Help with Purchase of XBOX 360 and Wii?

yes get the 360 elite 120giggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. some good starter games are gears of war, crackdown, lost planet extreme condition, halo2 (xbox game, still awsome),and any tom clancy game. you can find the wii at any gamestop or ebgames, if not try bestbuy/circut city.

1. Where can someone purchase an electric guitar

One can purchase an. Electric Guitar. from a musical instrument store. One can also look for them at Pawn Shops, Yellow Pages and Super Pages. One can purchase the electric guitar at Amazon, Best Buy and eBay.

2. How do you get the Dragon's Breath pickaxe in Fortnite Chapter 2?

Dragon's Breath is a Rare pickaxe from the Ancients Reborn set:Its official description is: "Get fired up."It can be purchased from the Item shop for 800 V-Bucks.It is available for purchase in the Item Shop on 01/26/2020, 01/27/2020.

3. Help With First Ski Purchase?

I would recommend a good all mountain ski. It has twin tips but is not as short and retains speed and turning for groomers. If you want to ski powder then get something with a wider nose and tail. Brand wise I recommend Rossignol, K2, Vokl but there are tons. If I were you I would buy an older model rather than this seasons for instance my 2009 skis were 200 compared to the newest model which is 600 just because it has a different graphic. Size wise go for around 180cm give or take. If you need more help have a chat with some of the staff in a ski store, that's what I did and it was really helpful

4. I want a good tasting wine which wine is best?????

I easily have been an avid shopper if wine gums, and could say that they have never tasted of wine, according to which type you purchase, will dictate the flavours . I easily have consistently discovered that the main costly, at the instant are not inevitably the perfect

5. Where do pharmacists purchase their stock?

The chain store have their own warehouses for distribution. The independent pharmacy's buy some of their items direct from the manufacturer, but most from various jobbers, wholesalers. McKesson is a large distributor, Compass Health is another.

6. A Strange Way to Purchase [closed]

Might be stretching the meaning of free and faster here but

7. help required to purchase speakers?

Logitech X-530 70-Watt 5.1 Surround Sound I have always had good luck with Logitech. Not the most high end speakers around, but the sound is good enough for me!!

8. How to complete my purchase

You can wait around for CG's to do the transaction or you can simply pay for the car. Be sure and get the signed title and a bill of sale.

9. POLL: Is this a good car to purchase?

hey are ok sturdy built cars. im not the biggest fan of cheavys but i have never drivin one. it might not be the best on gas but it sems like a good car, no huge flaws i could find online

10. Would this be a good TV to purchase ?

No. Poor contrast ratio Poor brightness, probably has is slow for watching action and fast paced events like say sports or car chases in movies. I would avoid this one. Also what size room are you putting it in, What type and what number of inputs.

11. Is it wrong to purchase a puppy this young?

I personal think it not a good idea. I believe it will be the best for the puppy to be with it mama for as long as about 2month plus. As you are going to buy this puppy from this young and that puppy will be leaving the mama forever..and you be having that puppy from that 2month old until it long will it be.. 'think ' will forever.. and that puppy wo not see it mama from the moment you buy it home... What will you lose by letting them have some more time together.. I do really hope you will have a good heart to let the puppy be with it mama for 2week more. I personal also agree with Bingo19 answer & DP answer.

12. Does the Michael Kors Signature Jet Set Item Tote Bag come with a dust bag?

If you get a tote/bag with purchase of a perfume from a designer, it does not come with a dust bag

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