Facebooks New Ad Feature Is Another Winner.

This week Facebook broke the news of a new audience feature on its ad solutions that will make most social media managers lose their (mind the French) shit bigtime.Those familiar with its power editor will have probably tinkered around with its audience tools, arguably one of the most powerful elements of Facebook ads fullstop. It allows an advertiser to target ads and promotions to specific types of users in a super dynamic way. Its great. Put it this way, we remember a time when advertisers had only the demographics of magazine and newspaper publishers (dodgy as hell if youre interested and completely falsified) to trust as to whether your ad would reach its target audience.So being able to stipulate on a really deep level who sees your ads is just great. And pretty much anybody can do it.Right, so to the news Soon a new audience feature will pop up in which an advertiser can specify to engage with, or re-engage with, people who have already been engaging with your past/previous or present content. Bam. Amazing.

Not only that but youll be able to build audience clones (where Facebook uses existing audience data to crawl its user base and find likeminded users to target), which makes this (arguably) the single most important tool (from an advertiser perspective) that the site has released since it began running ads.A genius move. Inspired. Another nail in the coffin of conventional advertising and maybe even that of agency-based ad placements


How would you target Facebook ads for a personal injury lawyer? Is it even possible?

Both of the previous answers are quite good. I'll just add that you need to put some parameters in place on things like cost-per-acquisition of a client, call and click. In other words, how much, on average, can you spend on your target client, a phone call and a click (assuming your Facebook campaign objective is clicks to website). This all assumes that you're doing direct response marketing. There are a variety of other reasons you might choose to run a Facebook campaign (i.e. top-of-mind awareness, etc). Geography is probably the single most important factor. Right or wrong, people will draw conclusions about their distance from your firm. Furthermore, there might be specific places that you want to target your ads... I'd also encourage you to think about your Facebook ads as part of a larger integrated legal marketing campaign. For example, you might pay for cheap clicks to get people on an email nurture list. That way, you turned that single click (a short period of their attention) to several emails over the course of a much longer period of time. Hope this helps

Facebooks New Ad Feature Is Another Winner. 1

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