recent years are becoming our customers," said Yoshihiro Ueda.

He also said that due to the impact of a series of earthquake damage earlier this year, the sensor shipment of Kumamoto factory has decreased slightly and has now returned to the pre disaster level.

2. Taiwan accounts for 37% of IC imports from the mainland and Hong Kong

Relevant departments in Taiwan said that in the first August of this year, the mainland's import market share, South Korea ranked first with 9.9%, followed by Japan and Taiwan with 9.6% and 9.5% respectively.

In terms of integrated circuits, Taiwan's import market share in the mainland and Hong Kong remained the first, with a share of 35.4% last year, increasing to 37% from January to July this year, while South Korea's share ranked second, decreasing from 25.7% to 24.8%.

In the panel part, more than 90% of Taiwan's panels are sold to the mainland and Hong Kong, but the panel import market share in the mainland and Hong Kong lags behind South Korea since the financial tsunami in 2009, retreating to the second place, with a share of 37.1% in 2012 and 31.9% in the first July of this year, while the import share of South Korea remains stable at around 43%.

3. Smart home detonates MCU demand, big factories are ready to go

The demand of the new generation of young consumers for quality of life is gradually increasing. Not only does Xiaomi want to develop smart home, ZTE also officially announced the new strategy of smart home in Beijing on the 22nd of this month. The organization predicts that the global smart home equipment and service market will reach US $68 billion by 2018. It is foreseeable that "smart home" will become the mainstream of the market, The rise of smart home has also triggered the rapid rise in the demand for MCU (microcontroller unit). Taiwan MCU concept stocks, including MediaTek, shengqun, Xintang, Lingyang, Shengquan and Jiuqi, are expected to usher in huge business opportunities.

The IC chips required by smart home are basically consistent with the mainstream chips of the Internet of things. The data processing, processing and transmission of the Internet of things are inseparable from MCU. Under the development trend of the Internet of things (IOT), energy saving, safety sensing, 3C products, medical and automotive electronic applications have become the hot application fields of MCU.

MCU is one of the key components of every Internet of things device in the future, and it is also the basis for the layout of tens of billions of Internet of things terminal nodes. It is responsible for intelligent control, network link, wireless transmission and man-machine interface interaction system. It is not difficult to see its trace in toys, household appliances and cars.

Industrial Internet of things, wearable devices and smart home are the main driving forces of the current microcontroller (MCU) market, and 32-bit is an important field driving the growth of MCU. Although 8-bit still has a place, with the increasing requirements of the Internet of things for data processing capacity, 32-bit MCU is bound to become the mainstream in the market.

In fact, 32-bit MCU has played an important role in motor and frequency conversion control, security monitoring, fingerprint identification, touch button and other applications. According to the statistical data of 2015, the global shipment of 32-bit MCU in last year has exceeded the sum of 4 / 8 / 16 bit MCU. It can be seen that with the improvement of the intelligent level of household electrical products and the increase of the demand for man-machine interface and information interaction, 32-bit high-performance applications already have significant advantages.

It is undeniable that the growth momentum of MCU market in the future will be driven by "smart home". GfK, the world's largest market research organization, disclosed that 50% of 7000 consumers in seven countries around the world believe that smart home will have an impact on their lives, and among them, Chinese consumers account for the highest proportion, This means that more and more families in China are increasingly interested in high-priced smart appliances. In the future, the price difference between ordinary household appliances and smart appliances is expected to gradually narrow, and this market will have a growth explosive force that can not be underestimated.

According to the report of research and markets, the global smart home equipment and service market will grow at a rate of 8% 10% every year in the next five years. With the steady development of China's economy, it is expected that the compound growth rate of China's smart home market scale will exceed 20% in 2016 and 2017, which will bring huge market demand for MCU.

With the rapid development of the Internet of things, smart home can grow synchronously. At present, more and more enterprises are increasing their efforts to enter new market fields. Large foreign manufacturers such as Qualcomm, NXP, arm, marwell, ATMEL and Italian French semiconductor, and domestic manufacturers including MediaTek, shengqun, Xintang, Lingyang, Shengquan and Jiuqi are actively attacking the big cake of MCU market.

