Help I Have Three Kids , Divorced and Out of Work. I Am Relocating to Texas I and Need Help!!!?

Help I have three kids , divorced and out of work. I am relocating to Texas I and need help!!!?

Help I Have Three Kids , Divorced and Out of Work. I Am Relocating to Texas I and Need Help!!!? 1

I had to do that, when my kids were small (only it was Oklahoma) to stay with family. What I did was, check the newspaper for the town in texas you are moving to (most are online now) email your resume in.(always helps if you have a job waiting for you) Hold a yard sale, and sell all you can (its very expensive to move, and unless its a family heirloom, its usually cheaper to replace than to move) I had to move from CA to OK, I kept the family photos, threw our clothes in the truck packed an ice chest with drinks and stuff for sandwiches, and we headed out. I tried to make it an adventure, we played the license plate game (get through the alphabet using only license plates, or who can find the most states, your own version of the singing bee, where you have to sing the next line of the song (have the passenger work the radio, name that tune, etc) I was blessed that I made enough to get us to OK and for a couple of months to live on until I found a job. Check with your social services agency/or your church, if you will be better off in Tx they may help you relocate. My prayers are with you

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How do I survive with three kids?

Good luck bro. I went thru the same thing 14 years ago. I however ended up with my children. My advice would be, if there is gonna be a filing for a divorce, do it 1st. The lawyer will generally know who the best judge for a man in this case is. You might want to just try talking to a lawyer too and see what there stand is on the situation. And for you childrens emotional well being, any divorce affects a child nothing can be done about that, but whatever happens YOU never speak bad about there mother with them present. Again, best of luck bro

Help I Have Three Kids , Divorced and Out of Work. I Am Relocating to Texas I and Need Help!!!? 2

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wondering how come it takes my three kids three minutes to mess up the house and it takes me 3 hours to clean?

it is easier to take everything out of its container than it is to but it back in

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am 27, married with three kids. I want to join the army. Is the recruiter just humoring me?

I was 28 and married when I joined. Much harder at that age, but at least you understand the games during basic. He will get serious when you do. Need to lose weight, LOSE IT. Work your *** off. Lose it quick and lose it faster. If you do not care enough to drop the 5 lbs, why should he care?

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what is a kids favorite meal my three kids won't eat bcause they don't like whaty i make?

Tell them you will spank them if they do not eat there vegetables. Then if they do not eat their vegetables, spank them and send them to their rooms without desert. Discipline will serve kids well. If you teach them about consequences, authority, and nutrition at an early age, they will grow up to be healthy members of society. If you cave in and just get them fried chicken fingers or something like that every night then they will grow up to be fat spoiled brats. TL;DR - tell the kids to suck it up and eat.

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i have three kids ages 5,3and 1. i was wondering if they are old enough to clean?

they are absolutely old enough. my son (now 2) has loved helping me do everything since he could walk. he actually insists. he carries the small trash cans to empty them into the big ones. when i take the laundry out of the washer, i hand it to him and he puts it in the dryer. when i dust, i give him a wahcloth and a spray bottle of water so that he can help. when he makes a mess, he does not ask me to clean it. he asks for a towel so that he can. of course, i have to go behind him. he has his own broom so that he can help sweep the floor. i personally think it is important to start this early. otherwise, you will have a fight on your hands when they are older. lucky for me, my son LOVES to help do everything and always has.

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