How Can I Make These Colours?

Brown: Try mixing soil with egg yolk and water. Maybe it will give you brown.. Green: Egg yolk with something blue, food dye? Blue: ...? Grey: mix chalk with coal *dust* and mix it with something like once again egg whites? Or yolk.. I hope gave you a sorta idea.. To be honest I have never done it before... Ooh and try berry juice or fruits. Like the Indians

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1. who invented chalk?

Natural chalk is made up of prehistoric saltwater organisms high in calcium that formed rock-like sediment. There is no inventor. Chalk-based materials have been used in writing for centuries, with no known inventor Scotland's James Pillans is often credited with the invention of colored chalk as well as the blackboard. He taught geography and was headmaster of the Old Royal High School in Edinburgh, Scotland. Pillans' recipe for colored chalk included ground chalk, color dyes and porridge. Chalkboards had made their way into almost every classroom by the mid 1800s. The invention of cork boards for presentations did not occur until 1891.

2. How do you make chalk?

chalk is a natural rock. look for a chalk mountains and pick some if you want

How Can I Make These Colours? 2

3. Why People Are Eating Chalk on Instagram

For instance, you are probably familiar with soap cutting ASMR videos, which sound like a xylophone, or emptying a bag of Scrabble letters onto a table. But more broadly, ASMR posts generally seek to trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response-a tingly feeling provoked by certain noises and sensory inputs. The community is huge: there are currently over 5.3 million Instagram posts tagged under #ASMR on Instagram (the genre is hugely popular on YouTube, too.) The content creators are almost exclusively women, and while a large number of them post captions in Russian, there are women from all around the world posting videos of themselves chewing and swallowing chalk. And it's not a small genre. The #chalkeating tag on Instagram has over 71,000 posts to date, and similarly, the #chalkasmr tag has over 34,000 posts. An Instagram user who runs a repost account, meaning that they do not personally create any chalk-eating videos, told Motherboard in an Instagram direct message that they believe most people who make "chalk-eating" videos do not actually eat the chalk (The user asked that Motherboard withhold their account handle because certain members of the chalk-eating ASMR community have been bullied.) Let's clarify something right off the bat: medically, it is not recommended that you eat chalk. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, swallowing large quantities of chalk can cause abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, and also shortness of breath and coughing. Eating chalk should not kill you, because it's not toxic, but it's not safe. Pica, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, is when an individual craves materials that can not strictly be considered "food" for a period that's longer than a month. This could include chalk, but also materials like clay, sand, dirt, glue, paper, and pretty much any other material you can imagine. It's common in children, but it also occurs in teens and adults with unknown prevalence. In an Instagram direct message, but they do not swallow the chalk. "It started at about age three then I stopped a little after that, "The cravings came back at about 12 and I've been chewing chalk ever since then." "I can tell you first hand, I tried chalk, one of the natural kinds that everyone "loves" and I IMMEDIATELY knew it was not for me," the user told Motherboard. "And I frequently tell people, and it is almost always young women, who ask me if I chew chalk or clay the reasons why I do not : 1) It was a nasty experience from both a taste and textural standpoint; 2) Dental work is expensive, and I am not risking mine for something that I do not enjoy." In a series of Instagram direct messages, she got into the community after several months of using Instagram for voyeurism and making foam-focused ASMR videos. "Well I did not start eating it [chalk] until I was faced with stress," she said. "Had some reoccuring family issues and it kind of propelled from there." "Since I just started this past summer I can say it does give me some peace while I am chewing it as I do not always 'eat' not all of us do," she said. "Although it is technically edible too much of it will mess with your bowels and digestion." "We are everyday people who just for whatever reason either vitamin deficiency, stress, etc should be respected and not judged," she told Motherboard. "We are aware of health precautions and most of us do not consume this things nearly as much. Asmr is about visual, and all other sensory aspects. Sound especially."

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