The time sequence will enter October, and also come to the annual highlight of MCU manufacturers - new product release meeting. The release meetings of shengqun and Xintang will be grandly launched on October 7 and October 19 respectively. Shengqun will focus on the innovative application of MCU smart life, and will display new product solutions in the fields of health measurement, smart home, security protection, identity authentication, wireless communication, wearable devices and so on; Xintang focuses on game mouse, type C headset, electric toothbrush, wireless power supply and other related products.

4. TSMC Q3 revenue exceeds the standard, and the market value rises again

TSMC announced this week that its revenue in September reached 89.73 billion yuan, the second highest record in history. In the third quarter, its revenue reached 260.4 billion yuan, higher than the high standard of 257 billion yuan estimated by Fashuo, with a quarterly increase of 17.4%, reaching a new record in a single quarter. With the bullish fundamentals, TSMC's share price continued to rise this week, reaching a new band high of 188 yuan on Friday, and its market value also hit 4.87 trillion yuan, Set a new record.

In the third quarter, driven by apple and non Apple mobile phone chips, TSMC's revenue hit a monthly high in August. Although it did not continue its strength in September, it still reached 89.7 billion yuan, maintaining the second highest level in history. It also pushed up the revenue in the third quarter beyond the French high of 257 billion yuan, reaching 260.4 billion yuan, a quarterly increase of 17%.

TSMC's fourth quarter decline was driven by demand, and the correction range of revenue is expected to be relatively reduced. The annual revenue grew by 10% in each quarter; With the support of fundamentals, TSMC's share price was favored by foreign investors this week, buying more than 15000 pieces. However, investment letter and dealers continued to stand on the seller's side, selling more than 117 pieces. FA said that it would be held next week, and the share price is expected to continue, and there is still room for performance.


Microsoft is closing its band bracelet production line, and the wearable device market is not in a good position

Microsoft is closing the production line of its band series bracelets, watches and other smart wearable devices, which also means that Microsoft may officially withdraw from the market in the field of wearable smart devices. Foreign media analysts say that this move will have a huge impact on the manufacturers of some mainstream wearable smart device enterprises in the world, It will have a far-reaching impact on the market development of wearable smart devices in the future.

Computer Weekly has published an article discussing the impact of Microsoft's decision to delist all its band series bracelets, smart watches and other wearable smart devices. Microsoft's decision marks the official withdrawal of the only large enterprise supplier active in the field of wearable smart devices.

A spokesman for the hardware production team of band series smart bracelets and smart watches publicly said: "we have begun to sell the inventory products of band series smart devices, and there is no plan to release new band series smart devices this year."

At the same time, Microsoft has also taken some application software related to band series bracelets, watches and other intelligent devices in the Microsoft application store and their patches and development kits off the shelf.

The original intention of Microsoft's band series smart devices is to improve people's health. However, the demise of Microsoft's band series smart devices also shows that Microsoft has been strongly impacted by various forms of wearable smart devices released by new start-ups.

The Kony report released last month shows that developers of wearable smart devices have found that wearable smart devices, as an emerging product, although it has developed for a long time, it is difficult to complete the transition from a consumer product to a commercial core product.

The report also shows that 75% of respondents believe that these enterprises focusing on the development of wearable smart devices will face unprecedented challenges in market design in the future.

The report also shows: "40% of respondents found that there are huge problems in the communication between it related interest groups and wearable smart device developers, which is also the challenge faced by wearable smart device developers."

A report released this summer shows that in the second quarter of 2016, the sales of Apple watches will drop to $1.6 million, while in the second quarter of 2015, the sales of Apple watches will remain at $3.6 million, compared with a full drop of 55 percentage points, and the decline proportion of sales is very huge. Analyst Kuo Mingchi predicted that although Apple released the second-generation Apple smart watch, its sales will continue to decline in 2016.

However, there is good news from China. If the sales of wearable smart devices in China still grow rapidly at the previous rate, China will become the largest consumer of wearable smart devices in the world in 2017. In the past year, China's sales of wearable smart devices have increased by 84

Electronic Xinwen Morning Post: Smart Home Detonates MCU Demand, Taiwan's New Samsung Note7 Explodes 1

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