GIRLS HAIR; a Question to GIRLS!!! Please Give Me Your Opinions, and Share Your Experience?

i was thinking of doing the same thing. i have meduim length hair, and i want to get it cut short like ryan ross, the "ross hawk" but i can tell you from experience: i used to have really long hair, and then i cut it short like ashlee simpson when she first went punk. it grew back in a couple months, but the layers looked really stupid, as the ends had split and such. so, first off, as it's growing back, get it trimmed every once in a while, or it will look..well...bad. last summer (june 2006) i got my hair cut short again, in the sienna miller layered bob. this did not take too long to grow out. right now it's at shoulder length, and the ends are kind of wavy. but now i am getting tired of it again, and want to cut it. so, my advice is, get it cut. you say you want change, so go for it. it will grow back to how long it might be now, but you will have to get it trimmed once in a while, and take care of it...(as in, no frying it, or extreme dying) but other than that, good luck. oh! and the hair you want to get looks really cool. very versatile haircut. good choice!!

1. How can I cure my fetish for black girls' hair?

I love my soft curly hair. Spent alot on lice treatments lately?? LOL

2. Girls: hair problems!?

Put conditioner in your hair before you swim, if you are going to get it wet, If you are hairs curly it could probably use the extra conditioner. You could also use a cap but thats kind of obvious. Good luck

3. What kind of product would you use on a mixed girls hair? My hair is VERY curly?

I also have super curly hair. I have african american in me too, but Im mostly white, some how the black genes affected only my hair ! its soft like a white girls but so curly and it fizzy its just no -.- Soooooo I went to my drug store (CVS, Walgreens, Meijers) and got Agadira Argan Oil hair treatment, this stuff is AMAZING, it works so well on my hair, it makes it so shiny and sleek and soft, and all you need is a dime size amount and last for a REALLY long time for such a small bottle. Its totally worth the 24 bucks, I really recommend it! Hope this helps c:.

4. HELP ME GIRLS: Hair Problems?

Right when you wash it positioned a few corporation keep hair gel all on your hair after which blow dry it and straighten it! This will have to be the trick!!! I know the way primary it's to have excellent hair so lol HERE YOU GO!

5. My hair is super do i make it wavy???

crimp it??? i dont know much about girls hair but my sisters have the straightest hair ive seen and they just crimp it.

6. I caught my husband brushing some girls hair at sons baseball game?

which haair? I had to ask since last week when it came to light that most women are ungroomed animal!

7. Calling all girls, hair question. [:?

Yeas it true, but it will be sticky. Try just letting it airdry, then going to sleep with it like that in a ponytail though

8. Why don''t black girls hair grow?

It does grow. Congratulations. You get an award for asking the dumbest question of the day. Good for you

9. Do guys like when girls hair is longer or short?

i like it long nd yu shud straighten it when its long yu wud look pretty ;]

10. How can you keep curl in a young girls' hair?

Instead of curlers have you tried braiding her hair when wet and letting her sleep with it being braided? If you do thick braids it will leave thick waves. A few slimmer braids make smaller waves. It wont be supper curly either way, but a change none the less and it's much easier for her to sleep with braids.

11. [GIRLS] Hair removal for face: wax it or use Nair for Faces?

definitely use nair. waxing your face causes pimples and it hurts. hair remover works great and leaves it really smooth. just make sure you only leave the cream on as short a time as possible. i do about 5 minutes.

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