Hexcon Is the World's Fastest Supersonic Vehicle with Accurate Measurement

Supersonic vehicle refers to a vehicle powered by combustible gas and with a speed greater than 340 meters per second. The fastest supersonic car in the world is the Bloodhound SSC supersonic car developed by the British Bloodhound team. Its speed can reach 1000 miles per hour, comparable to that of a pistol.

In order to achieve this engineering feat, the Bloodhound team used state-of-the-art technology to design and manufacture cars, breaking the current land fastest speed record of 1000 miles per hour. The key factor is measurement, which requires accurate data to ensure that the car can achieve the desired results and create a new world record. Hexcon is lucky to participate in this project and escort the rapid progress of Bloodhound SSC supersonic vehicle with the highest precision equipment and the most professional technical team.

Project difficulties

Straight and symmetrical

When the maximum speed is reached, the car structure will be affected. If you want to have confidence in the car quality, the most important thing is that the car must be straight and symmetrical. Relying on its possibility of using its products and services for measurement at all stages of automobile manufacturing, hexcon has successfully won the favor of the Bloodhound team with excellent products and advanced technology.

The 12.8-meter-long car consists of many parts. Its manufacturing process is divided into several modules, and the work can be carried out simultaneously among multiple elements. The team uses fixtures to ensure that the connections between these modules are accurate. This is the first location where the Leica at402 absolute laser tracker needs to be used. Using the laser tracker, the team can select key reference points on each module and fixture, so as to check whether all parts are in the correct position in processing and manufacturing.

Measure hidden points

The use of Leica b-probe can ensure that the target is always within the sight of the tracker. The probe is specially designed for Leica at402 absolute tracker. Leica b-probe can effectively measure 3D hidden points within a working range of 20 meters. For those large structural parts that need high-precision measurement, the measurement space of the laser tracker can even be extended to 320 meters through the transfer station, but the touch accuracy is almost lost.

Leica b-probe collects measurement data faster than other traditional reflectors. It can set, track and get all the required data without moving and repositioning the tracker. Combined with excellent SA software, the measurement time can even be halved.

Prepare for measurements in the desert

The Bloodhound team also used the tracker in the later process. When driving at high speed, the force on the rear of the car makes it the hardest rear wing ever. But for transportation, the car's tail needs to be removed. They need to reassemble the car in the desert and check whether it is assembled accurately. To achieve this goal, the team chose to embed the SMR reflector directly into the tail, so that they can simply use the tracker to adjust the tail. Since Leica at402 has the protection grade of IP54, it is just like the work customized for Leica. The harsh environment under high temperature and dust will not be a problem.

Hexcon manufacturing intelligence is proud to use first-class equipment to provide key measurement services for the project. We look forward to working with the team to complete assembly, road test, break the sound barrier and finally reach the new world land speed.

1000 mph. We are happy to move forward together.

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